Hime-chan no Ribbon episode 37

Episode Title
Kakuregaga nakunaruhi
Air Date
  • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.10.12
It was a nice Sunday morning. When Hime-chan woke up and looked out the window, she saw Aiko hanging the laundry outside. Aiko told Hime-chan that she should clean her room once in a while. Hime-chan said that she would.

Hime-chan opened her closet which was full of boxes. Since Hime-chan and Pokota couldn't keep them from falling out, the boxes came down on top of them. Then Hime-chan spotted an old toy car.

[flashback: When Hime-chan was little, she put Pokota on it and let it go crashing into a wall.]

When Hime-chan asked if Pokota remembered, Pokota said that since Hime-chan was very violent, he didn't have that many "good" memories of it. Hime-chan then found more old toys, and Pokota warned her not to play around.

Hime-chan gathered a lot of old stuff (unwanted stuff) in a bag. Pokota asked if Hime-chan was going to throw them away. Hime-chan hesitated, then came up with an idea.

Hime-chan showed Yumeko her old toys (Hime-chan called it her treasures). But Yumeko said that it was junk and that she would go throw it away for her. Hime-chan quickly grabbed the bag back. Yumeko told Hime-chan that Aiko was saying that it was important to have the courage to throw things away.

Hime-chan was very disappointed. Pokota told her that one's treasures looked like junk to others. Hime-chan then thought that she can go store her stuff in Daichi's hideout.

Hime-chan and Pokota went to Daichi's hideout. Hime-chan put her old toys all over the room. Then they hears some voices outside. Hime-chan and Pokota snuck around outside to see what was happening.

Hime-chan saw Gori and a couple other men by the gate.

Hime-chan called Daichi and told him that Gori was at the hideout.

Gori and the two men were making measurements outside of the house. Gori was going to go inside, but one of the men said that there were rumors of ghosts around. Then Gori cautiously went to the front door. Just as he was going to open the door, Daichi came and asked what he was doing. Gori was shocked and thought it was a ghost.

Gori quickly recovered and faced Daichi and Hime-chan. Daichi and Hime-chan discovered that it wasn't Gori-sensei. It was Gori's younger brother. Daichi and Hime-chan asked what he was doing, but Gori just chased them away, saying it was his work. Daichi didn't want to leave, but Hime-chan persuaded him to leave.

Hime-chan and Daichi hung around and overheard Gori saying that it would only take about three days to finish it all. (They were going to tear down the old house.) Hime-chan and Daichi were shocked.

Hime-chan quickly used the mirror in her palette to transform into Gori-sensei. Then Hime-chan ran out into the street in front of Gori's younger brother's car. Gori's brother stopped the car and was going to yell at the person, but Hime-chan (as Gori) got him to take her into the car.

Hime-chan got Gori's brother to go to a fancy dessert store. Gori was feeling uneasy about the atmosphere (lots of young school girls around). Hime-chan asked Gori about the house, and asked him not to tear it down. But Gori's brother said that he couldn't do anything about it. He told Hime-chan to talk to the real estate agent, Kazetachi Real Estate. Then Hime-chan's ribbon started beeping, so Hime-chan ran into the toilet and returned to her normal body.

Hime-chan left the store and went back to Daichi. Then they called the real estate agent from a pay phone. The manager wasn't in, but Hime-chan and Daichi both talked and tried to persuade them not to break the house. But the guy on the phone hung up on them.

Hime-chan and Daichi went to the house. Daichi said that it was finally good bye, and started taking down his things.

Hime-chan said, "Daichi, are you going to give up?"
Daichi said, "What do you want me to do? This isn't ours anyways."
Hime-chan said, "But you're giving up without trying anything. I didn't know you were like that. Baka!" Then Hime-chan ran off.

At home, Hime-chan was feeling depressed. She was still upset at Daichi. Pokota suggested that they try something by themselves. They came up with idea to turn the house into a haunted house.

The next day, Hime-chan and Pokota snuck into the house. They thought that nobody had come yet. But it was very dark inside the house. Then they heard a laughing voice. Then a face (lit up by a light from below) appeared. Hime-chan and Pokota were very scared and started screaming out. Then Daichi came out and went to Hime-chan.

At school, Gori took role and found out that both Hime-chan and Daichi were absent. Hikaru stood up and said that it was strange for both of them to be absent together. But Gori told her to sit down.

At the house, Daichi put dry ice all over the floor to make it look more like a haunted house. Hime-chan thought to herself that she had been wrong about Daichi.

Hime-chan showed Daichi the wig that she borrowed from the drama club. Daichi told her to perform well, and Hime-chan said that she would. Then they heard the noise of trucks outside. Daichi and Hime-chan started to put their plan into action.

When Gori's brother went into the house, he saw the white smoke near the floor, and became scared. Then Hime-chan (with the white wig and wearing a white sheet around her) came out onto the stairs and said in a ghost-like voice, "This is my house. Please don't break my house." Gori was shocked.

Then Hime-chan made a copy of herself, and Gori saw two "ghosts". Both Hime-chans talked. "Please don't break my house." Then Gori tried to escape. The two other workers broke into the house to try to save Gori. Then they all saw the "ghosts", and became scared. Hime-copy walked down the stairs closer to the workers. Then Pokota called out Hime-chan's name. When Hime-chan answered, Hime-copy disappeared right in front of the workers.

Everything had gone well, and the workers were ready to leave. But then Daichi slipped and fell, dragging Hime-chan down the stairs with him. Daichi and Hime-chan collapsed in front of Gori.

So Gori was going to go ahead and tear down the house. Just as Gori was going to start, it started thundering and raining. So Gori stopped to get out of the rain.

Hime-chan and Daichi were sad. "When the rain stops, it will be good bye."

Later Hime-chan and Daichi returned to school. Gori (their teacher) yelled at them. Then Gori got a phone call from his younger brother. Gori said that the owner decided not to tear down the house. Daichi and Hime-chan were very happy and ran out of the teacher's office, while apologizing.

Daichi and Hime-chan went back to the house. Daichi said, "Today it looks like a great castle."
Hime-chan said, "A castle with our memories."
Then Daichi started laughing, saying that it doesn't fit Hime-chan to say such things.

Erika and Chappy were watching. Chappy said that Hime-chan didn't notice that it was Erika who had helped them out with the rain. Erika told Chappy to keep it a secret.

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