Hime-chan no Ribbon episode 34

Episode Title
Makeruna! Hanjuku sensei
Air Date
Guest characters
Yamashita Hatsune (Inoue Kikuko)
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.08.20
In the kitchen, Aiko was washing dishes. Hime-chan and Yumeko were also there, just watching. Aiko was telling them that Yamashita Hatsune was going to come over to their house. Hatsune had lived near them before, and she was coming back because she was going to teach at Kazetachi Junior High for her training as a teacher. Hime-chan had remembered a little bit about Hatsu-oneechan, but Yumeko was too small to remember. Then mother came into the kitchen and asked Aiko for some coffee. Hime-chan and Yumeko wanted Hatsune to stay in their rooms, but mother said that she didn't want Hatsune to be bothered with kids at home. Then the doorbell ran and Hatsune arrived.

That night Aiko, Hime-chan, and Yumeko went to Hatsune and talked. Hatsune said that she was going to teach class C. Hime-chan was very happy that it was her class. Hatsune was also happy that it was Hime-chan's class. But Aiko warned her that there were a lot of trouble makers in Himeko's class. Then Hatsune said that it was better to be a healthy (wild) girl instead of being too quiet. She wanted to be a teacher who could really enjoy school life with her students. Then mother called out to the girls and told them to go to sleep.

Hime-chan returned to her room. She was feeling happy. Then Pokota came and said that Hatsune was a slightly different type from Aiko.

The next morning, Hime-chan and Hatsune walked to school together. Hatsune was very nervous, so Hime-chan taught her the "ike ike go go jump!" Then when Hime-chan spotted Manami and Icchan, she ran off to meet her friends.

During the homeroom, Gori introduced Yamashita Hatsune to the class. She was going to teach the class for one week. The students liked her. When they asked her to write her name, Hatsune started writing in the air. Then Hime-chan pointed out that she should write on the chalkboard. The boys in the class all said that she was cute. Hikaru got angry at the boys. Then Gori left to let Hatsune handle the homeroom by herself.

Hatsune didn't know what to do. Then Daichi raised his hand and asked her a question. "What are your three sizes?"
Hatsune asked for Daichi's name. Then she said that she had gotten a little fat recently and was too scared to measure. So she didn't know.

Then Sei asked if Hatsune had a boy friend. Hatsune said that she didn't. Then the other boys said that they wanted to be it.

Hatsune said that she didn't know much, but she was going to try hard to have fun with everyone. She wanted the students to think of her as an older sister. Hikaru got upset at this remark.

After that class, Hatsune went to the teacher's office. She told Gori that she was tired. Gori was disappointed that Hatsune had gotten tired so quickly.

During break, Hime-chan was with Manami and Icchan. Manami said that Hime-chan was lucky that she had a cute student teacher. Then Hime-chan told them that Hatsune was even staying over at her house. Manami and Icchan were very envious of Hime-chan and said that their teacher wasn't very good. They said that he tried too hard and was too excited about making the students lively. Then he walked by them. He was a tough looking man.

Then Hatsune and some female students came. Hatsune asked Hime-chan and her friends if they wanted to play volleyball. Manami was very happy and they went outside.

While they were playing, one of the girls noticed Hatsune's perfume. Hikaru quickly said that it was Cannel. She even said that she had some herself, that she had gotten from her mother.

Later during class, Hatsune was teaching geography. She said that Japan had a lot of rain. Then she remembered that it was forecasted for rain, and asked the class if they had brought umbrellas. The students were surprised, and Daichi said that he didn't have one. Then Hatsune said that he should go in the umbrella of his girl friend. But Daichi said that he didn't have one. Hikaru was upset, and Hime-chan was surprised. The other students all said out loud that they wanted to go home with Hatsune. Hikaru got mad and said, "Please continue the lecture! Or did you come to pick up the boys?"

Hatsune apologized and continued teaching.

Later Hatsune was in the restroom by herself. She was disappointed that things weren't going too well. She tried Hime-chan's "Ike ike go go jump" to try to cheer herself up. Then she heard Gori chasing Daichi down the hall. Hatsune said that Gori hadn't changed, and psyched herself up.

