Hime-chan no Ribbon episode 38

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Itazura yousei dai soudou!
Air Date
  • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.10.12
Camille and Robelia were with each other. Camille wanted to get closer to Robelia, but Robelia said that Camille had a lot of other girl friends. But Camille said that it was all a misunderstanding. He said that he only had Robelia. Just then a lot of other girls came calling out Camille's name. Camille quickly grabbed Robelia and teleported to a quiet place.

Camille and Robelia went to an abandoned room in the castle. Robelia was very scared. But Camille thought it was fun and wanted to look around. Robelia spotted something flashing. Camille went to it, and found out that it was a jar. Robelia said that Camille shouldn't touch it, but Camille said that it was all right. Then Camille opened the jar. Then two big eared, fluffy animals popped out. They said that they were Masshi and Hosshi, and that they had been trapped inside the jar. They immediately flew off, and Camille realized that he did something bad.

Masshi and Hosshi went flying to the human world.

The next morning, Hime-chan was rushing as she was almost late for school. Aiko had already left, and Yumeko was watching TV, as it wasn't time for her school bus yet. Hime-chan went to watch TV with Yumeko. They saw Kurasawa Jun, a handsome soccer star. Yumeko said that he was cool, and Hime-chan said that she was a fan of him. Then mother came and told Hime-chan that she was late. Hime-chan ran off.

Masshi and Hosshi were flying above Kazetachi. They saw Hime-chan running to school. Hosshi thought it was Erika, but Masshi said that it was a human who looked like Erika. Then Hosshi remembered and said that Erika was more graceful. They decided to follow Hime-chan.

Gori was standing at the school gate. The morning bell started ringing. If the students didn't get in my the end of the bell, they would be late.

Hikaru ran and made it in time. Then Gori saw Daichi roller skating. Gori yelled and wanted to catch him, but Daichi jumped over Gori's head (with a mid-air flip) and landed inside the school grounds before the bell stopped. Gori yelled at Daichi, but then he saw Hime-chan running toward the gate.

Gori thought that he had Hime-chan for sure. But Hosshi and Masshi used their magic to stop time. Then they also moved Hime-chan's body past Gori into the school grounds while time was stopped. When they activated time, both Gori and Hime-chan thought something was strange. But Hime-chan was safe, so she was happy. Then Sei came to the gate. Gori told him that he was late.

During class, Gori pulled out a pop test. All of the students were upset and struggled as the problems were too hard. But Masshi and Hosshi were inside the classroom. They said it was easy, and used their magic to print the correct answers on everyone's tests. Hime-chan noticed that her test had all of the problems completed, and said that she had finished. Gori was shocked. He looked at Hime-chan's test and saw that she had a perfect score. Then all of the other students said that they had finished too. Everyone got perfect scores, and Gori couldn't believe it.

Erika and Chappy were watching through the crystal ball. They thought it was magic or something. Then Len, Camille, and Robelia appeared. Len explained that Masshi and Hosshi had been accidently released.

After school, Hime-chan was thinking that things were very strange. Then Manami and Icchan came to Hime-chan's room. Manami told Hime-chan that Kurasawa Jun was going to come to their school that day. Jun was a former member of the soccer team at their junior high. Hime-chan said that she would go watch him for sure. Then they all left.

Hikaru had overheard the conversation. Hikaru said that Hime-chan was bad for going after Jun, and that she would only go after Daichi. But then she said that Jun was special, and headed out toward the soccer field too.

In the soccer field, Jun was practicing with the soccer team. Hime-chan, Manami, and Icchan arrived and they all thought Jun was cool. Then the ball rolled over toward them. Jun called out and asked them to kick the ball to them. Manami told Hime-chan to kick it, and Hime-chan got ready to kick the ball. Then Hikaru ran up and kicked the ball. But she slipped and fell down as she kicked. She kicked the ball very lightly, and the ball went into the air. But some magic made the ball go very fast, and it flew by everyone toward the goal keeper. The goal keeper tried to stop the ball, but it vanished right in front of him. Then the ball reappeared behind him, in the goal.

Masshi and Hosshi appeared by the bench. It had been their magic.

Everyone was shocked by Hikaru's kick. Jun went to Hikaru and asked to see the kick once more. Hikaru was very happy and turned red. She said that she would do it as many times as Jun wanted.

Daichi spotted Hime-chan, Manami, and Icchan and went to them. Manami explained (very excitedly and very cute) to Daichi what had happened. Then Hime-chan pointed out that Hikaru was going to kick again. (This time Jun was playing goal keeper.) Masshi and Hosshi decided to use their magic again. Hikaru kicked the ball into the air, and the magic made the ball go fast and disappear. Then Jun went to Hikaru and asked her to join his professional soccer team. Hikaru was very happy. Hime-chan was very surprised.

When Hime-chan got home, she told Pokota about what had happened at school. Pokota couldn't believe it. When Hime-chan mentioned that she got a perfect score on the test, Pokota (very forcefully) said that something was very wrong. Then Hime-chan's diary started moving. It was a message from Erika.

Erika explained about Masshi and Hosshi, the twin fairies who were very mischievous. Masshi and Hosshi couldn't be seen by humans. Even those in the land of magic couldn't see them most of the time. Erika said that they still didn't know what to do, and that she was going to contact Hime-chan later.

The next day at school many students gathered around Hikaru. Hikaru was bragging and saying that soccer was just one of her many talents. The official try out was set for Sunday. Hikaru said that she would carry the national team to the top of the world, and become famous. Then two other girls (Etoh and ??) came and asked about the Daichi fan club. Hikaru said that nothing had changed. Even if she becomes the center of the world, she would still love Daichi.

Then Hikaru stood up and pointed at Hime-chan. Hime-chan was speechless. But Hime-chan was concerned about what would happen later. Hime-chan was also impatient as she couldn't communicate with Erika until she got home. So Hime-chan decided to discuss it with Sei.

When Hime-chan met Sei outside, Sei said that everything would be all right. He said that he still liked Hime-chan, no matter how famous Hikaru became. When Sei put his hand on Hime-chan's shoulder, Hime-chan pinched Sei, and realized that Sei didn't know anything.

When Hime-chan got home, Erika used her mother's magic to send their voices to Hime-chan. Erika's mother (the queen) said that they had to catch the fairies before they got discovered by humans, otherwise it would cause a lot of commotion. The queen asked Hime-chan to catch the fairies, and gave her some new magic powers.

Hime-chan put the feather pen and palette on her desk. Then the queen sent some magic power to Hime-chan's items. She said that the pen would point to where Masshi and Hosshi were, and the palette would catch the fairies with its magic light. Then the pen started flying around by itself. Pokota rode on it and was having fun, but when the pen stopped Pokota fell off.

The queen asked Hime-chan to catch Masshi and Hosshi with her new powers. Hime-chan said that she was very clumsy, and wasn't sure that she could do it. But the queen said that Hime-chan could do it if she tried with all of her might. Erika asked Hime-chan to try it too. Pokota said that he would help out. Then Hime-chan agreed.

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