Hime-chan no Ribbon episode 52

Episode Title
Pokota to o-wakare?
[Good-bye, Pokota?]
Air Date
Egao no Genki (SMAP)
Hajimete no Natsu (SMAP)
  • Summary version 1.0 by Pascal Janin, 1994.03.20
  • Editing by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.04.18
  • [This is the second part of a two-part episode, mainly talking about Hime-chan's memories.]
[last few minutes of the previous episode]

Hime-chan remembers that Erika's training period was to last only one year, at the end of which Pokota will become a normal stuffed animal. Then Hime-chan and Pokota hug each other, crying out that they don't want Pokota to become normal.

At the same time, Erika's diary starts moving on Hime-chan's desk, and bursts open. Hime-chan and Pokota are shocked when they start reading the message from Erika, "Since giving the magic items to Himeko, it's already been one year. Soon the grading of the magic items will begin. The grading method is.."

[this is where the previous episode ended]

Then Erika resumes writing. She writes that a selection committee in the Land of Magic will carefully examine how Hime-chan managed to use the magical items she had been given. Then they will give their opinion to her father the King, and he will decide whether Erika passes the exam or not. Hime-chan might also be required to come to the Land of Magic to make a report. Lastly, Erika writes that she will visit her tomorrow morning. Reading that, Hime-chan and Pokota hug each other hard again.

Pokota says that whatever happens to him tomorrow, he wants to hear more of their memories hidden in Hime-chan's heart. The Pokota remembers another funny thing that happened to them at the ski resort.

[flashback to episode 15]

After skiing Hime-chan ate dinner, but she snuck some food into her shirt for Pokota. Hikaru was at another table and spotted Hime-chan. Hime-chan left before her friends and went back to the room. She got Pokota from the backpack, but he was asleep. Then Hikaru came into the room. Hime-chan was surprised, and tried to hide Pokota. When Hikaru asked to see it, Hime-chan dropped Pokota on the floor. Hikaru saw Pokota sleeping (snoring) on the floor, and was shocked. Then Pokota woke up and started talking. Hikaru was shocked again. Hime-chan quickly grabbed Pokota, but Hikaru had already seen it. Hikaru wanted to see Pokota more closely, and they started fighting. But Manami and Icchan came into the room. Hikaru was going to tell them about Pokota, but she decided to keep it to herself, and left.

Then Hikaru dreamt she had become famous for having found the only speaking stuffed animal of its kind.

In the middle of the night, Pokota told Hime-chan to take off the ribbon. He said that it was too risky. He also said that she should let Hikaru check it out for herself. So Hime-chan agreed.

The next day, Hime-chan took off her ribbon. Hikaru didn't go skiing because she said that she wasn't feeling too good. Hikaru went up to Hime-chan and asked to see Pokota. Hime-chan told Hikaru that Pokota was in her backpack. Hime-chan told Hikaru to be careful, and then went off to ski. Hikaru was a little surprised that Hime-chan would let her see the stuffed animal so easily.

Hikaru tried to make Pokota talk or move. But Pokota didn't budge. Hikaru got tired of trying to make Pokota move, and decided to go skiing by herself. Hikaru put Pokota in her pocket and headed for the back woods. There was a sign saying danger, but Hikaru didn't notice it. Hikaru was happy that there were no people around her. She had confidence in herself and went deeper into the mountains.

The wind picked up and Hikaru decided that she had better go back. But then Hikaru fell down a cliff. Pokota fell out of Hikaru's pocket and got caught on a branch on the side of the cliff. Hikaru got knocked out at the bottom.

Hime-chan was skiing and felt that she heard Pokota call out for her. Hime-chan went out to go down to the lodge. Daichi went after Hime-chan. Hime-chan transformed into a rescue squad person and went out with Daichi to look for Hikaru. The snow and wind became worse.

Pokota became alive when Hime-chan put on her ribbon. Pokota spotted Hikaru down on the ground below him. He knew that he would give himself away, but he tried to wake Hikaru up. Pokota struggled and tore himself loose from the branch, causing a big tear in his back. Pokota's back hurt, but he went to Hikaru and tried to shake her awake. But Hikaru didn't move.

Hime-chan and Daichi were looking all over the Hikaru. Then Pokota heard their voices. Pokota called out for help and hid in Hikaru's pocket. Hime-chan and Daichi spotted Hikaru and went down to her. Pokota was very happy that it was Hime-chan.

[end of flashback]

Then Pokota remembers the beautiful fire storm (people skiing at night while holding torches). He says there's no such stuffed animal like him who has ever been to a ski resort, nor one who has a girl friend (thinking about Pink-chan).

