Hime-chan no Ribbon episode 36

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Hasekura senpai! Seishun no tabidachi
Air Date
  • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.08.20
Father made curry for the family. Hime-chan and the others all said it was great. But Aiko quietly finished eating and left the table early. She said that she had a headache. Father wondered if Aiko had caught a cold, but Yumeko said that it was a problem with love. Hime-chan said that Aiko was going out with Hasekura, so there couldn't be anything wrong. But Yumeko pointed out that she hadn't gone out on a date for a long time. Father wondered if Aiko had a fight with Hasekura. (Father had a big grin on his face.) Hime-chan couldn't believe it.

Meanwhile Aiko was in her room and stared at the picture on her desk of Hasekura and herself. Then she turned the picture face down.

At school Hime-chan told Manami and Icchan about Aiko. Then Manami said that she had heard a rumor that Hasekura was going out with another girl, an older, blonde, pretty girl. Manami said that someone had seen them on a date. Hime-chan couldn't believe it.

Later Hime-chan and Pokota went to spy on Hasekura. Although they both didn't believe it, there was definitely something wrong with Aiko. They followed Hasekura as he left his house. They followed him to a coffee shop. Hime-chan looked through the window and was shocked at what she saw. Hasekura was sitting with a blonde haired girl. Hime-chan said, "I can't forgive him! How terrible! He had oneechan, and.."

Hime-chan stormed inside and went over to Hasekura's table. Hime-chan asked what he was doing, and Hasekura calmly introduced the girl as his English teacher. Hasekura explained further that his school had an exchange student program and the exam was coming up on Sunday. He had a chance to go to America for a half year, and it had always been his dream to go study abroad.

While walking home, Hime-chan and Pokota were talking about Hasekura going abroad for a half year. Pokota said that he understood, because it was Hasekura's dream. But Hime-chan said that he shouldn't leave Aiko.

When Hime-chan got hoe, she saw Aiko sitting in the living room reading a book about America. Hime-chan went over to Aiko and told her that she heard Hasekura was going. Aiko was surprised that Hime-chan had found out so quickly. Hime-chan told Aiko to tell Hasekura not to go. But Aiko said that she wasn't sad. Hime-chan insisted, saying that Aiko wasn't feeling very cheerful recently. But Aiko left the room saying that she had to study.

Then father came by. He said he accidently overheard. Hime-chan said that Aiko probably didn't want Hasekura to go, but since she was so calm, she couldn't say anything. But father said that it would be good for Hime-chan to hear about the past between father and mother.

Father started to tell his story. Mother was going to go on a trip around the world for one year. Father didn't want to be away from mother that long. But mother said that she would go. The day mother was going to leave, it was raining heavily. Father drove in his car to the airport to try to stop mother. (Hime-chan commented that father was so cool, just like a movie.) But father got caught by the police for speeding, and he didn't even have his license. (Hime-chan said that it was very uncool, and that she shouldn't have listened so seriously in the first place.) Then Hime-chan left, although Father said that the good part was coming up.

Hime-chan went to her room. She said to Pokota, "I want to do something for oneechan. If it was me.. If Daichi was going far away.." Hime-chan said that she was going to meet Hasekura the next day, and tell him not to go. Pokota wasn't too sure of this idea, but Hime-chan said that this was something that only girls understood.

Erika was watching and wasn't sure if Hime-chan was going to make the right move.

The next day after school Hime-chan rushed out of the classroom, and went to Hasekura's school. Daichi sensed that Hime-chan was up to something again and went after her.

When Hime-chan was waiting by Hasekura's school gate, Daichi called out for her. He asked what she was doing. Hime-chan was going to say that she was doing something for Aiko, but then Hasekura's bus left. Hime-chan blamed Daichi for missing Hasekura.

