Hime-chan no Ribbon episode 43

Episode Title
Pool de dokkiri!
[Panic at the swimming pool]
Air Date
Egao no Genki (SMAP)
Hajimete no Natsu (SMAP)
  • Summary by Pascal Janin, 1994.01.01
  • Editing by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.01.14
Manami takes Hime-chan and Icchan to a swimsuit store. They go in and each of them quickly picks up the swimsuit they like. When it comes to Hime-chan, she hears a male voice, Daichi's, from behind, teasing her; he calls her "shounen" (boy) and tells her that it's not a place to buy swimsuits for boys.

Later, with their purchase in their arms, the three girls come to the lottery stand. The first prize is a trip to Hawaii and Hime-chan badly wants to win. They have been given a few tickets, corresponding to the price of their purchase, and each ticket gives you a chance to turn the drum and get a color ball [white balls win nothing]. Hime-chan tries first but loses, followed by Manami and Icchan, with no better success.

Then Daichi shows them two spare tickets he had, and tries: he gets a red ball, that's a win! But it wasn't to Hawaii. It was a trip to an amusement park called "Kazetachi Waterland" [the red ball wins the third prize]. Hime-chan suggests to Daichi that they go there the next day, but Daichi keeps teasing her, saying that he isn't in the mood to see "shounen" in swimsuits. When Manami and Icchan tell him that it'll be fun to be like their bodyguard, he says he can't help but accepts.

Then Arisaka-kun pops out from nowhere and scares Hime-chan. He is wearing a diver's mask, a rubber ring, a Hawaiian T-shirt, and wants to go with Hime-chan to the park the next day too. So he has bought many things and got many tickets for the lottery. But gets nothing but white balls. Daichi then teases him, saying that if he wanted to go there so badly, it would have been cheaper to purchase the entrance tickets. The three girls laugh at him.

At Hime-chan's home, Hime-chan, Yumeko, and her parents are eating a curry-rice that their father has prepared. Although it's a bit too hot for Yumeko, she forces herself to eat like an adult. Then Father shows them some entrance tickets he got for the amusement park where he plans to take his family the next day. But his wife apologizes for not being able to go, because she has yet to write a synopsis in detail. So, since Aiko is at a training camp, there will be only three of them. Since everybody is feeling so happy, Hime-chan can't tell them she has already made a promise for that day.

Later in her room, Hime-chan tells Pokota that she is confronted with a dilemma: she wants to go with her friends to the Waterland (superbig swimming pools) but her father looked so happy to go with them.. She spots her palette, and decides it might be helpful to use her copy.

The next day, Hime-chan splits herself and sends Hime-copy with her father and Yumeko to the amusement park. Pokota is still a bit worried because the pool is just next to the park. Before Hime-copy leaves, Hime-chan reminds to herself and Hime-copy not to forget to never reply "Hai!" [yes] to any question, or they will merge back. Then Hime-chan and Pokota do the "Ike ike go go jump!" and rush to meet their friends.

[CM break; both Hime-chan and the BGM are so niiiice :)]

At the pool side, Hime-chan, Manami and Icchan are strutting about their swimsuits as if they were at a fashion show, making Daichi yawning with boredom. Then Arisaka comes by, wearing the same garb he had on the day before (but now with flippers too). The life saver immediately rushes to him, saying that it's forbidden to wear such things. But Daichi says it's ok because Arisaka doesn't know how to swim, and pushes him into the pool.

All five climb atop the water slide and enjoy it a lot, except Arisaka who screams for help because he's too scared to let go. He even calls Daichi "Daichi-sama". Nearby however, Hime-copy, Yumeko, and father arrive at the park. Fortunately, Hime-copy spots Hime-chan near the water slide, and quickly takes them in the other direction.

Now Hime-chan and her friends have left the pool and, much to her dismay, Manami suggests to go to the amusement park. Despite Hime-chan's efforts, Manami persuades them all to go.

Inside the park, Hime-copy, Yumeko, and father are having a ride on the merry-go-round. Father is very happy to have come and see that Himeko doesn't behave like a tomboy any more. Then the others get to the merry-go-round too but luckily Icchan, Manami, Daichi, and Arisaka turn their heads towards Hime-chan just when Hime-copy and Yumeko show up. Hime-chan jumps at the chance and takes them all to the jet coaster instead.

While riding in the front car of the jet coaster, Hime-chan spots her father on the ground, scolding Yumeko for being irresolute [ie "I want to go!!", and two seconds later "Yaa! I don't want, I'm too scared!"]. So she leans forward over the guard rail to hide herself. Later on the ground, Arisaka [who wasn't with them] asks her why she didn't put her hands up as promised. Hime-chan isn't in good shape, but Arisaka and Manami cheer her up and take her to the bumper cars.

On the bumper car track, everybody has fun. But then Hime-chan bumps into father's and Yumeko's car from the front, followed by Hime-copy bumping into them from the rear. So Hime-chan quickly leaves her car, and they have noticed nothing, except Daichi who now guesses that she is playing with fire again, and runs after her. She tells him she will go back home first, to avoid another "unexpected" encounter with Hime-copy, and asks Daichi to tell the others that she had to leave.

Hime-copy, Yumeko, and father are now resting on a bench. Father leaves them to buy some soft ice creams, but near the stand he spots Hime-chan, out of breath, refreshing herself at the fountain. When he calls for her, Hime-chan thoughtlessly replies "Hai!" to her father. So Hime-copy, who was sitting on the bench with Yumeko, merges back into her. Yumeko, who was sleeping, notices nothing, but cries when she wakes up and sees her sister gone.

Then Daichi and the others come by and spot Hime-chan. They wonder what she is doing there because Daichi had told them that she had gone back home. But father treats them all to dinner, under the fireworks.

Daichi makes Hime-chan promise she will be more careful in the future with her powers. Hime-chan, seeing how happy her father is, apologizes to herself for having "tricked" him that way; next time, she won't.

At home, writing in her diary, Hime-chan tells Erika it would be nice to go the amusement park in the Magical Land, which makes Erika smile..

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