Hime-chan no Ribbon episode 31

Episode Title
Haha no hi ni cookie wo
[Cookies for Mother's Day]
Air Date
Egao no genki (SMAP)
Burabura sasete (SMAP)
Mother's Day, cookies, cooking
  • Summary by Pascal Janin, 1994.09.01
    A very nice "cooking" story. Boku mo Hime-chan no cookie to Aiko no cake ga tabetaiii!
  • Editing by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.02.21
Passing by a florist shop, Manami spots a bouquet of red carnations, and tells Hime-chan and Icchan she loves them so much. It reminds Hime-chan that next Sunday [May 9] is Mother's Day.

At home, Aiko, Yumeko, and Hime-chan are talking to each other about what they will give Mother next Sunday. Aiko says that a present doesn't have to be expensive, but it should come from your heart instead of your wallet.

Meanwhile their mother is typing on her computer, but she is very tired and gets mixed up in her story.

Aiko then suggests to her sisters to make a present of their own. She'll try to bake some cakes, so Hime-chan will try to have some cookies ready too. Then Mother sneaks in, pulling a very tired face, begging for some super-strong coffee. When she sees her three daughters side by side, she wonders what they are doing there. Then she hurries back to her work, as the deadline gets closer. The three girls swear to each other not to say a word to Mother until Sunday. Reading a manga in Hime-chan's room, Pokota says that it's going to be fun.

[title screen]

Next day at school, Hime-chan, while having her lunch, remembers how bad she is at cooking (the cooking lesson about baking cakes didn't go well for her) and wonders if she'll be able to make some good cookies. Just then, Hibino Hikaru brings a basket full of cookies she made herself, that smell very good. Her classmates want to have some, but Hikaru says there's only one person on Earth whom she'll give these cookies, that she cooked with all her heart. Of course, Daichi, hearing that, is startled, and tries to escape, but the way out is blocked by the other female members of his Fan Club. Then Arisaka Sei comes by and wickedly advises him to accept them.

Seeing there's no escape, Daichi eventually picks up one of Hikaru's cookies, and he finds it very good, much to Hikaru's happiness and Hime-chan's anger. Then Sei advises her to make some of her own too, as he'll eat all of her love cookies. As Hime-chan gets up with anger, Hikaru comes to her and proposes her to have some, adding that Hime-chan's cooking will never get close to her cookies that Daichi liked so much. Hime-chan must admit they taste good.

After school, Manami hides herself behind a tree to frighten Hime-chan, but her joke falls flat as Hime-chan, lost in her thoughts, dashes away, swearing she'll make the best cookies ever made.

At home, Father, Aiko, and Yumeko rush to the kitchen as they hear a big noise coming from there. It was Hime-chan, trying to make the cookies. Father feels so relieved to see that Hime-chan finally behaves like a girl, but soon yells out who these cookies are for: Does she have a boy friend? So Aiko tells him that these are for Mother's Day. Hime-chan is very confident, since she bought the best baking flour, but Aiko sadly tells Hime-chan that she has bought the wrong flour, the one for tempura, and it won't make a good cookie.

In the meantime, Mother is trying to work despite all the noise her three daughters make in the kitchen. But she can't, and punches her keyboard with anger, switching off the computer by accident.

Hime-chan eventually makes a bunch of cookies. Father, Yumeko, and Aiko pick up one each. Father's cookie is too soft and starts to cast, Aiko says hers looks like a raccoon, and Yumeko's like a monster. Hime-chan is a little upset since she tried to draw Pokota's face on all of them. Then they each taste it.. but they don't taste good at ALL (Yumeko is on the verge of tears). Aiko suggests that Hime-chan might have made a mistake with the baking powder proportions.

Next day is Mother's day, and Aiko is busy baking her own cake. She reminds Yumeko to go and get some carnations. Pokota has just tried one of Hime-chan's cookies and complains that they are NOT edible. Hime-chan sadly admits she cannot cook anything good, so she'll go to the new cookie store that just opened nearby and will buy some for her mother, pretending she cooked them herself. As Pokota complains that these won't be hand-made, Hime-chan replies that delicious cookies would make a better present to her mother than hers.

[CM break]

At the cookie store, Hime-chan looks at all the delicious cookies on sale and wonders which ones she should get for her mother. Pokota, still thinking that's not a present as it was meant to be [hand-made], spots Hikaru, still lost in her thoughts (thinking about what Daichi told her about her cookies), and warns Hime-chan so they hide themselves. But when Hikaru's friends from the Daichi Fan Club come in, Hikaru has to confess that her cookies came from here, and apologizes to them. Since Hikaru has contravened the Fan Club's rules (ie cheating), she must treat her two friends.

Hime-chan is mad at Hikaru for pretending the cookies she bought were hers, but Pokota is mad at Hime-chan because she was about to do the same. Hime-chan realizes that she's wrong and must cook her own cookies.

In the Land of Magic, Chappy doesn't understand why Hime-chan has come all the way up to the cookie store and chose not to buy any. Erika just says that's the way Hime-chan is.

Back at home, Hime-chan finds Yumeko and Aiko decorating the house. The cake Aiko made is a strawberry mousse cake, topped with real strawberries and a message okaasan arigatou [thank you, Mother]. But Aiko since hadn't cooked in a long while, she burnt her hand in the oven. Hime-chan is surprised because she had thought Aiko was good at anything she tries, and nothing ever went wrong with her. Yumeko then shows her the flower necklace that she has just made.

Since her two sisters have made their own presents, Hime-chan can do nothing but try hard to cook hers again, but she begs her sisters not to look over while she is cooking. Later, all alone in the kitchen with Pokota, she makes a copy of herself with the palette so that she'll be able to cook twice as fast.

In fact, Hime-copy is so good at cooking that Hime-chan even considers leaving everything to her, but Pokota doesn't like that idea. Later, Father sneaks in to see how everything is going, and is surprised to see the two Hime-chan working together. But with a mere eye-blink, the second Hime-chan he *thinks* he had just seen disappears.

Then the cookies are ready to eat! Hime-chan manages to gulp one down even though it is VERY hot, then hands one to Hime-copy who splits it in half with Pokota. They all find the cookies very good. Then Hime-chan makes her copy vanish, and goes to give some to Father, Aiko and Yumeko, who also find them tasty.

They have some time left since Mother is still working, so Hime-chan leaves and heads for the old house, bringing some of the cookies she just cooked. Inside, Daichi is sleeping on the sofa, but Pokota, leaving the bag of cookies on the table and closing the door behind, wakes him up. Daichi soon spots the bag, and tries one of the cookies, that he finds delicious [the cookies are in the shape of Pokota, so he knows who these are from].

Back home, Aiko tells Hime-chan that Mother is finished with her work but fell asleep right away. So Aiko, Hime-chan and Yumeko enter their mother's room silently and leave their presents on the desk by her with a short note: "Okaasan arigatou. Me ga sametara tabete kudasai. Aiko. Himeko. Yumeko." [Thank you Mommy. Please eat them when you wake up.]

But closing the door behind wakes her up so she tries one of Hime-chan's cookies and finds it good. Then Father steps in, carrying a bottle [wine? sake?] with two glasses. But Mother sticks out her ramen bowl to let him fill it up..

In the Land of Magic, Erika says she will give some home-made cookies to Hime-chan too when they'll meet again.

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