At the hideout, Hime-chan told Daichi the story. Then Daichi said that she shouldn't do it. But Hime-chan said that Aiko was feeling very depressed. Daichi said that this was Hasekura's dream. Then Daichi also said, "I even have a dream of going around and riding all of the SL in the world. At that time, I'll go no matter who stops me."
Hime-chan asked, "Even your mother and father?"
Daichi replied, "Of course."
Hime-chan asked, "Even Tetsu?"
Daichi replied, "Of course."
Hime-chan asked, "Even me?"
"What?" Daichi hesitated, then said, "Of course. Even if you say that you're going somewhere, I wouldn't stop you. The cause of trouble will be gone, so it'll be easier for me."
Hime-chan got very upset and yelled, "Baka!" Then Hime-chan threw a pillow at Daichi and ran off. Hime-chan was feeling very mad at Daichi as she ran home.

When Hime-chan got home, she told Pokota that she was going to transform into Aiko the next day. She was going to meet Hasekura and tell him not to go. Pokota said that she shouldn't. But Hime-chan said Hasekura was different from Daichi, and thought he would not go if Aiko stopped him.

Erika was watching. She was worried and wanted Hime-chan to reconsider.

The next day, Pokota tried to stop Hime-chan. Hime-chan said that Pokota didn't have to go along if he didn't want to.

As Hime-chan was leaving, Aiko asked her where she was going. Hime-chan said that she was going to the bookstore, and Aiko said that she would go too. Then Hime-chan spotter her father, and said that she wanted to listen to the continuation of father's story. Father became very happy. So Hime-chan asked Aiko to go by herself.

Hime-chan went back to her room and made a copy of herself. Pokota was upset at Hime-chan. Hime-chan told her copy to stay and listen to her father's story. Then Hime-chan climbed out the window.

Outside, Hime-chan turned herself into Aiko and called Hasekura.

Hime-chan's father was surprised when Hime-copy came and asked to hear the end of the story. But he continued his story. After getting caught by the police, he wasn't in time to stop mother. He was very upset at himself and mother. But a couple days later, he got a letter from mother. It was a letter that she had written on the first day. She thanked him for letting her go. Father noticed how lively mother was in the letter. He realized how important the trip was to her. Then he got letters everyday from mother. Father also wrote replies everyday. But since mother was going all over, he couldn't send them. At the end of the year he had a pile of 360 letters. On the day mother was going to return, father took all of the letters to the airport (driving carefully) and proposed to mother. Because he got caught, father found out more about each other and how important they were to each other.

Hime-copy knew that Aiko wasn't trying to stop Hasekura because his dream was very important to her. Hime-copy thanked father and went off. Father was very happy that Himeko understood, but he was also a little uneasy about Himeko's feminine behavior.

Hime-copy told Pokota to call her name, so she can call Hime-chan back. But Pokota said that they couldn't do that because then there wouldn't be anyone to meet Hasekura in the park, and Hasekura would start worrying. So Hime-copy said that she would go after Hime-chan.

Pokota and Hime-copy ran to the park. But Hime-copy was running very slow, so Pokota asked her to go faster. But Hime-copy was already running at full speed.

Just when Hime-copy and Pokota reached the park, they saw Hime-chan as Aiko. But they also saw Hasekura walking toward Aiko from the other side of the fountain. Then Pokota called out Hime-chan's name. Hime-chan turned around and answered. Hime-copy merged back into Hime-chan with a flash of light. (Hime-chan was still in Aiko's body after merging, but all of Hime-copy's knowledge went to Hime-chan.)

Hasekura came and asked what Aiko wanted. Hime-chan said that she just wanted to wish him well, and also to do a good luck charm. Hime-chan and Hasekura both did an "Ike ike go go jump!"
Hime-chan (as Aiko) said, "Ganbatte.."
Hasekura said, "Ok, I will."

Later Hime-chan was walking with Daichi. She told him that Hasekura had passed the exam. Aiko was a little sad, but felt happy for Hasekura. They also promised to write each other everyday.

Then Daichi said, "I was joking."
Hime-chan said, "Huh?"
Daichi said, "When I said it would be great if you went away."
Hime-chan blushed. Daichi blushed a little.
Daichi said, "Because things would get out of rhythm if someone as loud and obnoxious as you disappeared."

"Don't just think about yourself. Think of other people's dreams. That kind of relationship is important." Erika said that it would be nice if Hime-chan and Daichi could become like that one day.

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