Hikaru was with the other girls of the class. Hikaru was very mad at Hatsune. Then she said that she had a great plan.

During class the next several days, Hime-chan noticed that the other girls were acting strangely. They kept talking to themselves during class and didn't pay attention to Hatsune.

During afternoon class one day, Hikaru said that she couldn't hear Hatsune. Then Hatsune repeated the statement. Then when she picked on one of the girls to answer a question, the girl said that she didn't know. Even when Hatsune gave hints (by pointing out where to look in the textbook), the girl still said that she didn't know. When Hatsune asked another girl, she said that she didn't know either. Then Hikaru commented out loud that they couldn't learn anything because a certain teacher was very bad.

Then Daichi yelled out the answer and also said that the girls in the class were sleeping during class. So Hatsune said that she would change the schedule and they would all go outside. She said that they would clean up the school grounds.

When they got outside, Hikaru and the other girls complained. After a while Hatsune went to look for the girls. She found Hime-chan picking the weeds by herself. Hatsune got angry and went up to the classroom, where Hikaru and the other girls were gathered. Hikaru said that they didn't want to clean up.

Hatsune said, "You may not like the way I teach, but there are a lot of important things that you can't learn in a text book."
Hikaru said, "You tried to pick up my Daichi. Don't try to be a great teacher."
Hatsune said, "Yeah, Daichi is nice. If I was ten years younger, I probably would have liked him."
Hikaru was shocked. "Is what was a teacher says!"
Hatsune said, "If you like Daichi, you should fight for him against anybody!"
Hikaru almost started crying. "I hate you!"
Hatsune said, "I hate selfish students like you too!" Everyone got very surprised. Then Hatsune said that she would leave.

Hatsune ran away with tears in her eyes. Hime-chan ran after her. At the shoeboxes, Hatsune said, "As everyone says, maybe I'm not cut out to be a teacher." Then Hatsune ran off.

Hime-chan was determined to do something about it, and transformed into Hatsune. Hime-chan went back to the classroom. Gori met her at the door and encouraged her.

Hime-chan went into the classroom and the students were surprised. Hikaru asked what was up. Hime-chan put her hands on the podium and apologized. But she leaned too hard on the podium and fell forward. When Daichi went to help her, Hime-chan said, "Thanks, Daichi." Daichi knew right away that it was Hime-chan transformed as Hatsune. Then Hime-chan asked Hikaru to let her teach. Hikaru saw that Hatsune had a lot of guts, and said ok.

When Hime-chan got home, she saw that Hatsune was drunk and crying. Mother had give her some beer because she looked very depressed. Hime-chan saw that Hatsune had totally lost her confidence.

Later when Hatsune was sleeping in the bed, Hime-chan transformed into Gori and went to cheer her up.

The next day on the way to school, Hatsune told Hime-chan that she was all right.

It was the last day for Hatsune. She apologized to the class for not doing a good job. She also said that they weren't going to hold regular classes. Hatsune also announced that she was going to quit being a teacher. She said that she wanted them to listen to her final wish.

Hatsune and the class went outside. Hatsune said that ten years ago, she was a student of Gori, and wanted to be a teacher because of him. The students couldn't believe it. But she said that she was no good, because she gave up after only ten days.

Ten years ago Gori had taken his class outside. So it was her dream to take her students there too. So her dream had come true. Hime-chan asked Hatsune if she was really going to quit. Hatsune said that she already had. So Hatsune said that there was only one thing left to do. She started yelling, "Bakayarou! [stupid!]"

Then Gori came running after them. Hatsune told her students to escape. They all ran away and Gori went after them.

Hatsune got a bouquet of flowers from the students. When everyone was wishing her well, Hikaru said out loud, "You don't have to quit." Hikaru said that Hatsune could be a teacher. All of the other students agreed too.

Then the class did an "Ike ike go go jump!"

Erika was watching on her crystal ball. She said that she wanted to be a teacher too. When Chappy said that Len would get upset, Erika said, "Naritai, naritai! [I want to! I want to!]" [This is VERY cute]

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