Hime-chan no Ribbon episode 33

Episode Title
Okiraku Camille ni daimeiwaku
Air Date
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.06.10
Sei was running (very slowly) to school. He wished that he had some magic so he can just teleport to school. Then Hime-chan ran by Sei. Sei tripped and fell down when trying to go after Hime-chan. Then Kantaro (Sei's bird) came and laughed at Sei. Kantaro had come because Camille had asked him to check up on Sei. Kantaro said that Sei's popularity had gone down in the land of magic, even with young girls. But Sei said that he had Hime-chan.

At school, Sei was standing in the hall. Hime-chan came out of the classroom, and Sei thought that she was going to see him. But Hime-chan called out for Daichi. Hime-chan had gotten an 80 on her test and was feeling very happy. When Daichi said that he had a favor to ask, Hime-chan said ok. Daichi asked Hime-chan to cover for him in the afternoon classes. Then he ran off. Hime-chan got a little upset.

Then Manami came and said that Hime-chan and Daichi were bound by a red string. Sei quickly said that he didn't think so, and added that they always fought. But Icchan said that when a couple is very close, they fight a lot. Then Manami said that nobody could get in the way of Hime-chan and Daichi.

Hime-chan made a copy of herself. Then she transformed into Daichi. So Hime-copy and Hime-chan went to the afternoon classes as Hime-chan and Daichi.

After school, Camille appeared and met Sei. (Sei had called him.) Sei wanted to make a bet with Camille. He challenged Camille to go out with 5 girls within 2 days. They were going to bet a ramen-rice with gyoza. Camille laughed because it was too easy. Then Sei told him to change from his flashy clothes to normal school clothes. After Camille changed, Sei even unbuttoned his shirt so that he looked exactly like Daichi.

On the way home, Hime-chan was with Icchan and Manami. Icchan asked if Hime-chan had played soccer again, because Hime-chan's clothes were dirty. Hime-chan said that she did, and that it was a sign of her healthiness. Then at the school gate, Hikaru told Hime-chan that she lacked femininity, and that she couldn't possibly become as graceful as herself.

Then Camille came and hugged Hikaru. Everyone was shocked, because they thought it was Daichi. But when Camille said Robelia (instead of Hikaru), Hime-chan knew that it was Camille. Hime-chan wondered why Camille had come to the human world. Then Hime-chan forcefully pulled Camille away from Hikaru.

After they got away, Hime-chan asked Camille what he was doing. But Camille just grabbed Hime-chan's hand and asked her to go out with him. Hime-chan was caught off guard for a moment, but she recovered and swung at Camille. Camille disappeared just in time to avoid getting hit.

All of the students were gathered around the gate talking about what had just happened. Daichi came along and saw the crowd. Manami and Icchan spotted Daichi. Then Tetsu grabbed Daichi and pulled him away.

When they were alone, Tetsu asked Daichi if he was going to go out with Hikaru. Daichi had no idea what Tetsu was talking about. But after Tetsu explained, Daichi thought that Hime-chan must have done something while transformed as himself.

Meanwhile when Aiko got off of the bus, Camille went up to her and took her hands. He said, "It's like an angel coming from the heavens. I want to go out with you." Aiko was shocked and ran away.

Then Shintaro came and asked Camille to play dodgeball with him. Camille had no idea who this little boy was. But since Shintaro was being pushy Camille hit him in the head. Then Shintaro started crying and Camille ran away.

Hime-chan and Pokota were wondering what Camille was up to. They heard Aiko run to her room. Hime-chan went to Aiko's room. Aiko looked very embarrassed. Aiko told Hime-chan about what Camille had done to her. Hime-chan got mad and became determined to catch Camille.

Manami and Icchan were standing outside of a dessert shop, but they didn't have enough money to go in. Then Camille came and asked them on a date. Manami was very embarrassed (and happy). But Icchan said that it wouldn't be nice to Hime-chan. Then Camille put his arms around both of them and tried to go into the store. But Gori came and yelled at Camille (thinking that it was Daichi). Camille called Gori a strange old man, and ran away.

The next day when Daichi was leaving for school, Shintaro was looking at Daichi strangely. When Daichi said that Shintaro was acting a little strange, Shintaro yelled back that it was Daichi who was strange.

At school, Hikaru went up to Daichi and said that she would never forget what had happened the previous day. Manami and Icchan came and told Hikaru that Daichi had asked had asked them out on a date. Hikaru was surprised. Then Gori came and yelled at Daichi. When Sei saw all of the trouble that Daichi was getting into, he became happy that Daichi's popularity would fall.

Later during lunch break, Daichi pulled Hime-chan and talked to her. Daichi asked why she did all of the other things the previous day transformed as him.
Hime-chan said, "That wasn't me."
Daichi said, "Who else besides you can do that?"
Hime-chan tried to explain about Camille. But Hikaru came with some lunch for Daichi and interrupted them. Then Daichi ran away after yelling at Hime-chan. Hime-chan got mad at Daichi for not listening to her.

Then Sei came to Hime-chan and said that Daichi was a bad one. Camille also appeared. He told Sei that he just needed 2 more girls to get the ramen. Sei started to worry. Hime-chan got upset and made Sei explain what was going on. After hearing about the bet, Hime-chan got mad. She told Sei and Camille to take the responsibility for it. Then Kantaro came and told Camille that he was in big trouble in the land of magic.

After Camille disappeared, Hime-chan told Sei to explain everything to everyone. Sei asked Hime-chan to help. Hime-chan didn't have any other choice, so she transformed into Daichi.

Sei and Hime-chan went to Hikaru. Sei explained that it was Camille who had hugged her, but Hikaru didn't believe him. Then in the distance they saw Gori chasing Daichi. So Hikaru finally believed it.

Next Sei and Hime-chan went to Manami and Icchan and treated them to desserts. Manami and Icchan were very happy, and Hime-chan said that Sei would pay for everything.

Later Sei and Hime-chan went to explain everything to Aiko and Shintaro. After explaining to Shintaro, Sei swung him around like an airplane. But Sei's back gave out on him, and Sei went with Shintaro to his house.

Then someone who looked like Daichi appeared. Hime-chan thought it was Daichi, but it was Camille. He said that he had been forgiven by the king. Then Daichi came and got upset at Camille. When Hime-chan pointed out which one was Camille [there were 3 Daichi's standing there], Daichi tried to grab him. But Kantaro came and told Camille that the king was mad at him for escaping. Then Camille returned to the land of magic.

Later Daichi and Hime-chan were walking home.
Hime-chan said, "Daichi, I don't want to cover for you any more. Also before you get mad, please listen to my story."
Daichi said, "I'm sorry."
Hime-chan was surprised, and blushed a little. She said that she would forgive him. Then Daichi offered Hime-chan some food and they walked home together.

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