Hime-chan no Ribbon episode 45

Episode Title
Hatsukoi Memoire
[First love's memories]
Air Date
Egao no Genki (SMAP)
Hajimete no Natsu (SMAP)
  • Summary by Pascal "P-chan" Janin, 1994.01.03
  • This is mostly a 2-part flashback episode, just before Hasekura-senpai leaves to study in America, from old times when Hime-chan was very embarrassed with her love for him, until she discovered that he was in love with her older sister Aiko. It is also great to see Aiko again :)
  • Since I have no summaries of episodes earlier than #5, I can't tell which episodes the flashbacks have been taken from.
  • Editing by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.01.14
The phone is ringing at Hime-chan's house, so she hurries but falls down the stairs. It is Hasekura-senpai. He wants to talk to Aiko but she has gone out. After hanging up, Hime-chan remembers that Hasekura is going to leave that Sunday.

Back in her room, Hime-chan looks at the sky out of the window, lost in her thoughts. Pokota comes by and says that both Aiko and Hime-chan must feel sad because of Hasekura's departure. Hime-chan blushes a bit and says that's not it, but there are so many things that have happened between them..


At school, the previous year when Hime-chan belonged to the same drama club as Hasekura, Manami and Icchan were teasing her for loving him. But she yelled at them so much that when Hasekura overheard them, he asked her what was wrong with him. Hime-chan, blushing, said she didn't say anything about him. Then to hide her embarrassment, she cheered him up for his coming exam. In fact, she hadn't the courage to give him the lucky charm she had brought for him.

[end of flashback]

Hime-chan says that at that time she didn't know anything about Hasekura's feelings for Aiko, and Pokota was of no help because she hadn't gotten the ribbon yet.


On the following Sunday, Hime-chan decided to give Hasekura the lucky charm, and went to his house. Since she didn't have the courage to ring the doorbell herself, she tried to use Pokota's paw. But she still couldn't do it. So she decided to take a walk around to build up her courage. Then she noticed the old abandoned house, and decided to sneak in. But she came across Daichi in the yard, who quickly took her back into the street. Hime-chan called him "Kobayashi-kun", so Daichi wondered why she knew his name. Then Hime-chan told him that she was in the same school. Daichi finally realized that Hime-chan was not a boy, and got kicked in the face by a very mad Hime-chan. [VERY funny] But while she was still yelling at him, she noticed Hasekura, and blushed, thinking he had seen her kicking Daichi like a tomboy. Daichi made a nasty remark, asking her why her face had become all red, and got kicked once more by Hime-chan. Hasekura left, telling her with a smile to stop acting too much like a tomboy. Hime-chan laughed with embarrassment.

[end of flashback]

Pokota, with a smile, says he still can't tell whether it was Daichi's fault or not, that Hime-chan wasn't able to give Hasekura the lucky charm.


The next day, Hime-chan rushed to take the same bus as Hasekura, but missed it. It was Hasekura's birthday, so she had to give it to him by all means. She didn't know yet that Aiko and he were getting on well with each other though.

When she arrived at school, she went to Hasekura's classroom but couldn't give him in front of the other girls. Instead, she went to a nearby shrine to pray and build up her courage. Then she ran into a little girl who told her father that she wanted a ribbon as cute as Hime-chan's. So she got an idea.

She turned herself into her older sister Aiko and decided to wait for Hasekura to give him her present. Just when a pushy skirt chaser came by, Hasekura came to save "Aiko" and left with her by pulling her hand. Hime-chan couldn't believe that he had taken her hand "like that", so easily. A little farther, Hasekura confessed his love for her. Hime-chan, as Aiko, was stunned beyond words. Then her pendant started to beep, so she had to run away.

[end of flashbacks]

[CM break]

Hime-chan thinks that at that time she might have thrown Hasekura-senpai into confusion, due to her/Aiko's strange behavior.


Then at the drama club, Hime-chan's friends noticed that Hasekura wasn't behaving as usual. She realized that he really thought that he had confessed his love to Aiko, not to herself.

[end of flashback]

Pokota then remembers the way she managed to let Aiko know Hasekura's true feelings, with the help of Daichi.


After several attempts (she was very shy, thinking about doing that) she eventually managed to transform into Hasekura-senpai, but had to run away when two girls came into the ladies restroom and yelled out.

In the park, Aiko was waiting for Hasekura to come, when Daichi, wearing dark glasses like a skirt chaser he was supposed to play, came to bother Aiko. When Hime-chan as Hasekura came to pull them apart, Daichi started to attack him, unaware that "he" was Hime-chan. She however jumped awkwardly at the chance and, blushing, managed to tell Aiko he loved her, who blushed in turn.

But "he" unexpectedly ran into Hasekura's real younger sister Emi, who wanted to go back home with him. But Hime-chan wasn't done yet, so "he" scolded Emi and she started to cry. Of course that was a bad thing to do in front of Aiko, so he apologized but had to leave them and go back with Emi.

At Hasekura's house, Hime-chan wandered about before eventually finding where Hasekura's room was (she had never been there). Then her pendant started to blink, so she turned back into her own self and planned to escape through the window. But there were people in the street so she couldn't. Then she heard the real Hasekura coming in and transformed into Emi in a hurry. Hasekura was a bit surprised to find his sister in his room, and thought that she was acting strangely. He thought that she might be sick, so he put his forehead against hers to see if she had fever. Hime-chan was that way with him, the closest she had ever been to him, and was feeling very good.

[end of flashback]

Pokota with a smile says that Hime-chan probably didn't want to move, making Hime-chan blushing a bit (again). Then they both notice that there is now a red sunset outside, and still no sign of Aiko. They go to the window, to see that Aiko and Hasekura are talking to each other in the street. They make a promise to meet again next Sunday.

As Aiko comes in, Pokota asks Hime-chan whether she will go meet Hasekura on Sunday too.

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