Hime-chan no Ribbon episode 51

Episode Title
RIBON no yakusoku
[the promise tied to the ribbon]
Air Date
Egao no Genki (SMAP)
Hajimete no Natsu (SMAP)
  • Summary version 1.0 by Pascal Janin, 1994.03.17
  • Editing by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.04.08
  • [This is the first part of a two-part episode, mainly talking about Hime-chan's memories.]
Hime-chan and Pokota are looking at the crescent moon in the night sky. They both remember how they met Erika, exactly one year ago, on such a night. Hime-chan had closed her eyes, and when she opened them, Erika was there in front of her.. a very cute girl with long blond hair and a red ribbon, flying on a broom, whose picture now forms by the moon in the sky.

[flashback to episode 1]

Hime-chan was thinking to herself, with her eyes closed, that she would die to become, or even be able to transform into, a very cute girl. Then just when she was thinking that such a thing could never happen, she opened her eyes and saw Erika in front of her. Erika introduced herself, and asked very politely to Hime-chan to let her in.

Hime-chan, yet a bit surprised, asked her in a rough voice if she was in the habit of entering people's rooms through the window. But Erika replied that there was nothing to be angry about. She had come to tell Hime-chan something very important.

Erika said she was the princess from the Land of Magic, where people (such as her father the King) know how to prepare/invent magical items. In fact, Erika had invented the ribbon she was now holding out to Hime-chan. She added that it could transform her into any other living person. Hime-chan, as expected, didn't believe a word of what she said, and Chappy got mad, yelling out that it was the truth.

Erika would give the ribbon to Hime-chan for one year, in return for the permission to let her observe Hime-chan for her training. Hime-chan retorted with an angry look that she wasn't a guinea pig. Erika replied that she couldn't help it, and that she had to find her copy on earth to do the experiment with.

Then Chappy angrily said to Hime-chan that if she uses this ribbon to do something stupid and if the examiners hear about it, Erika won't be able to pass the exam. Hime-chan then got up and said she wouldn't do it, and that she was not made for the job.

Erika kindly replied that she was very suitable for it, and begged her to accept the ribbon, saying that turning into other people was really great. Hime-chan wondered if she could even turn into her older sister Aiko. Erika said that she could.

To be able to transform, Hime-chan should stand in front of a mirror, or any reflecting surface. Then, she had to 1) open the magical watch, 2) put her left arm with the watch on her forehead, 3) put her right arm to form a cross with her left arm before her face, and 4) say the magic words while opening her arms. But Hime-chan was somewhat scared to do so, until she heard a voice from behind saying, "Cheer up! Do it!"

Hime-chan turned around and saw, much to her surprise, that her stuffed animal Pokota could now talk. Erika added that another side-effect of the ribbon was to bring one of its owner's belongings to life. In Hime-chan's case, it was Pokota. Now, taking Pokota in her hands, Hime-chan was convinced that it was no joke, and that she could really transform into Aiko.

She looked back at her reflection in the mirror and did what we have already seen her do a thousand times since then. In no time she had turned into Aiko, and couldn't believe it. But Erika wasn't finished with her yet. She told her that the transformation lasts only one hour, and to turn back to her own self she has to do the same magical gestures. Erika also said that while Hime-chan is transformed, the watch turns itself into a pendant which will start beeping three minutes before the time is over.

Erika also advised Hime-chan to take great care of herself when using the ribbon. But Aiko/Hime-chan wasn't listening to her any more, as she was looking for some earrings to show off. Erika sat on Hime-chan's bed, worrying about her. But Pokota told her that it was Hime-chan's first transformation ever, so Erika shouldn't worry about her strange typical Japanese girl behavior. He also said that he would look after her. Then Erika felt a little bit better.

[flashback to episode 2]

The next day, Hime-chan went to school late and Gori-sensei was unexpectedly on guard at the school entrance. So she transformed herself into the principal. Gori-sensei let him in, but at the very last minute he said that he thought he had already seen him go in. Hime-chan scolded him, saying that he was the only principal.

At home, Pokota was still worried about Hime-chan, thinking she could get into trouble when using the ribbon.

At school, Hime-chan went to the men's bathroom to find a mirror and turn back into herself. But when she was trying to say the magic words backwards, Hime-chan got mixed up and said rerurapa instead of rurerapa. Then she started to panic when she saw it didn't work. Pokota then arrived just in time to tell her the right words, so she could turn back into herself just before the lesson started.

[end of flashback]

Pokota says that since then, he has never stopped looking after Hime-chan. Pokota asked, "What was the biggest pinch that you got into with the magic ribbon?" Then they both try to remember what their worst mishap had been.

[CM-OUT animation: a very happy Pokota holds a cookie that Hime-chan, using the magical baton, makes grow ten times bigger.]

[CM break]

[CM-IN animation: Pokota is pissed off when Hime-chan, with a smile, turns the cookie back to its normal size.]

