Hime-chan no Ribbon episode 35

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Meiken Pochi ni dai meiwaku
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  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.07.20
After school, Hime-chan, Manami, and Icchan were walking home. Hime-chan was saying that Daichi cut the afternoon classes again and Takada Tetsu had to cover for him.

The girls ran into Daichi, who was on his bicycle. Hime-chan told Daichi that Gori was very mad, and that Daichi should think more about Tetsu. Then Daichi said that Hime-chan seemed overly worried about Tetsu. He also said that he would tell Tetsu if she liked him. Then Hime-chan got upset and Daichi left.

After Daichi left, Hime-chan spotted a little dog on the street. She picked it up and said that she wanted to take it back home.

Hime-chan took the dog home. Yumeko liked it and played with it. Hime-chan asked if she could keep it. Her father said that it probably belonged to someone because it had a collar. Then Hime-chan said that the dog must have been thrown away. But Aiko said that someone might be looking for it. But Hime-chan didn't want to go put it back out into the streets and insisted that it was a thrown away dog.

Hime-chan's mother came into the room. She was very tired because it was almost the deadline for her work. Then she spotted the dog and screamed. Hime-chan asked her mother if she can keep the dog, but mother said no. When Hime-chan picked up to dog and put it closer to mother, she backed off and hid behind father's chair.

Hime-chan said that she would take care of the dog, but Aiko said that they had to go to school and mother would end up taking care of the dog. But Hime-chan didn't want to throw the dog away. Then father said that he would take care of the dog because he didn't have any work for a while. He also said that his next movie would have a dog in it. Mother reluctantly agreed.

Then they tried to decide on a name. They looked at the dog's collar, but it only said __chi, because it was worn out. Then Yumeko said, "Pochi." Hime-chan said that it was a stupid name, but father said that it had been decided a long time ago that dogs were Pochi. Yumeko was happy and wanted to hold the dog.

Later Hime-chan took Pochi to her room. Pokota said that he wasn't sure about it. When Pochi tried to smell Pokota, Pokota growled at him. Then Pochi jumped back and lied still on the floor. Pokota and Hime-chan thought that something had happened to Pochi. But Pochi got up, and they discovered that Pochi had been playing dead. Pochi then bit Pokota.

Mother came in after hearing the noise in Hime-chan's room. She was still scared of the dog. Hime-chan wanted mother to hold the dog, but mother just touched the dog and went off.

That night Pochi slept in Hime-chan's bed. Hime-chan said, "I wish the owner doesn't appear forever." Pokota then scolded Hime-chan and told her that she had to return the dog if the owner appeared. Hime-chan said that she understood.

The next morning when Hime-chan was leaving for school, father asked if she would let one of his producers keep the dog if they couldn't. Hime-chan wasn't ready for it and was shocked. Pochi wanted to go out with Hime-chan, but she told him to stay.

Then father got a phone call, and he had to go to work.

On the way to school, Hime-chan, Icchan, and Manami overheard Hikaru yelling out, "Daichi, where are you Daichi? Don't leave me alone. Daichi." The three girls were shocked.

At home, Pochi was in mother's work room, and she had to watch over it because nobody else was home. Mother was working on her word processor, but she was very sleepy and fell asleep. Then Pochi jumped up onto her desk and stepped all over the keyboard. Pochi also ran around and pulled out the plug to the word processor.

Pokota came into the room and saw Pochi eating mother's papers. Pokota tried to stop Pochi, but Pochi started chasing Pokota around the room. Then mother woke up because of the noise. She saw that her word processor was turned off and cried out. When she saw the dog running around, mother fell off of her chair. Then Pokota ran off to find Hime-chan.

At Daichi's hideout at the top of the stairs, Hime-chan told Daichi about Hikaru. Hikaru was looking for Daichi, and was even absent from school. Hime-chan asked Daichi what he had done to her. Daichi said that he didn't know. Hime-chan also said that Hikaru looked very sad.

Pokota arrived at school and told Hime-chan about what was going on at home. Hime-chan made a copy of herself and sent her copy home.

Hime-copy ran home and told mother that there was someone at school who would take care of the dog. Mother noticed that there was something different about Himeko. But Hime-copy said (in her very polite way) that she was the same as always. Mother still thought something was wrong with Himeko, but she went back to do her work.

Hikaru was still looking for Daichi, her dog. Hikaru went to a kindergarten and asked the little boys if they had seen her dog. But they said that they hadn't. Then Yumeko came to the crowd and looked at the picture that Hikaru was showing. Yumeko recognized the dog and said that it was Pochi. Hikaru saw Yumeko's name tag and realized that it was Hime-chan's sister. Yumeko then said that Pochi could play dead very well. Hikaru said that it was the same as her Daichi. Hikaru then asked Yumeko when they had started keeping the dog. Yumeko said that it was from the previous day, and that Hime-chan had found the dog on the street. Hikaru realized that it was her dog and got very mad.

Hikaru stormed into the classroom and walked up to Hime-chan.
Hikaru said, "Nonohara-san, please return Daichi!" Daichi was shocked.
Hime-chan asked, "What are you talking about?"
Hikaru said, "Don't pretend." When Gori said that they were in the middle of school, Hikaru yelled at him to shut up. Hikaru then continued, "Nonohara-san, I know you took Daichi." When the other classmates commented about a love triangle, Hikaru yelled at them to stay out of it. Hikaru asked Hime-chan, "So Nonohara-san?"
Hime-chan said, "Wait. I didn't do anything like that."
Hikaru said, "Don't lie. I heard from your little sister. He's very good at playing dead. That's the proof."
Hime-chan turned to Daichi and asked, "Are you good at playing dead?"
Daichi asked, "What!?"
Hikaru said, "You're going to pretend." Then Hikaru took out the picture of her dog. Hime-chan saw it and called it Pochi, but Hikaru said that it was her dog, Daichi. Then Hime-chan recalled the worn out dog collar with the "chi" ending.

Hikaru said that her mother had taken Daichi when she went shopping. But the dog had disappeared when she returned to her car. Hikaru accused Hime-chan of stealing Daichi from her mother's car. Hime-chan said that it wasn't so. Then Hime-chan ran out of the classroom. Hikaru ran after her. Then Daichi also ran out after them.

Hime-chan was running and said to herself, "I can't believe it! That Pochi's owner is Hibino-san." Daichi caught up to Hime-chan and helped her escape. Hikaru couldn't find Hime-chan and cried in the street.

Daichi took Hime-chan to his hideout (the old house). Daichi asked, "Why did you run away? Now it looks like you stole the dog." Hime-chan said that she didn't and started crying.

Then when they went to the other room, Hime-copy greeted them. Daichi was shocked. Hime-chan told him that it was another one of her magic powers. Daichi told her that she should have talked to him earlier about these things.

Daichi asked Hime-chan what she was going to do with the dog. Hime-copy said that she would return the dog. But Hime-chan said that she would do it herself, because it was her responsibility.

Hime-chan went out to return the dog, and played with Pochi in the street. Then they heard Hikaru's voice calling out for Daichi. Pochi left Hime-chan and ran off.

At the old house, Pokota was getting restless. Hime-copy got up and said that she would go look for Hime-chan. Then Daichi called out to stop her. Hime-copy answered, and Hime-chan magically returned to the old house from the street. Daichi was surprised, and Pokota explained about Hime-chan's magic.

Daichi (the dog) barked and ran to Hikaru. It jumped into the river, and Hikaru also went into the river to hug Daichi.

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