Hime-chan no Ribbon episode 47

Episode Title
Daichi no inai natsuyasumi
[A summer vacation without Daichi]
Air Date
Egao no Genki (SMAP)
Hajimete no Natsu (SMAP)
Guest characters
Hiroshi (Kikuchi Masami)
Masako (Yajima Akiko)
  • Summary by Pascal "P-chan" Janin, 1994.01.24
  • Editing by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.02.21
The weather is wonderful outside.. but Hime-chan is just sleeping at her desk, "on" her homework. Her mother comes in and tells her that she is leaving with her husband to hand in her manuscript, and that she will be back in the evening. Then as Hime-chan starts to sleep again, Aiko and Yumeko come in and ask her if she wants to go to the swimming pool with them. But Hime-chan just wants to stay home and sleep. A few seconds later, Pokota comes in through the window, wakes her up, and tells her he has left the magical pen somewhere he can't remember. Pokota says that he will go and look for it, and leaves. As soon as he leaves, Hime-chan goes back to sleep.

All of a sudden, she wakes up and starts to apologize to Gori-sensei for sleeping on her desk, but Gori-sensei is nowhere to be seen. She really is at home. She complains though because he has given all his students too much homework to do during the holidays. Then she has a good idea.

She tries to give a call to her friend Manami, but instead she hears a "very feminine" recorded message of both Manami and her mother [VERY funny]. She leaves a message for Manami though, then tries Icchan's number. But Icchan is away from home until the next day. Hime-chan then decides to go to Daichi's apartment, but Shintaro tells her that he has gone on holidays by bike, and he doesn't know where.

Resting on the sofa of their secret house, Hime-chan complains about being all alone during the summer holidays. She spots on the table one of Daichi's caps that he had left there. Then just for fun, she decides to transform herself into Daichi to try it on. But when she sees "his" image reflected on the window, she feels alone and sad again. Then "she" spots Pokota outside, flying on the magical pen, and runs after him into the streets, but loses him.

[from now on, all appearances of Daichi will be "performed" by Hime-chan (the real Daichi never shows up during this episode)]

Then a boy who was riding a bike, stops in front of him and shouts, "Run away or you will be arrested!!" to Daichi. Daichi follows him and runs, although he doesn't know the boy (Hime-chan doesn't but the real Daichi might).

Later, they are both resting on a bench, and the boy tells Daichi that it was a practical joke, just like the jokes Daichi used to play on him. Hime-chan still wonders who that boy might be. The boy looks very disappointed when he realizes that Daichi seems to have forgotten an important promise.

Then the boy says he doesn't mind, and calls out a girl who comes running and says hello to Daichi by hugging him hard. Hime-chan is more and more puzzled, as she doesn't know this girl either. The boy then reminds Daichi that when each of them would have found a girl friend, they would introduce her to each other. While they talk, they introduce themselves as Hiroshi and Masako.

Then Masako asks Daichi about him.. and says that if he has nobody in mind, she would take that place, just to tease Hiroshi. Hime-chan wants to know more about these friends of Daichi, so when Masako injures her finger, she asks them to come to her house (since there is supposed to be nobody at home that today, she will be able to sneak in as Daichi).

But when they get to her place, Hiroshi spots the name "Nonohara" written on the entrance gate, instead of "Kobayashi". Daichi explains that's it's a friend's house, and this friend had asked him to take care of the house while everybody was away.

Inside, Daichi puts a plaster onto Masako's injured finger. Then Hiroshi tells him about their promise: a one week trip around Japan by bike, with their respective girl friends (therefore 4 people). Since they have heard nothing from Daichi in a long while, he and Masako have come to see how things are going on for him.

Then Hiroshi remembers the Nonohara family names that were written on the nameplate: Hanako, Aiko, Yumeko.. and Himeko. When he says that name, Hiroshi remembers something that Daichi had told him about Himeko: she is his boyish classmate! This makes Hiroshi and Masako laugh, and Hime-chan fall head first onto the table, shocked, grumbling at Daichi. Hiroshi adds that this must be the house of this ferocious girl [the entire scene is very funny]. When Daichi tries to deny the fact that Hime-chan is his girl friend, Masako says that there's nothing to be ashamed of. After all, he can very well like a tomboy like Hime-chan, although this is quite unusual.

Hiroshi and Masako said that they would like to meet Hime-chan, but Daichi says she won't come back home that day. At the same time, the door bell rings. When Daichi opens the door, he is face to face with Hime-chan's father, who is VERY surprised to see him here. Hime-chan is so surprised too that she can't hold back a "father!" which makes her father even more stunned. He says he doesn't remember being Daichi's father. When Daichi introduces himself, Hime-chan's father asks him where Himeko has gone. So Daichi hurries to Hime-chan's room and transforms himself back to Hime-chan.

