Hime-chan no Ribbon episode 41

Episode title
Chiisa na koibito tachi
[such young lovers]
Air date
Egao no genki (SMAP)
Hajimete no natsu (SMAP)
double date, wet bed
  • Summary by Pascal Janin, 1994.09.27
    Editing by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.05.10
At a nearby theater, a knight uses his magical sword to defeat the evil monster and rescue the princess. This was a play named "Maou no ken" (Satan's sword) and Yumeko's entire kindergarten applauded the performance.

[title screen]

As the play ends, the teacher takes the group of little kids outside the theater, and the next group (from another school) gets ready to go in. But one of the little boys, Shintaro [Daichi's younger brother], calls Yumeko. He comes to her but she shyly says she doesn't know him, even though they have played together in the past.
[Note: Shintaro DID play with Yumeko in episode 7 but that was Hime-chan transformed into Yumeko, so the little girl obviously doesn't know him.]

Shintaro is a bit sad that Yumeko has forgotten that they had made a tunnel in the sand together, but Yumeko angrily says she didn't forget, and turns back. The other kids tease Shintaro for having been dumped by her.

Later at home, Yumeko and Hime-chan are eating a strawberry mousse cake, and Himeko asks Yumeko how the play was. Yumeko says that it was great, and also that she ran into a strange boy, Shintaro, that she was sure she hadn't met before. Himeko realizes that she was Yumeko at that time, and confesses to Pokota, later in her bedroom, that she told nothing about that to Daichi so far. Both of them wonder what to do.

Yumeko, in her night gown, is being chased by the monster that was in the play she saw, and she's about to be caught when she falls into a pond.. and wakes up. It was just a dream, but she has wet her bed. Mother enters her room to wake her up and sees what she has done. She is surprised because Yumeko doesn't do that very often. But she promises her to keep this a secret.

When it was time to leave for school, Hime-chan meets Aiko and Yumeko in the entrance hall. But Yumeko doesn't look very happy, so Hime-chan asks her if she is still worried about Shintaro. Yumeko makes a puzzled face to her.

Later, at their hideout at school, Daichi tells Hime-chan that Yumeko's cold reaction shocked Shintaro. Since both of them seem to worry about each other, Hime-chan suggests to make them meet again. Daichi thinks that it's a great idea. The meeting is set to be held at Kazetachi park.

Back at home, Hime-chan heads for the refrigerator to have some juice and offers some to Yumeko, who sharply retorts that she doesn't want any juice. Since Yumeko still looks worried about something, ever more than in the morning, Hime-chan teases her once more. Then she asks her to go with her to the park the next day, and adds that Shintaro will be there too.
"Shintaro-kun? That strange kid?" Yumeko replies. Hime-chan tells her that he's not strange, so Yumeko agrees to go with her.

Pokota looks forward to go to the park with them the next day, and expects the weather to be nice.

The next day at the park, Hime-chan and Yumeko are waiting for Daichi and Shintaro to come. Hime-chan tells Yumeko that it's going to be great and fun, but Yumeko retorts that she, Hime-chan, looked forward to it. Hime-chan, a bit worried, remembers what Pokota told her last night: Shintaro and Yumeko, Daichi and Hime-chan, it will be a double date!

Then they see Daichi and Shintaro coming. Daichi asks her why she is making such a strange face [she was thinking about what Pokota said ^_^], and in turn she greets Shintaro and asks him why he doesn't look happy. Hime-chan introduces Shintaro to Yumeko and tries to cheer them up, but with little success.

A little later, while Shintaro and Yumeko are playing in the playground, Hime-chan and Daichi are sitting on a bench. While nobody was looking at them, Hime-chan takes Pokota out of her purse. Daichi, noticing something, asks Pokota if Hime-chan is hiding something from him. Since Pokota replies evasively, Daichi now know she is, so Hime-chan tells him what happened that day.

In the meantime, on the playground, Shintaro and Yumeko aren't playing but are just sitting by each other on the wooden poles. They admit to each other that they are a bit worried (but about what?).

When Hime-chan is finished with her story, Daichi realizes what happened that day and is about to scold her for not having told him earlier. But Hime-chan takes out of her bag the cookies she made and gives him some. Daichi says that Hime-chan uses her cooking handy when she gets into trouble, and, smiling, takes a cookie.