[CM break]

Pokota now wonders how Pink-chan is doing. He and Hime-chan now remember Erika's birthday party that they had been taken to in the Land of Magic.

[flashback to episode 24]

Erika and Hime-chan rode Erika's broom and flew up into the air. They flew through the door into the land of magic, and Erika took Hime-chan to see her father. The king said, "Thank you for coming such a long distance." Hime-chan tried to speak very politely, but she totally screwed it up. Hime-chan thought that the king was upset. But Erika said that her father's face was always like that. The king thanked Hime-chan for saving Erika the other day. He said that it was the first time ever that a human came to the land of magic. There was much opposition, but Erika pleaded to everyone and made it happen.

Erika's mother said that it was almost time for the party. She used her magic to give Hime-chan a party dress. Hime-chan was very happy to get the beautiful dress, and Pokota told Hime-chan not to stand with her legs spread apart so much. Then the queen gave Pokota a bow tie too.

The birthday party began. There was a lot of good food. Hime-chan was by the table and became surprised when she saw her mother. But it actually wasn't her mother. Pokota reminded her that in the land of magic, there were people with faces similar to those on earth. Then Pokota spotted a little pink cat and became red. When the cat ran away, Hime-chan told Pokota to go after her.

Pokota was chasing the pink cat in the garden. Pokota finally found her and discovered that her name was Pink. Camille spotted Pokota with Pink, and then used his magic on Pokota as a joke. Pokota was talking to Pink. Then Pokota said, "You're so ugly. I have never seen anyone as ugly as you." Pink was shocked. Pokota was shocked too. He couldn't figure out what was going on. The words just came out of his mouth. Pokota continued and said, "I don't want to talk to you. Go away." Pink started crying and ran away.

Hime-chan found Pokota crying. Then Camille and Sei tried to run away, but Hime-chan caught them. They told her that Camille had used his magic ball to make Pokota say the opposite of what he was thinking. Then Sei's crow came and told them that Pink was heading toward the evil forest. Pokota immediately ran after Pink.

Hime-chan, Camille, and Sei followed Pokota and they saw Pink running into the evil forest. The plants came alive and attacked everyone. Pokota and Hime-chan made it inside the cave as the door closed behind them. Pokota and Hime-chan went inside deeper. Then Pokota found Pink's red ribbon. He said, "I'm going in. I have to save Pink. Hime-chan, wait here." Then Pokota started climbing inside. Hime-chan said that she was going to go too.

Camille and Sei ran back to the king, and told him the story. The king said that there was a war long time ago and the enemy was trapped inside the evil forest.

Pokota and Hime-chan came to a room which was a very high tower. There was a set of stairs going around the tower. Pokota spotted Pink way above them. Pokota called out and went after Pink. But Pink just kept running away. Pokota yelled out and told her about the magic that made him say the opposite of what he was thinking. But Pink said that she didn't want to listen to Pokota. Then Pink fell and got caught by a bubble. The bubble carried her higher and higher up the tower.

The king said that the enemy that they had fought against was themselves. It was the untrusting feelings they had in their hearts.

Pokota called out that he would save Pink. Then the ground began to shake, and Pokota was about to fall. Pink saw this and said that she would believe in Pokota. Then the bubble around her broke and Pink started falling. Pokota jumped off of the ledge and caught Pink. They were both falling toward the hot water below. Then there was a flash of light.

When Hime-chan, Pokota, and Pink woke up, they were all on the ground. They had been saved. The king said that since Pink had lost her trust in Pokota, that created the tower in the evil forest. But since Pink finally regained her trust in Pokota, everything turned out well.

Erika's mother said that Hime-chan had a very good mascot. But Hime-chan said that Pokota was more than a mascot. He was a friend.

[end of flashback]

Then the morning comes and finds Hime-chan and Pokota sleeping on Hime-chan's bed. They are both awaken by Erika's voice, calling for Himeko. Erika is now standing up in Hime-chan's room, and tells them she has come to take them to the Land of Magic. They have a ride on Chappy high in the blue sky.

Erika's father tells Erika and Hime-chan that Erika's training period has come to the end, but will be extended by half a year, since one year was found to be too short to pass the exam. So nothing will change for Hime-chan for the time being. She won't have to give the magical items back, nor will Pokota stop speaking. Being very happy, Erika hugs Hime-chan and then her father.

Back on earth, Hime-chan and Hime-copy say bye-bye to Erika, and cheer her up for her exam. Pokota adds that because of Hime-chan it might end up to be another half-year extension. Erika says that it's only half a year, but she is very happy. Hime-chan and Pokota are very happy too. Then when Erika leaves on her flying broom Chappy, Hime-chan, Hime-copy and Erika do the ike ike go go jump.

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