Hime-chan no Ribbon episode 30

Episode Title
Pokota! Ai no tame ni hashire!
[Pokota! Run for your love's sake!]
Air Date
Egao no genki (SMAP)
Burabura sasete (SMAP)
sleeping potion, lost doll, toy shop
  • Summary by Pascal Janin, 1994.12.06
  • Editing by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.02.14
In the Land of Magic, Camille is preparing some strange chemical beverage. Laughing, he swears that, thanks to it, Roberia will lose her head over him.

[title screen]

Pokota is having a bad dream, Pink-chan telling him she cannot see him again, when Hime-chan wakes him up. She tells him, smiling, making him blush, that she didn't know he loved Pink that much. But Pokota thinks that dream was a premonition, and asks Hime-chan to get in touch with Erika and ask her. She replies that since Erika is with Pink, she must be all right. Pokota isn't relieved though.

Teleporting in a tree, Camille intends to pour the contents of his vial onto Roberia when she will pass by, then to wake her up with a kiss, just like Sleeping Beauty. In fact, she's coming, preceeded by Pink. As Pink passes under the branch where Camille is sitting, a spider scares him, making him fall down from the tree and drop the vial right onto Pink.

He hurries to Erika's place and gets scolded by her. She orders him to wake up Pink, but Camille shyly replies that his medicine was intended to work in the same way as Sleeping Beauty (so only a kiss from Pink's lover would wake her up). Thankfully Erika and Chappy know whom she is in love with, Pokota. But Camille adds that Pink must be kissed within 12 hours or she will sleep forever. Instead of enraging her father the King by going on Earth herself, Erika sends Sei's crow Kantaro, with Pink in a basket hung around his neck.

However, while Kantaro was flying, Pink accidentally falls out of the basket, unknown to Kantaro.

A few kilometers below, Pink falls right onto the head of an old man who owns a toy shop. He finds the doll so cute that he puts it in his shop window.

A few kilometers above, Kantaro, feeling that the basket is much lighter than before, realizes that Pink is nowhere to be seen. Erika decides to drop a note to Pokota, stuck at home while Hime-chan is on her way to school. Pokota reads Erika's message then hurries to tell Hime-chan.

Daichi, almost sleeping during the morning class, spots Pokota, waving at him from behind the window. So he throws a chunk of his eraser at Hime-chan, who spots Pokota. Then Hime-chan begs Gori-sensei to let her leave the classroom to go to the restroom.

Outside, once Pokota has told her what was going on, she makes a copy of herself, and sends Hime-copy back to the classroom, while she will look for Pink with Pokota. Daichi is about to leave too but Gori doesn't let him go. Then Hime-copy returns to the classroom.

Getting in touch with Kantaro, the three of them decide to look for Pink in the neighborhood. Pokota spots a dog who was holding a doll in his mouth, but it wasn't Pink. As Pokota is about to lose heart, they spot Pink in the old man's shop window. Hime-chan rushes inside and begs him to give the doll back to her, saying it "fell" down.

"Fell down? From where??" he replies, suspicious. "Was it from the plane you were in?"
"Yes! That's it!!" Hime-chan replies vehemently. But she gets kicked out of the store, so she decides to buy Pink. However Pink was being sold for 5000 yen, and Hime-chan only had 200 yen in her purse.

[CM break]

Rushing back home, Hime-chan begs her father to lend her 5000 yen. He wonders what she's doing there (instead of being at school), but gives the money to her nevertheless. So she hurries back to the shop.

The lesson in class was English now, and when the teacher asks Hime-copy to keep reading, she replies, "Yes!" by mistake, breaking the spell, making herself vanish and bringing Hime-chan back to the classroom. Realizing where she is, she begs her teacher to let her go to the restroom. "Again?!" Hikaru points out, and says, "She's such a child," making everybody laugh.

In the restroom, Hime-chan scolds Hime-copy for having answered, "Yes!" and leaves.

Back at the shop, she discovers that Pink has already been sold to a little girl. She yells at the shopkeeper to give her more details, but she gets kicked out, the man shouting his shop is _not_ a police station.

At school, Hime-copy is asking Gori-sensei to let her leave the school and have some rest, when Gori's daughter, Shigemi, sneaks in, bringing her father the cute pink cat doll she just got. Hime-copy is startled when she recognizes Pink, but when she asks Shigemi to give it back to her, the girl shyly retreats behind her father, who scolds Hime-copy for bothering her. "Master, this is a matter of life and death. Please give me this doll or terrible things will happen!" she begs. But Shigemi dashes away, followed by Hime-copy.

Daichi, on his way back home, sees Shigemi and Hime-copy passing by. Remembering Pokota had come to talk to her, he thinks that it might be serious, so he decides to follow her. On the corner of the street, Hime-chan and Hime-copy, both at a run, bump head first into each other. Hime-copy tells Hime-chan that Shigemi has got Pink, and they "mix back" into one body before Daichi arrives. Then she asks him to help her and runs away. Daichi notices that Hime-chan is now running much faster than before.

[Note: At that time Daichi doesn't know about Hime-chan's "twin" power. She will tell him much later in the episode #35.]

It was about 5 o'clock. Hime-chan, Pokota, and Daichi arrive in front of Gori's apartment, where Hime-chan decides to transform herself into Gori and get Pink back by herself before the "real" Gori gets back home. So Hime-chan transforms, and when she goes into Gori's apartment, she realizes that he has many children who all have the same face features [that is, his] and welcome him back. Then he asks Shigemi to lend him her doll just for one day, and she happily hands it to him, saying that she trusts her dad because he never told a single lie before. Then Gori's other sons ask him to help them with their homework, and soon get chased after by Gori's oldest daughter.

Hime-chan realizes what a nice father Gori must be, and gives Pink back to Shigemi, thinking to herself she has no heart to steal it from her that way. Then she leaves, sadly.

Sitting on a bench nearby, Hime-chan apologizes to Pokota, but then they spot Shigemi's brothers playing with Pink on the balcony. The boys then accidentally drop it onto the back of a truck, which soon moves off. As Shigemi's brothers try to comfort her, Pokota, Hime-chan, and Daichi run after the truck.

Pokota knows a shortcut to intercept the truck, and stands in the middle of the street to make it stop. The driver brakes, making Pink fall down on the pavement, but then she is grabbed on the fly by a stray dog. Another stronger dog shows up and is about to beat the tar out of Pokota, when Daichi reminds him that he is a lion thus should not give up. Pokota stands up and roars with all his might, scaring the dogs away.

Back at Hime-chan's home, the time limit is approaching and Pokota, having been badly hurt, has fainted. But Hime-chan's tears wake him up. So he gently kissed Pink, breaking the spell.

In the Land of Magic, Erika and Camille are so relieved that they happily "shake hands". Daichi, while leaving, tells Hime-chan he was surprised to see how strong the power of love could be.

"Then if your love was in danger," Hime-chan asks with a smile, "Would you fight and rescue her the same way?"
"Hmm.. maybe.." Daichi replies, embarrassed.

The next day, Pink and Pokota, parting, swear to each other that they will meet each other soon and again.

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