Hime-chan no Ribbon episode 53

Episode Title
Love story ha tsurai yo
[Writing a love story isn't that easy]
Air Date
Egao no Genki (SMAP)
Hajimete no Natsu (SMAP)
Hime-chan, theater club, new play
  • Summary version 1.0 by Pascal Janin, 1994.03.22
  • Editing by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.04.20
Hime-chan arrives late at the theater club meeting and apologizes for having almost forgotten about it. Then the other members ask her if she has a good idea about a new play. They have already chosen and written some on the blackboard (such as MacBeth, Hamlet..) but are not very satisfied. They think Hime-chan might have a better idea.

Then Hime-chan suggests that they write their own play, with their own music. That way it will entirely be their own work. Although that was quite new for them, they are all very enthusiastic about it, and Hime-chan is chosen to write the play because the upperclassmen will be very busy with the exams. Also since Hime-chan's father is a movie director and her mother is a writer, they think Hime-chan will be very good at it. Hime-chan thinks to herself that if she tries she'll be able to do it, but isn't very convinced.

At home, Hime-chan uses her palette to make a copy of herself. Pokota asks her what she will do this time, and Hime-chan tells him about the play she has to write. So with Hime-copy and her both trying to write the play, they will find twice as many ideas. Then they grab a pen and a note pad. Hime-chan would like to write a sad love-story, like Romeo and Juliet, and even thinks of the name Kazetachi no Romeo. When Pokota asks them what comes next, they must admit they don't have the slightest idea (they only have found the title so far).

In the dinning room, Aiko is knitting, while Yumeko is reading a book and father is reading a newspaper. Then Yumeko gets up, takes the bottle of beer, and fills up her father's glass. Father wonders what mother was doing, and Aiko says that she is getting close to the deadline (of her new novel). Then Yumeko happily says that Hime-chan is busy writing a play.

But in their room, the Himeko twins can't make the play progress at all. Then Hime-chan has an idea. She will make Pokota and herself smaller so they can ride on the magical pen to sneak into mother's room. Then they can peek over her shoulder while she was working.

They fly to the first floor and stay in mid air just behind mother. But she is really captivated by her story, and thinking it's too soft, gets excited very suddenly. Then while turning back, she shouts one of her character's lines. This scares Hime-chan and Pokota to death and they quickly fly away out of mother's sight, back to their room. Back to their normal size, they say they must only rely on themselves to write the play.

The next day at school, Hime-chan has submitted her play to all the theater club's members, but they are not very enthusiastic. The story itself is quite interesting, but the characters' personalities are strange, especially the way the male characters speak (too soft). So they decide to help Hime-chan to rewrite it, but she says she would like to try again by herself.

Looking on from the Land of Magic, Erika says that it must be very difficult to write a play. Chappy wonders if Hime-chan will be able to do it, but Erika says that whatever the obstacles have been, Hime-chan has always managed to get through. So she is sure she will succeed, and wishes her good luck.

During Gori-sensei's lesson, Hime-chan thinks that Daichi might help her to write the male characters' sentences in a more manly way. So she asks him when the lesson is over. But Daichi teases her, saying that she understands a man's ways of thinking better then a woman's, because she was a tomboy. Then he leaves, laughing.

On the playground, Daichi starts playing basketball with his friends. So that she would be able to spy on them, Hime-chan makes herself smaller and hides behind Daichi's roller skates.

[CM break]

While the boys play, Hime-chan carefully studies them, until the ball rolls towards her. She is forced to hide in the pocket of Daichi's jacket.

When the game ends, Daichi comes to change his shoes. Then one of his friends asks him how things are going between him and Hime-chan. Since Daichi doesn't answer, the boy adds that Hime-chan is the kind of genki girl he likes, and wonders whether he should tell her or not. Daichi calmly replies, "Do as you please." Hime-chan was expecting him to say something different. Then Daichi puts his jacket on, and goes back home, with Hime-chan still stuck in his pocket.

Much to her surprise, Hime-chan realizes that Daichi is back to his apartment, and hears Shintaro asking him to play video games with him. So Daichi leaves his jacket in his bedroom, and Hime-chan jumps at the chance to get out of his pocket. But when the video game is over, Daichi suggests to play soccer outside, and asks Shintaro to go to his room to get the ball. Hime-chan hurries to find a place to hide, and climbs on a book. But Shintaro unexpectedly comes in and she is forced to let her legs hang over the top of the book.

Shintaro spots her and grabs her, so Hime-chan freezes and acts like a doll. He shows her to Daichi, saying that it must be his mascot. Shintaro also says that she looks like Yumeko's older sister. Daichi is shocked to see Hime-chan [Shintaro even thinks that it's a girlish behavior to have a doll :) ], so he asks Shintaro to go outside first. After Shintaro leaves, Daichi puts Hime-chan on his bed. Then after Daichi leaves, Hime-chan turns herself back to normal size.

Outside, Shintaro and Daichi are playing soccer, but Daichi worries about Hime-chan. So he stops playing and quickly goes back for a few minutes. He finds Hime-chan who immediately starts to yell at him for having said such unkind things earlier ("Do as you please"). Daichi says that what men sometimes say doesn't always reflect their true feelings, which surprised Hime-chan. Then he leaves to resume playing with his brother.

Hime-chan is back home just to see her father leaving to go to a reception. But before leaving, he gives Hime-chan some advice. He says that he has seen and enjoyed many scenarios for TV and movies. But the best ones were the ones where the writer has affection in his heart for his characters. Father says that getting absorbed in your work and knowing all of your characters extensively will surely make your plays more interesting.

Back in her room, Hime-chan resumes writing her play. Thanks to her father, she now understands what a writer must feel. Her story will be about a violent, unrefined, rebellious boy but with a warm heart inside. Hime-chan then remembers Daichi's words, that boys don't always show their true feelings. After a while Pokota falls asleep, but she keeps writing. She has found her inspiration.

The next day at the theater club, everyone reads and enjoys her play. This time, she has written a happy ending. The story is also about a tomboy, and one of the club members says that it's Hime-chan for sure, making everybody laugh. They all agree on this play for their next performance.

Back at home after school, Hime-chan lets Pokota read her play. Pokota asks her why she finally chose to write a happy ending as it was supposed to be a sad love-story. But Hime-chan says that it's a secret. To herself, she thinks of her main characters, the rebellious boy and the tomboy. She imagines in the night sky a picture of her and Daichi, back to back, looking sideways at each other.

Then she writes a few words to Erika in her diary. Erika replies that she congratulates her, and would also, like her, like to study boys' characters for such as situation. Then, thinking about Hime-chan and Daichi, she says that the ending could be nothing but a happy ending.

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