Hime-chan no Ribbon episode 48

Episode Title
Nerawareta okaasan
[somebody is after Mummy]
Air Date
Egao no Genki (SMAP)
Hajimete no Natsu (SMAP)
  • Summary version 1.0 by Pascal Janin, 1994.02.27
  • Editing by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.04.05
A big reception is held in honor of Hime-chan's mother, Hanako, because her new mystery novel has been selling well: over 1 million copies sold so far. But Hime-chan can't help complaining out loud about the long and boring speech when there are so many delicious dishes to eat at the buffet. At last the speech is over [the announcer has heard her comments..], so Hime-chan rushes to the buffet, and brings back to Aiko, Yumeko, and her father many plates full of sushi, beef, caviar.. She gets ready for a second course but Aiko tells her that they should finish the first plate.

Hanako's editor comes to congratulate her husband too, who introduces his three daughters to him. Then Himeko, who once more comes back from the buffet with hands full of cakes for Yumeko, spots a fat guy with dark glasses staring at her mother strangely from afar. The editor gives a message for her mother that he got from somebody in the audience. The message says, "Hurry to hit the end mark. Otherwise you'll be in the grip of death". It scares them all but the editor doesn't remember whom he got it from.

Himeko notices that the strange guy has left, and wonders if he is the author of this message. Then her mother comes and pats her on the shoulder, scaring her. Himeko gives the message to her mother, who reads it but finds it rather funny and "stimulating". Then she leaves to go to the restroom.

In the corridor, she passes by a tall swarthy man wearing a white robe (just like somebody from Arabian countries). Soon Yumeko opens the door to follow her mother, but she slips on the carpet, and the man lends her a helping hand. Then Hanako notices that the chandelier above their heads is going to fall down from the ceiling. So she rushes to her daughter to take her in her arms and protect her. The chandelier crashes near them, without hurting anyone though.

The other people, hearing the noise, leave the reception room to see what has happened. Hanako thanks the Arabian man for having helped Yumeko. Then Himeko spots, among the people, the guy with dark glasses, and as he turns back to leave, she decides to run after him.

At the same time, the Arabian man felt that he was being observed from behind, so he quickly turns back only to see a dark shadow hiding behind a column.

Hime-chan rushes outside but the guy with glasses is nowhere to be seen.

In the taxi on their way back home, Hime-chan tells her family about the strange man she saw staring at her mother, who looks very worried now. She tells them that some people have died in Japanese hotels that way, killed by falling chandeliers.

Erika is watching Hime-chan with her crystal ball, and worries about her too.

At home, Pokota wonders why they are so late, then notices a clang at the entrance door. But no light has been switched on, so Pokota goes down the stairs, to find the guy with dark glasses doing something on Hanako's computer. Pokota gathers his courage and jumps at him to bite him. Then they hear the Nonohara family coming back. Hanako notices that the door is not locked as it should have been, since she did it and Aiko saw her locking it.

They go in and switch on the lights. The thief now panics and opens a window to run away. Hime-chan is the first one to enter the room where Pokota stands and tells her what just happened. When he tells her that the guy was wearing dark glasses, she is sure that it was the same guy who was at the reception.

A few minutes later, the police has come to their house. The inspector on duty is Daichi's father. While the policemen inspect the floppy disks the thief had left behind, Hime-chan and her parents tell Daichi's father the whole story of the chandelier and the message. Then Aiko answers to a telephone call from the hotel where the reception was held. She tells everyone that they discovered that the chandelier had been sabotaged.

[CM break]

In the Land of Magic, Erika, and Chappy tell the King and the Queen the whole story, and says that Hime-chan and her family are in danger. The King understands but says there is nothing they can do from there. Then the Queen remembers one magical item that might be of use in this case, the Secret Heart Baton. Erika and Chappy wonder what it might be.

Back on earth, Daichi's father leaves the house, leaving some policemen around the house on guard. Hime-chan's father tells her to go to sleep because she must go to school the next day. Pokota notices that Hime-chan is very worried about the whole incident. Then Kantaro the crow appears, carrying a present from Erika for Hime-chan. She opens it, and finds inside a letter and a red box.

Hime-chan opens the letter, which is a 3-dimensional message. A picture of Erika takes shape, and starts to speak to Hime-chan. Erika's picture says that in the Land of Magic they are all worried about what happened to her, so they have decided to give her another magical item. The Secret Heart Baton can make people, animals, or objects bigger or smaller at will. The magical formula are printed on the last page of the manual inside the baton's box.

The magic words are "Grande graaji ookiku nare!" to make things bigger, "Pikkori pikkora chiisaku nare!" to make things smaller, and "Jiiragu denragu moto no ookisa ni nare!" and "Rakoppi rikoppi moto no ookisa ni nare!" to revert to normal size.

She has to aim the baton at the item she wants to make bigger/smaller, then press the button on the baton and say the words. Hime-chan quickly tries it out on Pokota. Pokota becomes about 10 times bigger, and now it's Hime-chan who looks like Pokota's stuffed doll. Hime-chan and Pokota speak too loud, so Aiko hears them and tells Hime-chan to go to bed instead of playing with her stuffed animal.

The next morning, Hime-chan is leaving to go to school, and runs into Daichi who has heard the story from his father and come to her house. They walk side by side in the streets, talking about what happened the day before. Then the driver's door of a parked car slams open and the guy with dark glasses gets out of it. He kicks Daichi aside and tries to kidnap Hime-chan, but Daichi throws metal cans at his head. Hime-chan gets away from the man, but he jumps in his car to go after her.

The guy eventually corners Hime-chan in front of a public works gate. Hime-chan uses the baton to make herself smaller and hides. The guy can't believe she has vanished, but he must run away because Daichi arrives behind him. Daichi can hear Hime-chan calling him but she is nowhere to be seen, until he looks down. In shock, he sees Hime-chan using the baton to revert to normal size. He thinks this magical baton is great. Hime-chan notices that Daichi has injured himself, so she takes him back home.

The Arabian man gives a call to the chief editor of a local newspaper from a public phone. He introduces himself as the Radjah Ashin, and tells the editor that a coup d'etat has just occurred in his country. Part of his government has violated the laws of his country and put his country under their control. He tells the editor that he has a lot of information about these people, such as their names. The mass media of his country are already held by them, so he wants to make an announcement to the newspapers of Japan. But as he talks, a black car gets closer and closer to the public phone, and when he is about to tell the editor where he is calling from, he is shot from the car. The shots blast the phone box's windows, and the Radjah has to run away.

The editor has heard the shots, and remembering what the Radjah said about the coup d'etat, gives a call to Hime-chan's mother, who asks him to call her if he gets in touch with the Radjah again. Hanako tells her husband, Hime-chan, and Daichi that this time the events seem to have something to do with her book Kokkyou no kanata ni (Beyond the frontier), even if she doesn't know how far exactly. [It has become obvious at this point that Hanako's book tells the story of a similar coup d'etat.]

The next phone call brings them much worse news. Yumeko has disappeared from the kindergarten.

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