Then they spot Shintaro and Yumeko, remaining too quiet on the playground, not talking to each other. So Hime-chan, to 'break the ice', brings them some orange juice that both of them stubbornly refuse. Hime-chan is puzzled, but leaves the juice there. Actually, Yumeko would really like to drink hers, when Shintaro remarks that he'd like to but if he does, he'll wet his bed again. Realizing they both did that last night, they laugh in unison.

Hime-chan is still worried about them, but Daichi says they'll be getting along well with each other very soon. Then Shintaro and Yumeko bring the juice back to their brother and sister, running hand in hand and laughing. Daichi and Hime-chan wonder what happened to them all of a sudden.

[CM break]

Shintaro and Yumeko are playing on the swing and really having fun. But Hime-chan still wonders why they have quickly become this close. After a bit of teasing from Pokota and Daichi, she can't hold it any longer and gets up to ask them directly.

On her way she passes Yumeko heading for the restroom, so Shintaro is left alone on the see-saw for a while. So Hime-chan jumps at the chance and transforms into Yumeko.

Shintaro is surprised to see Yumeko back in such a short time, and even more so when she asks him why he became happy so quickly. He replies, "Because you are, too. Because you and I did the same thing."

Hime-chan/Yumeko doesn't understand a word of this, and soon Shintaro gets up to go to the restroom too. So Hime-chan transforms into Shintaro, to welcome the real Yumeko who is coming back from the restroom.

Then Hime-chan/Shintaro asks Yumeko the same questions. Yumeko replies, blushing a bit, that it's her and Shintaro's secret that she won't tell. But Pokota spots the real Shintaro coming back, so he makes a lot of noise to draw Hime-chan's attention, who in turns tries to divert Yumeko's attention in order to escape just in time.

Later, Shintaro and Yumeko find the truck that carried the dolls for the previous day's play [there were no real actors, just dolls], so they decide to have a look inside. First Yumeko is scared by the giant Devil doll, but Shintaro says that there's nothing to be afraid of, so they sneak in. Fortunately, the flying pen is looking over them and follows them inside.

But then the two drivers of the truck come back, lock the back doors, start the engine and drive away.

After a while, Daichi and Hime-chan are a bit worried because they can't see the kids any more. So they decide to look for them.

Meanwhile, the truck stops farther so Shintaro and Yumeko can open the back doors and leave. Yumeko is scared because she's lost, but she has faith in Shintaro, who takes her hand and starts walking.

Daichi and Hime-chan can't find the kids, however the flying pen flies to them and writes on Hime-chan's palm, "I have found them." So they follow the pen who takes them where the kids are.

On their way, hand in hand, the kids meet a stray dog who makes Yumeko retreat shyly behind Shintaro. So he faces the dog bravely, who just sniffs him up and leaves. Yumeko is impressed by Shintaro's courage.

On a bridge a bit farther, the two children look at the beautiful sunset, then smile at each other and resume walking.

But Yumeko claims she's too tired to walk, so Shintaro cheers her up, saying that his brother will soon come to bring them back home. Then, spotting a very tall tree, he has an idea. If he climbs to the top of that tree, he might be able to see where his apartment is, since it's a very tall building. Soon he starts to climb the tree, while Yumeko yells at him to be careful.

Daichi and Hime-chan are brought there by the flying pen just in time to witness Shintaro slipping on a large branch. He was hanging on by just his hands, but he cannot hold the branch any longer and falls. So Hime-chan uses her palette to freeze time and catch Shintaro in her arms.

Daichi wonders what had just happened, but Hime-chan evasively says she did something. Yumeko was so scared that she bursts into tears and takes shelter into Hime-chan's arms.

Back at home, Yumeko, resting in her bed, thanks Hime-chan for the good day she had and confesses that she had wet her bed the previous night. Shintaro had also wet his bed, and when they told each other they became happy again [that was the reason why she was worried the day before, it wasn't because of Shintaro]. Hime-chan tells her not to worry, as she herself had wet her bed until third grade. Hime-chan says that it will be a secret between them.

Then she wishes Yumeko a good night, closes the door behind her, and runs into her mother who has heard everything. Mother thanks Hime-chan for talking casually about that with Yumeko. She adds that Hime-chan did that until third grade, but she kept doing it here and there for another year. Hime-chan, not so happy to hear that, makes her mother promise to keep it a secret. It makes them laugh, as Yumeko, smiling, falls asleep.

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