Hime-chan no Ribbon episode 27

Episode Title
Daichi no hatsukoi monogatari
[The story of Daichi's first love]
Air Date
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.05.14
At school, Hijiri Yuka was going around calling Daichi "Dai-chan". Daichi got upset. Yuka also told Sei about when Daichi was little, such as Daichi couldn't eat carrots and Daichi had to sleep holding a blanket. Sei went around teasing Daichi about it.

Daichi went down the hall and Yuka was chasing after him. Hime-chan, Icchan, and Manami were also in the hall. They were congratulating Hime-chan for getting the lead role of Peter Pan. Daichi overheard and became worried for Hime-chan, because he knew it was her first big role. Yuka saw Daichi and became jealous.

Then Gori came running down the hall. Gori had seen the TV crew and started panicing. Yuka said that the TV crew hand come to interview her for a program that went around to the hometowns of various stars. Gori was upset that he hadn't been notified earlier. But Yuka asked Gori to appear on the TV show with her.

Hime-chan, Icchan, Manami, and some other girls surrounded Yuka. They said it was great. Then Hikaru came and said that Yuka was just beginning to become a star. [she was just an egg] Icchan commented that some people couldn't even reach the beginning. [not even an egg] Yuka asked Daichi to appear on the TV program too, but Daichi was walking away saying, "I'm not interested in that kind of thing."

The TV interview started in the classroom at school. Gori couldn't wait and popped in front of the camera. But the reporter told him that his turn would be later. Hime-chan was watching and thought, "She's from a totally different world."

Yuka kept talking about Dai-chan. Icchan told Hime-chan that Yuka would take Daichi away from her. Then the cameras were going to go to Yuka's home, near Daichi's home. Yuka said that Dai-chan was the most important person to her.

Hime-chan, Manami, and Icchan were leaving so they can go along and watch more of the interview. But the drama club captain caught Hime-chan and told her that they had the script for the Peter Pan play. So Hime-chan went to the drama club meeting. During the meeting Hime-chan was worried about what Yuka had said. "I have a lot of memories with Dai-chan." Hime-chan wondered what kind of memories those were.

Then before the drama club was going to start reading the script, Hime-chan escaped to the toilet. Hime-chan took out her palette and made a copy of herself. Hime-chan told the copy to go to the drama club meeting in her place.

During the drams club meeting, Hime-copy read the script, in a very feminine manner, totally unlike the normal Hime-chan. Everyone was surprised. The drama club captain told her that Peter Pan was supposed to be more boyish. Then Hime-copy said (in a very girlish way), "Maybe I don't have any talent." Everyone was shocked at the way Hime-chan talked.

Yuka and the reported started talking in front of the apartment building. Manami was getting very excited and nervous. Icchan told her that she didn't have to get nervous. Then Hime-chan arrived.

Yuka said, "I went to the bath every day with Dai-chan." Hime-chan and Manami were shocked. But Icchan calmly said that she even went in when she was a child.

Daichi was trying to sneak away. Yuka spotted him. But Daichi kept going on his bicycle. Then Yuka stepped toward Daichi and fainted. Daichi quickly got off of the bike and ran to her. Daichi held Yuka. Then Yuka popped open her eyes. Yuka said that she had always tricked Daichi like that. Daichi got mad and walked back to his bike. Yuka said that she had played with Daichi every day in the park, and also that that was where she had her first kiss with Daichi. Hime-chan was very shocked. Manami was shocked too. But Icchan calmly said that they were just kids. Then Yuka said, "Dai-chan, please kiss me again." Daichi was surprised. Yuka continued, "When I was moving away, you ran after the truck and said that you would kiss me again when I came back." Daichi yelled at Yuka and said that he didn't know what she was talking about. Hime-chan was worried about Daichi.

Yuka waited for Daichi's kiss. The reporter told Daichi to cooperate with Yuka. Daichi faced Yuka and stood there.

[a new CM animation sequence: Hime-chan opening her palette.]