[flashback to episode 17: cut'n pasted from what Hitoshi wrote ^_^]

When Hime-chan got home, Hikaru was waiting for her. Hikaru said, "Parallel parallel," and Hime-chan was shocked.

When Hime-chan told Pokota, he became very sad because he wouldn't be able to talk to Hime-chan any more.

Hime-chan transformed into Hikaru, and called Shinoyama. Hime-chan said that something had come up, so she (Hikaru) wanted to meet him at 3 PM. But Shinoyama was with the real Hikaru, and they were very happy that Hime-chan fell for the trap.

At the park, Shinoyama was waiting for Hime-chan. Hikaru was in the bushes. It was just one minute before 3. Then they saw Hime-chan (as Hikaru) running toward them. When Hime-chan got in front of Shinoyama, Hikaru jumped out from the bushes and grabbed Hime-chan. Hikaru told Shinoyama to hurry up and take a picture. Hime-chan thought that it was all over.

Just as Shinoyama was taking the picture, time stopped. Hime-chan looked around in surprise. Erika had come to stop the time. Hime-chan was very happy to see Erika. But them Hime-chan's pendant started beeping. Since Erika had stopped time, the pendant was acting strangely. Hime-chan went to change back to herself, but the bathroom door wouldn't open. Erika thought that it was because time was stopped. Then Erika tried to start the time again, but it didn't work. Erika kept trying and trying, but her magic didn't work. Hime-chan's pendant started beeping faster and faster. Then the sound stopped.

Erika's father's voice came from the sky. "For breaking the rule I have taken away your power. You must stay on earth as a human for one month." Erika cried and pleaded to her father to turn Hime-chan back to herself. But her father said that he couldn't do anything about it, and that Hime-chan had to stay as Hikaru for the rest of her life.

[flashback to episode 18, after Hime-chan's birthday party]

After the party Daichi and Pokota went to Daichi's hideout. Pokota tried to comfort Hime-chan. When Hime-chan faced Daichi she wanted to cry, but she held back. Daichi told Hime-chan that it was ok to cry. Then Erika came with some food and clothes for Hime-chan. Erika said that her grandfather, the strongest person in the land of magic, might be able to help Hime-chan.

Later Sei told Daichi that the only way Hime-chan could return to her normal body was if she died. Sei said that he couldn't tell Hime-chan, and asked Daichi to tell her. Daichi couldn't believe it.

A few days after, Daichi, Sei, Erika and Hime-chan/Hikaru all went to the amusement park, and had fun on the rides. Daichi was thinking that he couldn't tell Hime-chan the truth.

Then it started to rain. Daichi, Sei, and Erika were waiting for Hime-chan. Hime-chan was with Pokota, and she said that she didn't want to go back because she would have to stay in the house again. Then Daichi ran off to look for Hime-chan, and found her. She was feeling pretty sad. After Sei told Erika the truth, Erika tried to run to Hime-chan. She spotted Hime-chan and Daichi on the other side of the street.

Erika ran across the street, and a speeding truck was headed right for Erika and tried to stop. Hime-chan saw Erika in the street. Hime-chan ran to her and pushed Erika out of the way. But the truck hit Hime-chan. Daichi ran to Hime-chan. Pokota went to Hime-chan and said that Hime-chan wasn't breathing! Daichi couldn't believe it. Erika was crying. Then Hime-chan began transforming back to her normal body. Daichi cried out.

Then Erika's father appeared, and told Erika to stop crying. He said that he couldn't make Hime-chan transform back to herself, but that he could make Hime-chan come back to life. But it would mean shortening Erika's life. Erika said, "I don't care about myself. Just make Himeko alive." Pokota asked Erika if it was all right. Erika said that since the magicians lived 1000 or 2000 years, it was ok. Then Erika's father used his magic to revive Hime-chan.

Hime-chan got up and didn't know what had happened. Daichi told her that she had died, but was revived by Erika's father. He also said that she had returned to her normal self. When Hime-chan asked for a mirror, Erika pointed to herself and said, "The mirror is here."

Erika's father thanked Hime-chan for saving Erika's life. Then Erika and her father left.

[end of flashback]

Thinking about it, Pokota comes to the conclusion that it had been a real mess, making Hime-chan laugh.

Then Hime-chan remembers that Erika's training period was to last only one year. Hime-chan said, "Erika's promise. The test period for the magic items were one year."
Pokota said, "After one year you have to give them back, and I will return to a normal stuffed animal. Hime-chan! I don't want to got back."

Then Hime-chan and Pokota hug each other.

At the same time, Erika's diary starts moving on Hime-chan's desk, and bursts open. Hime-chan and Pokota are shocked when they start reading the message from Erika, "Since giving the magic items to Himeko, it's already been one year. Soon the grading of the magic items will begin. The grading method is.."

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