In her room, Hime-chan makes a copy of herself, using her palette, then transforms herself again into Daichi. When they leave her room, they meet her father who tells Hime-chan not to leave her friend alone in the house any more. (Hime-chan, as Daichi, had first told him that Hime-chan had left the house so he was taking care of the house.) Hime-copy answers "yes, otou-sama" with her very polite, feminine voice.. which makes her father fall down the stairs with surprise.

[CM break]

Down the stairs, Hime-chan's father has hurt his back, so Daichi and Hime-copy rush at him and start to apologize (Hime-copy even starts to cry) but her father says that's nothing. Then Masako and Hiroshi come by, since they heard the loud noise coming from the stairs. Hime-chan's father looks relieved to hear that they are his daughter's friends: he was thinking Daichi was alone with her.

Later in the living room, Hime-copy is serving some tea, still speaking in a very polite voice. Masako and Hiroshi can't believe she is the same ("tomboy, brutal") person Daichi was talking about.

Then Hime-copy notices that one of Hiroshi's studs is about to come unstitched on his jacket, and offers her services. But Masako says she will handle that; Hiroshi wonders aloud if she can do that, making her angry. Masako starts to sew the stud on, but soon pricks herself with the needle. Then Hiroshi starts to criticize her for being so stubborn, and says that Hime-copy is much nicer.

But Masako doesn't like his nasty comments. She gets up, mad at him, and says she isn't his girl friend any more. She calls him a liar (for not loving her). Soon they start to argue with each other. Daichi doesn't know what to do to stop them. Then Masako says she is leaving, and Hiroshi says he doesn't give a damn. So Masako leaves for real.

Daichi wants to take her back, but Hiroshi tells him to leave her alone, so Daichi yells at him for acting so stupidly with her [at that time, Hime-chan is superimposed over Daichi].. and realizes that she, Hime-chan, and Daichi usually speak the same way to each other. Then Daichi decides to find Masako and bring her back.

Outside, he finds Masako, waiting for "somebody". She says that Hiroshi had asked her to come with him ONLY, and that was HIS idea to talk about "being with him". Inside, Hime-copy is trying to sound out Hiroshi's feelings for Masako, and he is about to say he loves her.

Outside, Masako becomes angry when Daichi asks her whether she likes Hiroshi or not. As she decides to leave, Daichi yells at her for not telling the truth, not telling their true feelings to each other, making her stop. At this time, Hime-chan is superimposed over Daichi, and says to herself, "That's it.. Isn't it, Daichi?.."

When Hiroshi comes out to see Masako, she suddenly hugs Daichi, saying she loves him for real, and that was the only reason for why she had followed Hiroshi there. Then the pendant starts to ring.

Hiroshi, seeing Masako in Daichi's arms, says he hadn't realized that, and leaves on his bike. Soon Masako follows him, with a worried look. Hime-copy says that there is something she and Hime-chan should do for them.

So Hime-chan turns back into herself, and uses her palette to reverse time, to just the moment before Masako hugged Daichi. So she hugs Daichi "again", but Daichi (Hime-chan has to remember that she belongs to the theater club, so she can "play" this scene) confesses to her, "That's no joke! I already have Nonohara."

Masako smiles and says she has won, as she had hugged him on purpose to make him say that. Then in turn, Hiroshi tells the truth to her, that he loves her and wants her to become his girl friend for real. Daichi then puts their hands together, and they smile at each other.

Then they leave, promising to each other that they will go on this bike trip during the next summer holidays (Daichi had insisted on making it next year, worried about the real Daichi coming back soon..).

When Hime-chan's mother comes back home [Hime-copy has disappeared and Hime-chan is now back to her own self], her mother gives her a postcard she just received.. from Daichi. He has written her that he will be back soon, and relies on her to do Gori-sensei's homework. When she remembers what she had made Daichi "say" ("I have Nonohara.") in front of Masako and Hiroshi, she blushes a bit.. but thinks that for doing homework, it's ok to be with him. But she is too tired to do anything today, and goes to sleep again on her desk.

At the end, Pokota comes back home on the flying pen, but can't wake her up. He wonders if she has finished her homework.

In the Magical Land, Erika, who has followed everything in her crystal ball and is closing her diary, says that Hime-chan has to bear up under love because it's worth it, and wishes her good luck.

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