Hime-chan no Ribbon episode 55

Episode Title
Himeko no dotabata ren'ai kouza
[Himeko's struggling love course]
Air Date
Egao no Genki (SMAP)
Hajimete no Natsu (SMAP)
Koibito doushi, library, lunch
  • Summary version 1.0 by Pascal Janin, 1994.05.12
  • Editing by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.05.16
While waiting for Hime-chan and Icchan to rejoin her, Manami is watching the soccer club and the tennis club practicing. Icchan teases her for cheering for everyone. Then the kendo team runs by, but Manami retreats shyly (blushing a bit) behind Icchan. The first four guys [those who ate Manami's cooking in the previous episode 54, and got sick] call out to her, asking her to cook another delicious meal for them. Then Tetsu, the captain of the club, pushes them away to resume the training. Hime-chan has noticed Manami's embarrassment and teases her, saying Tetsu is a really nice boy. Manami shyly nods and blushes at the same time.

Then Hime-chan, Manami and Icchan sit down on the grass, and Manami tells them about how she feels whenever she sees Takada-kun [Tetsu]: heart beating faster, feeling dizzy, etc.. Icchan says Manami should be taken to a hospital, but Hime-chan yells that's not it: Manami is in love. It makes Manami blush even more. She doesn't know what to do, since it's her first love. Both Hime-chan and Manami shake hands with joy. Icchan remarks out loud that BOTH of them should be taken to the hospital.

That night at home, instead of doing her homework Hime-chan daydreams about what they said at school about Manami. Icchan said that if Manami loves Tetsu that much, she could confess to him. But Hime-chan said such things aren't that easy to do. Whenever Manami looks at him, she probably can't say a word and her heart beats faster. Manami nodded and agreed.

Seeing her daydreaming and seeing her dreamy face, Pokota said that Hime-chan must be thinking about Hasekura-senpai again. Pokota's joke catches her off guard and she falls off of her chair [VERY funny]. Hime-chan then swears that she'll do her best to put Tetsu and Manami in each other's arms.

The next day at school at their secret place, Hime-chan asks Daichi what kind of girl Tetsu likes. But Daichi says that Tetsu never talks much about that. But he thinks that Manami is a good choice. Besides, she's much more onna-rashii (girl-ish) than some other person he knows. That makes Hime-chan mad. Then she asks Daichi about Tetsu's hobby and birth date, but he says that when you want to know something, you have to ask by yourself: it should be Manami's job to ask Tetsu personally. Hime-chan says there are things that aren't possible for a girl's heart. Daichi then leaves, saying he can't see why. Hime-chan thinks to herself that Daichi doesn't seem to understand girls' feelings.

When school is over, Tetsu and Daichi walk down the stairs when Manami accidentally bumps into Tetsu. She immediately turns bright red. Tetsu looks happy to see her, but just says good bye to her and leaves, followed by Daichi who has noticed Manami's embarrassment. Manami has only been able to murmur "good bye" when Tetsu was gone. Soon Hime-chan and Icchan rejoin her, and Hime-chan notices her face is bright red. Manami confesses to them that she has just met the two boys but could say nothing to Tetsu except "good bye". Hime-chan understands how Manami feels, but feels that Manami should do something. Then Hime-chan finds an idea, and tells Manami to leave it to her.

At home, Hime-chan looks for Tetsu's address in her notebook, and then transforms into Daichi. Then she goes to Tetsu's house. As Daichi, she asks Tetsu to go with him to the library the following Sunday. They'll meet at 11 AM at the foreign books section of the Kazetachi library.

Back at home, Hime-chan gives a call to Manami to ask her to meet Icchan and her at the same time and place. Manami, very happily, tells Hime-chan that she will cook a very delicious lunch for all three of them. Hime-chan feels very happy about what she has set up.

On Sunday in front of the library, Hime-chan turns herself into the woman she saw leaving the library a few seconds ago, and goes in. She wonders what happened to Manami and Tetsu, who were late. But then Manami rushes in, soon followed by Tetsu. Manami spots Tetsu behind her, blushes at once, and retreats behind a book shelf. Tetsu, in the meantime, looks for the foreign books section, which incidentally is on the other side of the shelf where Manami is standing. To herself, panicing, Manami complains that she doesn't want Tetsu to see her in that condition (i.e. not being dressed nicely, her hair not looking lovely), and hopes that Hime-chan and Icchan come soon.

