Hime-chan no Ribbon episode 46

Episode Title
Hasekura-senpai.. sayonara
[Good bye, Hasekura]
Air Date
Egao no Genki (SMAP)
Hajimete no Natsu (SMAP)
  • Summary by Pascal "P-chan" Janin, 1994.01.07
  • This is the 2nd part of a 2-part flashback episode, just before Hasekura-senpai leaves to study in America. Much more of Aiko-oneechan for all her fans out there.
  • Editing by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.01.14
It was Saturday night, just one day before Hasekura-senpai was leaving for America. Hime-chan, in her pajamas, is looking out of her window to the night sky, thinking. Pokota comes by, and tells her with a little voice that she might still be in love with Hasekura.

Hime-chan, blushing, can't refrain from denying it. Before she was, but it was her who had finally brought Aiko and Hasekura together.


Just before the play of their drama club started, a step ladder fell by accident onto Hasekura's right leg, forcing everyone to cancel the performance at the very last minute. Hime-chan felt very desperate for him, who wanted to play so badly, and she decided to defend his cause to the school principal, with all her heart. Then she got an unexpected success as he granted them a delay of one week. Back at home, she and Pokota made the "yuri yuri go go ju--mp", and made Aiko swear to come to the performance one week after.

As expected, the performance turned to be a great success, and when Aiko came to congratulate her sister Hime-chan, she ran into Hasekura on the playground. They stared at each other, and he was about to leave, but she yelled, "Please wait! Why do you try to avoid me these days? Even on the bus.. when you told me you loved me, I felt so happy.." Then he looked back and said, "But isn't it you who is avoiding me? Let's do something.. Try again. Please stay with me again." Aiko replied with a smile, "Yes.." Of course, everything had happened in front of Hime-chan and Pokota.

A few minutes later at her secret place at the top the stairs, Hime-can was thinking about Aiko and Hasekura, standing side by side in the bus every morning, without even knowing their names. Then, remembering Hasekura-senpai, she cried her eyes out, and Pokota who couldn't make her stop despite all his efforts, cried with her.

[end of flashbacks]

Both Pokota and Hime-chan have come to admit openly that she was, at that time, deeply in love with Hasekura. Then Father calls her for dinner. There is a smell of curry [curry-rice] in the air. Her father's cooking is really great, but Aiko doesn't feel like eating that night, and leaves the table.

[CM Break]

When dinner is over, Hime-chan brings back to her room some curry for Pokota, thinking about her sister, being so sad. Pokota and Hime-chan say at the same time "that sure IS a big problem".. which makes them remember another similar event that had happened to made Aiko sad.

[flashback from episode 23]

One day, when Hime-chan came back from school with Pokota on her shoulder, they both saw Aiko, resting on Hime-chan's room's door with a very sad look on her face. Aiko, embarrassed, told them that she had come in to show her new clothes to Hime-chan, so Hime-chan wondered out loud with a smile that Aiko had a date with Hasekura. But Pokota had noticed that Aiko looked strange. Hime-chan said that there was nothing which could make her sister feel sad, and sent her bag flying onto her desk, without noticing that there was her love diary of Hasekura among the books opened on it.

Back in her room, Aiko, on her bed, was thinking to herself, "Why? Why have I never realized that? She is always talking about Hasekura-kun.."

Later Hasekura took Hime-chan aside to ask her if there was something wrong with Aiko she might have heard. Hime-chan remembered how strange Aiko had acted that day, when she had left her room hastily.

Soon afterwards, Hime-chan was still worrying about Aiko, and ran into her in the park. Aiko was on a date with another boy. Hime-chan immediately started to yell at her, and argued with the boy, but Aiko told her that it was over with Hasekura. Hime-chan couldn't believe it, and swore angrily that she would NOT let her do that.

Later, Hime-chan, Daichi, and Pokota, were spying on Aiko and her "new" boy friend. As he was telling her sweet things, Hime-chan was burning up with more and more anger. Then she spotted a tall girl with long brown hair passing by, and decided to transform into this girl to spread discord.

Using all the possible coarse language and "you told me you loved me" tricks she knew [VERY funny], Hime-chan, as the brown haired girl, was about to succeed when Hasekura came out, and had a face to face talk with Aiko, ignoring the other boy. "What is that all about? Don't I deserve some explanation?".

She replied while looking down, "There is nothing to explain.. Please leave me, Hasekura-kun, I can't be with you any more. I have decided to stay with Oka-san."
Then forcing her to look back, Hasekura said, "Is it that true? Please look into my eyes!" But Aiko couldn't, so he understood, "I see.. there is something.."
Then she yelled on the verge of tears, "Leave me alone! There's nothing wrong with me!". Then Hasekura slapped her.

Aiko, crying, confessed to Hasekura that she couldn't help. One month ago, she had found and read Hime-chan's diary of Hasekura. She had understood how much Hime-chan was in love with him, and thought that Hasekura liked cheerful, lively girls like Hime-chan, and had decided to give up on Hasekura. But he replied that sure he liked Hime-chan, but in the same way Aiko liked her. He said that the only one in his heart was Aiko, and hoped she would understood. From now on, smiling at each other, they swore not to hide anything to each other, and were about to kiss, when Hime-chan, back to her own self, put her hand on Pokota's and Daichi's eyes, saying, "The show is over. That's not for kids!".

Back to her room, Hime-chan tore her diary up, and threw it away through her window like snow.

[end of flashback]

Then Pokota asks Hime-chan if she'll meet Hasekura at the airport the next day, and she says she doesn't think so.

The next day (at Narita airport), Aiko and Hasekura stare at each other, and say that they are not sad, because they know that they will meet again, one day. Then Hasekura takes Aiko's hands in his, making her smile.

Opening her window, Hime-chan, with Pokota on her shoulder, is enjoying the fresh morning air.

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