Hime-chan no Ribbon episode 39

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Hot cake ha amai wana
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  • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.10.12
[continued from last week]

Masshi and Hosshi (the two fairies who escaped from the land of magic) were playing around in the human world. Hime-chan was given some new magic to catch them.

In the morning, Pokota tried to wake up Hime-chan. Hime-chan said that she was sleepy. But Pokota told her that it was important. The feather pen was making a noise and moving around. Hime-chan got up and ran out after the pen.

They went down stairs and the pen pointed toward the dining room. Hime-chan told it to wait and went into the dining room. Aiko, Yumeko, and mother were there. Mother put the plates of food out on the table for Aiko and Yumeko. Yumeko took a drink from her cup. When she looked at her plate, the fried eggs were gone. She accused Aiko of taking the eggs. Hime-chan saw it and knew that it must have been the fairies.

Then someone rang the door bell. Hime-chan went to answer it. It was Camille, wearing his fancy land of magic outfit. Everyone else was peeking around the wall to see who it was. Aiko saw Camille and said it was Daichi. Hime-chan just laughed and pushed Camille outside.

Camille said that he came to help find the fairies. But since everyone else was still watching them, Camille said that he would go to school. Hime-chan told everyone that Camille was a friend in the drama club, who was wearing his costume and that there was early morning practice that day.

At school Hime-chan was wondering where Camille was. She was feeling very uncertain about it. Then Hime-chan spotted Camille. Camille was in a normal school uniform (looking just like Daichi) trying to get phone numbers from a lot of girls.

Hime-chan pulled Camille away and talked to him. "Since you look just like Daichi, don't wander around here."
Camille said, "Should I go wandering around in the city?"
Hime-chan said, "No."
Camille said, "Then should I go to the school where your very nice sister goes to?"
Hime-chan said, "No!"
Hime-chan was going to pull Camille away, but Hikaru came by. Camille saw Hikaru and called her, "Little kitty." Hikaru asked where Hime-chan was going to take Daichi. Then Hikaru dreamed about herself being a great soccer star. She was going to call herself "Kitty Hibino". Since Hikaru was in her own world, Hikaru and Camille snuck away.

At the hideout at the top of the stairs, Hime-chan asked what Camille was up to. Camille said that it was his fault that the fairies got away, so he came to help. Camille brought some special potion with him. Then since the school bell rang, Hime-chan told Camille that she would talk to him after school, and told him to go to Sei's place until then. Then Camille vanished.

During class while Gori was lecturing, the eraser floated around behind him. The students were surprised. When Gori was going to scold the students, the eraser fell on top of his head. Hime-chan knew that the fairies must be around. But she also knew that she couldn't use her magic items at that time.

After school, Hime-chan, Daichi, and Camille went over to Sei's place. Daichi asked why he had to get involved too. Hime-chan said to herself that Daichi was very dependable at times like this. Then Camille took out a scroll with Masshi and Hosshi's picture and data. Hime-chan said that they were very cute. It was written that they can do magic with time, such as stopping and speeding it. So Daichi understood what made Hikaru's kick so strong.

Camille took out his special formula. It was an essence that the fairies loved. The data said that the fairies loved hot cakes, so Camille suggested that they make hot cakes and put a lot of the essence inside. They can trap the fairies that way, and they all agreed to this plan.

Hime-chan was cooking the hot cakes. Pokota commented that Hime-chan had become good in cooking. Then Camille put a lot of the essence inside. Pokota went to smell it, and he said that it smelled awful. Then they all smelled it too. Camille said that it was a bad smell, but the fairies loved it.

While Masshi and Hosshi were flying around, they smelled the essence. They immediately flew down to the house and spotted the hot cakes. When the fairies got close, Hime-chan's feather pen started responding. The pen flew off and sprayed ink into the fairies' faces. When the fairies tried to fly away, the pen blocked its way. Then Hime-chan opened her palette and started using her magic to catch the fairies. But the fairies stopped time just before they were going to get caught. Then they took the hot cake and left.

When time started again, Hime-chan and the others discovered that the fairies had escaped. Then Daichi spotted them flying outside. Hime-chan went to the window and used her palette again. But the fairies stopped time again to escape.

They were disappointed and knew that the fairies would cause more trouble if they couldn't catch them soon. Then Daichi thought that the fairies might appear on Sunday at Hikaru's soccer test. So they were determined to catch them at that time.

At night Hikaru went out to practice her kick. She kicked the soccer ball against the tree, but it didn't disappear. Hikaru was shocked. Hikaru tried again, but her "magical shot" didn't appear. Hikaru wondered why. Then Daichi came and said that it was an illusion. He explained that the angle of the sun and Jun made it look like the ball had disappeared. Hikaru began to worry. But Daichi said that he had an idea.

On Sunday when it was time for Hikaru to show off her shot, the fairies appeared and smelled the essence.

The previous night Daichi had told Hikaru that the only way she can get her kick back was to spray a lot of his medicine on the ball. Then it will reflect the light to make it look like it disappeared.

Hikaru went to kick the ball. When she kicked the ball into the air, the ball vanished. The fairies had spotted the ball and had taken it. Then Hime-chan let out her feather pen. The pen started flying off and Hime-chan and the others followed it.

When they got around the school building, they spotted the soccer ball floating in the air. The ball tried to escape, but the pen blocked its way. Then Hime-chan used her palette to capture the fairies. The fairies got caught inside the palette and pen.

Then they heard Erika's voice. Erika thanked Hime-chan for catching the fairies. As punishment, Erika's mother said that the fairies had to help out Hime-chan for a while. Erika said that Hime-chan would be able to use some more magic. "With the palette you'll be able to stop time, go back, or go a little into the future. The feather pen can be Pokota's toy [to ride around on]."

At the soccer field, since the ball had disappeared, everyone thought that Hikaru had the "magical shot". Jun asked Hikaru to join the soccer team. But Hikaru refused and said that she only wanted to be the president of the Daichi fan club.

At home Pokota was playing with the feather pen. (flying around) He said that it was like a helicopter. Hime-chan was looking at her palette. The red part was to stop time. The pink one was to reverse time. The orange one was to move a couple minutes into the future. The peach one was to release the magic. Erika had told Hime-chan that the ribbon would tell her the magic words to use.

Then Hime-chan tried out her new magic on Pokota, who was flying in the room. "Kuurudo I Furiizu!" [the last word is probably "freeze"] Then time stopped.

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