[CM break]

Hime-chan wonders what Manami is doing, and decides to make a move. Pretending to be browsing the book shelves, she (still in the woman's body) gets closer to Manami and accidentally pushes Manami in the aile. Tetsu spots her. They say hello to each other, and tell each other their respective reasons why they are here that day. While talking, they both look down and blush a bit. Hime-chan, spying on them, is proud of Manami because she has at last been able to talk to Tetsu. But after a while, they remain politely silent, still looking down, wondering what else to say.

It was 11:30 and none of their friends has come yet. Tetsu and Manami wonder why they are so late, then soon realize that they had been given the same rendez-vous at the same place at the same time. Now both of them wonder what's going on. Then Tetsu's stomach starts rumbling.

It makes Manami remember that she has brought a lunch for three. Hime-chan thinks that it was a great chance for her to let Tetsu taste her cooking. But when she realizes that Manami won't make the first move, Hime-chan goes to the restroom, turns back into her own self, and goes back to the library. In the book basket where Pokota is waiting, Hime-chan grabs the flying pen and the magical heart baton. She makes herself smaller, then flies all around the library to spy on Manami and Tetsu.

Hime-chan spots Manami's pen box, and makes it fall on the floor and burst open. Manami's and Tetsu's hands meet when they both go to pick it up, but nothing else happens. Hime-chan is disappointed, but Manami eventually asks Tetsu if he wants to have some of the lunch that she had prepared.

Hime-chan feels proud of Manami, but the woman [whom Hime-chan had turned into before] comes back in the library and starts pushing the basket with Pokota inside. He calls Hime-chan to rescue him. On her flying pen, she distracts the woman's attention but she accidentally lets the basket go. It bumps into Manami, making her drop her lunch box on the floor. But the lunch box remains closed. Tetsu and Manami pick up the box at the same time, but Manami says they can't eat such spoiled food. Tetsu disagrees, and as they pull on each side, the box falls again on the floor. But this time the lunch box bursts open. Then Manami starts crying and rushes outside.

The next day at school, Manami scolds Hime-chan and Icchan for not having come to the library. With tears in eyes, Manami says she has felt the most embarrassment of her entire life. Hime-chan replies that she shouldn't care about having been embarrassed in front of him. Manami then realizes that Hime-chan was probably there, for having said him, and cries even more. She yells that Hime-chan was cruel, for she was there, did nothing to help her, and probably laughed. Icchan and Hime-chan can't say any words to comfort her.

Hime-chan was thinking about it at the secret place at the top of the stairs, when Daichi comes by. He says it seems that Hime-chan as well as Manami has been hurt by what happened. He adds that Tetsu isn't that particular about such things, and leaves.

Back at home, Pokota tries to cheer her up because, despite what happened, she has tried her best for her friends. He said that she should apologize once more to Manami the next day.

The next day on her way to school, Hime-chan spots Manami and Icchan and wants to apologize to Manami. But Manami stops her saying that she has forgotten all about it, and is happy again. Icchan says that's because Manami has remembered that Tetsu isn't the only boy Manami has in mind. But this doesn't convince Hime-chan, and she thinks that Manami might be straining herself too much to look happy.

Later during a break time, Manami talks to Icchan about a member of the volleyball team, Kawazaki-kun, that she finds very cool. Hime-chan wants to join them, but she doesn't feel like it yet, and holds back. Icchan can't believe that Manami can like so many boys. Then she spots Tetsu walking towards them. Manami retreats behind Icchan at once, asking her what she should do. Icchan replies that she should just be herself. Hime-chan pops out and backs her up, saying that being natural is the way she likes Manami to behave, and summons Manami to gather her wits. Manami blushes but nods, and turns back to face Tetsu.

Tetsu comes to her to apologize for what happened the day before, and brings her the lunch box she had left behind. Tetsu says it was too bad he couldn't have tasted Manami's cooking, so she decides to cook another lunch for him. They both smile at each other now, and decide to meet on the following Sunday.

Later Manami was behaving as usual, i.e. being happy, talking about many things to Icchan and Hime-chan at the same time with a bright and cheerful voice. Manami was talking only about Tetsu. She even says that she can now share secrets with him, and might even consider telling him embarrassing ones. That makes her feel like koibito doushi (lovers).

In the Land of Magic, Erika says that's what Hime-chan and Daichi will become too, koibito doushi. Because they now share important secrets: Daichi knows all about Hime-chan's magical powers, and Hime-chan knows Daichi's secret house. Chappy says that they still quarrel, but Erika says that is the way real friends behave on the Earth!

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