Hime-chan no Ribbon episode 32

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Hikaru! Daichi to shougeki kiss
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  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.05.20
Hikaru was at home bored. There was nothing she wanted to watch on TV. Then Hikaru found a book on card fortune telling. So she started trying some. She tried the one on love fortune telling. She placed three cards down. The one on the left was herself. The card was a queen of hearts. The one on the right was her partner. The card was a jack of spades. Hikaru said that those cards were Daichi and herself. The important one was the one in the middle. The card turned out to be a joker. Hikaru imagined Hime-chan as the joker getting between Daichi and herself, and got very mad. Hikaru tried the fortune telling again, but got the same result. Hikaru was very upset.

Hime-chan, Icchan, and Manami were walking to school in the rain. Manami was feeling very happy. Icchan guessed that it must be something like a good fortune in the newspaper. Manami wondered why Icchan had guessed correctly.

When Hime-chan got to class, Hikaru was doing some of her card fortune telling. Hime-chan and Sei laughed about it. So Hikaru got mad and said that she would do a fortune to predict what will happen. Hikaru pulled out a 5 of spades and a joker. Hikaru said that the 5 of spades was Gori, and that the joker was something that would cause problems.

Then Gori came into the room, and everyone went to their seats. Gori said that he had something that would make everyone happy. It was a pop test. Everyone in the class was shocked. Hikaru wondered why she had guessed right with her fortune, even though she had just made it up. She wondered if she had some special talent.

Later Sei was saying that it was just lucky. Then Hikaru went up to him and said that she would tell his fortune. Hikaru pulled out and ace of hearts and an ace of clubs. Sei said that he must be very lucky. But Hikaru said that it wasn't. She said that an ace is one, and that two aces is one-one. [wanwan is a baby's way of saying dog] So Hikaru said that Sei would run into trouble with dogs.

On the way home, Hime-chan, Daichi, and Sei were laughing at Hikaru's prediction, especially since Sei was a magician who can control animals. Then at the school gate a cute little dog came and pissed on Sei's leg. Hime-chan said that Hikaru's prediction had come true. But Sei didn't believe it. Then a truck came by and splashed Sei. Hime-chan noticed that the truck belonged to Inuyama moving company. [inu is dog]

The next day at school, Sei went up to Hikaru and told her that he had had a bad day with dogs. Sei had even stepped in dog shit.

When Hime-chan and Daichi arrived, Hikaru said that she had done their fortunes. She said that Hime-chan and Daichi were not meant for each other. They were like oil and water. Hikaru also said that Daichi and her were kiss within a week. Then Daichi said that it was stupid and didn't believe it. Hikaru also said that Sei and Hime-chan would kiss within a week. Hime-chan was shocked, but Sei was very happy and went to brush his teeth.

Hime-chan was at a bookstore, looking in the section of the fortune telling books. Icchan came and spotted her. Then Manami came. Manami had heard about Hime-chan's fortunes that Hikaru had told. Hime-chan said that it was fake anyways. Then Manami picked up a book that had lots of information on how to break up bad fortunes. Manami was very knowledgeable about these things and told Hime-chan that she should read it. But Hime-chan said that she was going home.

The next morning Hime-chan was dressed for going to school. But she used her palette and made a copy of herself. Hime-chan sent the copy to school in place of herself. Hime-copy wasn't sure of it, but Hime-chan said that she was going to be watching on the screen, and would help out if Hime-copy got in trouble.

After Hime-copy left, Pokota said that he was against this idea. He said that even if Sei and Hime-copy kissed, it would be Hime-chan.

At school Hime-copy saw Sei brushing his teeth. Hime-copy said (in a very polite way) that she liked people with clean teeth. Then Sei became happy that Hime-chan had finally accepted him. Sei went to Hime-copy and backed her up against a wall. Hime-chan was watching all of this in her palette and got upset. Hime-chan asked why Hime-copy didn't just hit Sei and run away. Pokota said that Hime-copy couldn't do something like that. So Hime-chan asked Pokota to call her name. When Hime-chan answered, Hime-copy vanished and merged back into Hime-chan. Since Sei had his eyes closed to kiss Hime-chan he didn't notice, and smashed his face into the wall.

Hime-chan zoomed past Daichi as she ran to school. Hime-chan had a mask over her mouth.

During lunch Hime-chan at with Manami and Icchan. Manami said that it was too bad that Hime-chan and Daichi weren't meant for each other. But Hime-chan said that it didn't concern her. Icchan said that Hime-chan's face was redder than her red sausage. Then Manami told Hime-chan some ways to prevent bad fortunes from coming true. One way was to tie a red ribbon around something that the person you like had given you. But the best method was to write a heart mark on your eraser and give it to the person you like.

During class Hime-chan stared at her eraser and Daichi. But she didn't do anything.

After school Sei asked Hime-chan to walk home together. But Hime-chan said that she didn't want to because she had a cold and didn't want to give it to him.

That night, Hime-chan remembered the words that Manami had said to her. Hime-chan opened her drawer and pulled out a red ribbon.

The next day, Hikaru was going to do more fortune telling. But Daichi said that he didn't believe in that fake fortune telling. The other girls got upset at Daichi and told him to apologize to Hikaru. Daichi said that he would if Hikaru's fortune would come true. So Hikaru tried to predict what would happen that day. She pulled out the same 5 of spades and the joker. So she said that there would be another pop test in the class. But instead of Gori, another teacher came in and said that Gori wouldn't come in until the afternoon. Hikaru was very upset that her prediction didn't come true.

At home Pokota laughed about it. But Hime-chan was still worried.

Hime-chan and Yumeko were walking down the street. Hime-chan said that Yumeko's hat was on crooked. Hime-chan was going to fix it, but Yumeko said that she can fix it herself. Then the wind blew and Yumeko's hat went flying.

Hime-chan saw Sei walking ahead of her and called out for him. She asked him to catch Yumeko's hat. Sei rushed to try to get the hat and fell down. But he got it, and Yumeko ran to Sei and got her hat back. Then Yumeko kissed Sei to thank him. Hime-chan was surprised, but realized that Hikaru's prediction had come true. A Nonohara did kiss Sei. Sei was very disappointed.

At school Hime-chan and Sei told Hikaru about Yumeko kissing Sei. Hikaru said that it must be some mistake. Then some other girls came and said that it was Hikaru's predictions that were all wrong. The girls got mad at Hikaru for her wrong predictions about them. But Hikaru said that it wasn't so. Then Hikaru became very determined to make her fortune come true.

When Daichi came into the room, Hikaru went after him. Hikaru said that she would make her fortune come true and chased after Daichi. They ran outside into the school yard. All of the other students looked out the window and cheered for Hikaru. But Hikaru tripped and fell down. Then one of the boys said that Hikaru had kissed the ground. Since the ground was also called "daichi", they said that her prediction had come true and laughed.

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