Hime-chan no Ribbon episode 42

Episode title
Camp de UFO!
[An UFO at the camp!]
Air date
Egao no genki (SMAP)
Hajimete no natsu (SMAP)
UFO, camp, butterfly net
  • Summary by Pascal Janin, 1994.10.14
    Editing by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.06.10
In the middle of the night, Pokota is after the flying pen because it just wrote some funny graffiti onto Pokota's face. Their noise wakes up Hime-chan who laughs when she sees Pokota's face. When she wants to make them stop teasing each other, she falls off her bed, waking up her parents in turn.

[title screen]

Later Hime-chan and Pokota cannot sleep because of the warmth of the night (it's summer), so they go to the window and open it, and spot a strange light moving quickly in the sky.

The next day at school, Icchan is sleepy, as she didn't sleep much the previous night because she also saw the UFO.

Then Daichi and Tetsu come by and invite the three girls to go camping where they'll see plenty of shooting stars far from the city lights. They beg Gori-sensei, who also saw the UFO and used to belong to a UFO club at school, to escort them. He also tells them not to forget their holiday homework.

At home, Hime-chan gets her backpack ready to go camping. The flying pen wants to come along but it is out of question. Hime-chan puts her shoes on and is about to leave, when her father comes to talk to her. Since Hime-chan had told him nothing (her mother knows though but has left without telling Father), he doesn't allow Hime-chan to go unless he talks to Gori-sensei.

So Hime-chan makes a copy of herself, goes back to her room, and leaves through the window, while Hime-copy stays home. A moment later, Gori-sensei (who is Hime-chan turned into Gori-sensei) rings the door bell. Since Father can speak to him about the camp, he feels relieved, and lets Hime-chan go.

At the camp site, Gori, Daichi and Tetsu set up all the tents. Icchan installs the telescope while Manami and Hime-chan peel some potatoes for dinner. Then Arisaka Sei shows up, as he followed them since he wanted to go camping with them too.

Icchan and Hime-chan aren't very good at peeling potatoes, so Gori wants to show them, but he frantically chops the potatoes into pieces that are too small. Manami, watching his slaughter, decides to handle this herself.

Sei couldn't bring any dry wood to burn (they were all too heavy for him), so Tetsu goes to bring some.

The dinner Manami cooked (curry rice) turns out to be delicious. Tetsu and Gori congratulate her, while Daichi makes a funny face at Hime-chan, since she's notorious for not being a good cook. Gori says not to worry, as all she has to do is to marry a man that cooks. Icchan asks, "Like you?" making everybody laugh.

Hime-chan wonders if the UFO will show up, and suddenly spots the light of the UFO, flashing in the sky. Icchan then Manami look in the telescope to see if it really is a UFO or not, but they can't see much. Gori goes crazy, looking for a camera, and Hime-chan thinks that he is just like Hikaru.

[CM break]

While Sei sleeps, the others are still looking at the UFO, which comes closer and closer. But they find out from its noise, that it is a mere plane, and not an UFO. Daichi, Tetsu, and Gori were standing on a rock. But Daichi slips and falls, causing everyone to fall down. When Manami comes to see if Tetsu is injured, they smile at each other.

They are very disappointed, especially Daichi who sternly says that there are plenty of things that might be mistaken for an UFO (such as clouds, shooting stars..), so he wonders if UFOs even exist. Icchan upholds that it was a real UFO she saw last night.

Realizing that Gori is scared and staring at something in the sky, they look back at the sky and see the light Hime-chan and Icchan had spotted the night before, moving very fast. They all get up with excitement (except Sei who's still sleeping) and turn on the radio in case the UFO might transmit something.

The UFO is flying down to the forest, so they all decide to leave and follow it. Gori even wakes up Sei, shaking his sleeping bag. But they are a bit puzzled because the UFO seems very small, and vanishes in the nearby bushes. Manami spots two lights in the bushes, and follows the lights with Icchan and Tetsu, but they turn to be the eyes of a black cat who, cries out and scares them to death.

Meanwhile, Hime-chan and Daichi are left together, soon rejoined by Gori and Sei, who brings a butterfly net. When they finally see the UFO leaving the bushes, Daichi grabs the net, runs after it and jumps to catch it, but the UFO dodges "as if it was alive". Pokota (hiding himself in Hime-chan's chest pocket until now) remarks. They keep chasing him, but Gori and Sei slip on the ground, so Hime-chan and Daichi are the only two left.

Daichi keeps trying to catch the UFO, but then Hime-chan and Pokota recognize the UFO. It is her flying pen that went away from her room because she had left the window slightly open behind her. If the others discover what the UFO really is, they'll be into deep trouble, so Hime-chan, now walking on a narrow ledge, asks Pokota to go and get the pen before the others come. But since the others are already in sight, Hime-chan is forced to freeze time, as Daichi finally catches both Pokota and the pen in his net.

Hime-chan goes and takes Pokota and the pen out of the net. But when time returns to normal, Daichi loses his balance and falls down the ledge into some bushes, taking Hime-chan with him. Realizing there's nothing in his net, Hime-chan tells Daichi what really happened and apologizes to him.

The others think Daichi really caught the UFO, and beg him to show it to them, but Daichi says he didn't catch it and that it might not have been an UFO after all. Icchan is still convinced she had seen an UFO. So is Daichi, now.

In the Land of Magic, Erika and Chappy complain about the careless attitude of the flying pen, and wonder if UFOs really exist.

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