Hime-chan no Ribbon episode 50

Episode Title
Small Hime-chan dai shippai
[a small Hime-chan and a big mistake]
Air Date
  • Summary by Pascal "P-chan" Janin, 1994.01.26
  • Editing by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.02.21
At night, Hime-chan has a nice dream: she is flying on the magical pen (she has become even smaller than Pokota) over a large field of flowers. But she falls off it.. and is now face to face with a very tall Hibino Hikaru (not taller than usual, but compared to Hime-chan she looks like a giant) who picks up Hime-chan by her ribbon and starts to play with her just like a puppet. She is moving so much in her bed that Pokota has to wake her up.

Then she feels relieved to see that the magical heart-shaped baton (that Erika gave her in the previous episode) is still there in its box. She puts it back on her desk and, seeing the puppet she has made for the next day's theater play, starts to play with it [the puppet really looks like a small Hime-chan]. Pokota tells her to go back to bed in order to be in great shape for the play.

Next day at school, Hime-chan is leaving her classroom when Manami and Icchan, who have come to cheer her up before the play starts, call her from behind. When Hime-chan was turning back, she bumps into Hikaru and the box containing her magical baton falls out of her pocket onto the floor, and the baton pops out. Hikaru grasps the box and wonders what it might be, but Hime-chan takes it back right away. However, the baton is still on the floor, and Hikaru spots it.

At the theater, the backgrounds, lighting, sound, etc are being made ready for the play. Hime-chan is practicing manipulating her puppet over the background.

-- This is the kind of puppet you manipulate with both hands, holding a pair of handles with many wires bound to the puppet itself.

But when she goes down from the scaffolding, she slips on the ladder and lets the puppet go; it falls onto the floor, breaking its two legs and arms. In the dressing room, Hime-chan is very worried about her broken puppet; of course she hasn't told anyone about it. At the very last minute, she has a good idea, and grabs the box that contains the magical baton. But the box is empty. At the same time, Hikaru comes in to bring the baton back to her. Hikaru wonders whether it is another magical stick or not, and as a joke she says, "tinkle tinkle chiisaku nare!", scaring Hime-chan to death. But she says it can't be, and gives it back to Hime-chan.

Then in front of Pokota, she makes a copy of herself with the palette, and Hime-copy aims the baton at Hime-chan to make her very small, to the same size as the broken puppet. The very small Hime-chan then puts the puppet's clothes on, and they all do the ike-ike-go-go.

On stage, the princess Diamond Lily has fallen asleep, and the puppet, who is a magical angel (which was the real Hime-chan manipulated by Hime-copy), takes the prince to her to wake her up [it sounds like a remix of Peter Pan, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty.. for those who *love* such Walt Disney wonders :)]. Then the evil witch comes out, and freezes both the prince and the princess.

Among the audience, Hime-chan has spotted Hikaru with opera glasses, watching her carefully. She wonders if Hikaru is suspecting her.

The play ends "as expected": using her magical powers, the angel defeats the witch, unfreezing the lovers. The audience applauds the drama club for the performance. But since Hikaru keeps watching her, Hime-chan has to stay still in Hime-copy's hands. However, as the curtain is pulled down, Hime-chan makes a big mistake. She replies "Hai!" to her classmate who asks her to bow at the audience.. so in the darkness, Hime-copy suddenly vanishes, dropping Hime-chan onto the floor.

[CM break]

Hime-chan now tries to avoid being trampled on by the other people's feet. But then she is spotted by her classmate, so she lies on the floor, trying to stay still. Her classmate wonders why Hime-chan has left her puppet there, and takes it back to the dressing room. In the hands of her classmate, Hime-chan is panic-stricken.

Hime-chan's classmate brings Hime-chan to the dressing room. Everybody wonders where Hime-chan might have gone after the curtain call. Then Pokota shows up and talks to Hime-chan, but she cannot transform back in this crowded room. So Pokota gives Hime-chan (who has the magical baton) a ride on his back, and takes her to a good place he knows.

On the playground, Daichi's soccer team wonders where he has gone. He has chosen to go to a quiet place to have a little practice with a friend of his. As a matter of fact, Pokota's "good place" is the tree under which Daichi and his friend are playing soccer. Pokota and Hime-chan are in this tree and about to transform her back, when Daichi kicks a powerful kick at his friend, who deflects the ball right into the tree, and the magical baton that Pokota was holding.

The baton drops onto the grass near Daichi, but he doesn't notice it. But Hikaru, who was just passing by, does. She takes it, wondering why she always runs into it, and goes to meet Daichi under the tree. While she smalltalks to him as usual Daichi spots the baton in her hands. Then he looks around for Hime-chan, thinking she might be in danger. He sees her in the tree with Pokota.

Thinking about Hime-chan, Daichi scolds Hikaru for looking for him only to tell him such stupid things. Since she is about to cry, Daichi is forced to tell her that he should have gone to see the theater play with her (now Hime-chan has an angry look). Then Hikaru tells him about Hime-chan's baton and the puppet she was manipulating during the play. She thinks there is something very strange about them.. scaring Daichi and Hime-chan to death. But Hikaru just thinks that was something like a "cheer up lucky charm" for Hime-chan, who couldn't play without it.

Then Manami and Icchan come by and ask Daichi if he knows where Hime-chan is. Hikaru gives the baton to Manami, telling her to give it back to Hime-chan. When she turns around, Daichi has disappeared. When Hikaru has left, he sneaks out and runs after Manami to get the baton, so he can give it to Hime-chan himself. Manami is overwhelmed with joy since Daichi has talked to her [very funny].

Hime-chan is now having a ride on Pokota's back to find Daichi as soon as possible. But on his way Pokota bumps into a small rock, sending Hime-chan flying. She unfortunately falls into a drain aperture through the broken railings, which was too narrow for Pokota's paws. Daichi then arrives and tries to lift up the railings, but he hears that the nearby pool is going to be drained for cleaning. So Hime-chan will drown! Daichi asks Pokota to use the magical baton to make him as small as Hime-chan, and uses a rope to rescue Hime-chan just before the water submerges them.

Once in a safe place, Pokota turns Hime-chan and Daichi back to their usual size. Then Daichi asks Hime-chan for immediate explanations about what has happened to her.

In the land of magic, Chappy says Hime-chan has been too careless. With a smile, Erika says that Hime-chan should better take care of the way she makes use of the magical baton from now on.

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