Then Shintaro came running and shouted, "No." He said that Daichi's only girl friend was Hime-chan. Then Yuka ran away.

In the drama club meeting things weren't going well. Hime-copy asked the captain if they could do Snow White or Cinderella instead of Peter Pan. The captain got upset and said that they couldn't change it now.

[This was very funny! Hime-copy's language and the way she talked was very feminine.]

Then Hikaru came and asked for Hime-chan.

Hime-chan realized that her copy was still at school. Hime-chan took out her palette to see what was going on. She saw Hikaru talking to her copy, and Hime-chan got worried.

Hikaru said that she wasn't worried that much because Daichi was hers. But she didn't like the way Yuka stuck so close to Daichi. So Hikaru wanted to join with Hikaru to separate those two. Hikaru asked Hime-chan to do her "ike ike". Then Hime-copy did a very soft, feminine "ike ike go go jump" [VERY funny] Hikaru was shocked at Hime-chan. Then Hikaru called Hime-chan by name. Hime-copy answered. So the magic wore off and both Hime-chan's combined. Hime-chan replied to Hikaru as herself and said that she didn't want to join Hikaru because she was too busy. Then Hime-chan did her normal "ike ike go go jump!" and left.

Later at school, Yuka talked to Hime-chan. Yuka said that she liked Daichi ever since she was little. She asked Hime-chan to help her out. But Hime-chan said that she couldn't. Yuka said, "Ok, I won't ask any more. But I won't give up."

The next day at the drama club meeting, the captain was very happy that Hime-chan returned to normal. Then Yuka came and said that she wanted to join the drama club. She also said that she wanted to do the part of Peter Pan. The captain said that they had already decided on the roles, but Yuka insisted that they choose them again because they haven't really started practicing yet. Everyone decided to vote on it. So the captain said that they would vote after Hime-chan and Yuka played the parts one week later.

That night at home, Hime-chan was very nervous. "Pokota, what should I do? I can't beat a star."
Pokota said, "Hime-chan, you won't know what happens until you do it. It's not like you to give up from the beginning."
Then Hime-chan got psyched up. Pokota and Hime-chan started practicing the lines. During dinner, Hime-chan rushed and ate very quickly. [The family (Aiko, Yumeko, and mother) wondered what was going on.] Then Hime-chan practiced late into the night.

Even on the way to school, Hime-chan kept looking at the script. Even when she was taking a bath, Hime-chan read the script. [Pokota was swimming in the bath.] Even in her sleep, Hime-chan was thinking about being Peter Pan.

It was the day of the audition. Hime-chan went first and played Peter Pan. Everyone liked Hime-chan, and clapped for her. Then Yuka started. Everyone was surprised at how good she was. Hime-chan was sitting down and watching Yuka too. Hime-chan realized that Yuka was very good.

Yuka ended up winning the vote 7 to 5. The captain tried to console Hime-chan. But Hime-chan left the drama club room and went to sit down under a cherry blossom tree by herself. The wind blew and the flowers started flying around.

Daichi was sitting by himself in his hideout staircase. Then he heard someone come, and thought it was Hime-chan. But it was Yuka. Then Hime-chan came and saw Daichi with Yuka. Hime-chan became sad and ran away. Daichi quickly got up and went after her.
Daichi said, "Wait!" and grabbed Hime-chan.
Hime-chan said, "Let me go!"
Daichi said, "Why are you running away?"
Hime-chan thought to herself, "My important place. My important things are slipping away from me." Hime-chan said to Daichi, "It doesn't matter to you what I do! Why don't you just talk with Hijiri-san!" Then Daichi and Hime-chan kept arguing. Hime-chan turned around and said, "Leave me alone. It's got nothing to do with you." Then Daichi got mad and ran away. Hime-chan said, "Stupid Daichi. I hate you." Yuka ran after Daichi. Hime-chan started crying.

At home, Pokota told Hime-chan not to worry about it because there would be another chance at a lead role later. But Hime-chan cried. The magic diary was open and a tear fell on one of the pages. Erika saw the tear, and another tear appeared on the diary.

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