Hime-chan no Ribbon episode 56

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Egao no Genki (SMAP)
Kimi ha Kimi dayo (SMAP)
flashbacks episodes 1 to 5
  • Summary version 1.0 by Pascal Janin, 1994.04.08
  • Editing by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.04.22
  • [Geez.. YAFE!! (Yet Another Flashback Episode) But there are difficult scenes here to cross-match with past episodes numbers, and TONS of funny scenes!]
Hime-chan is lying on the sofa at the secret place [the deserted house], remembering what has recently happened between her friends Manami and Tetsu. It seems that thanks to the past events [see episodes 54/55], they have become koibito-doushi (boy friend and girl friend) and are a perfect match. It is just like her and Daichi, who share the same secret: her magical powers, the key of this house..

Then she recalls the past events she had with Daichi.

  • Daichi saved her when she was about to be shot at by Shintaro's kidnapper [cf episode 8].
  • Daichi left her in the cavern while he went out to get the rescue squad [cf episode 15].
  • When she, as Hikaru, was crying on his chest, he put his hand in her hair [cf episode 18].
  • She and Daichi fought to take a ride together on his bike and rescue Yuka [cf episode 28].
She asks to herself what Daichi really thinks about her.

Looking out of the window, she realizes that she and Daichi met for the first time at this place, in the bushes, when she was still after Hasekura-senpai.

[flashback to episode 1: Hime-chan didn't have the red ribbon yet]

Hime-chan was standing in front of Hasekura's house, wondering what she should do. She took a deep breath and almost put her finger on the door bell, but couldn't press it. To cheer herself up, she took Pokota and used his paw to press the button.. but couldn't, so left.

While walking around in the streets, Hime-chan passed in front of a broken fence around a very old, deserted house, and decided to sneak in. But when she popped out of the bushes, she ran into Daichi. Daichi quickly brought her back to the street, saying there was a sign No trespassing that she should have read. When she complained that he had ignored this sign too, calling him by his family name, Daichi was surprised and asked her why she knew his name.

Hime-chan said, "We are in the same school!"

Then Daichi replied, "Oh! You're a GIRL!!". Hime-chan became furious and gave him her famous Himeko kick right on his face [VERY funny!], yelling at him for not having noticed she was a girl. Then she spotted, behind Daichi, Hasekura-senpai, who was looking at her, and might even have seen her kicking Daichi (her typical boyish behavior she was afraid to show him).

She became bright red, so while she was speaking to Hasekura, Daichi came by and whispered to her about her face turning red. She didn't reply but kicked him again from behind. When Hasekura was leaving, he told Hime-chan to try to stop acting too much like a tomboy. It made her laugh, but to herself that was the worst.

[end of flashback]

Then she remembers something that happened soon after.

[flashback again, but now she wears her ribbon]

Hime-chan was sweeping the playground when Daichi threw a bucket of water out of the window, which fell right onto Hime-chan. She started to yell at him for being so careless, and Daichi realized she was the same shounen (young boy) he had run into before. Then Hime-chan went up to the classroom 1-A to make him apologize.

In another day (?), Hime-chan was sneaking out of the men's restroom, when Daichi spotted her. He said, "That's what I thought. You're a boy after all." [funny!]
She yelled at him (once again) for talking nonsense. "How could I be a boy, wearing such clothes and even a ribbon?"

But Daichi replied that he saw her leaving the men's restroom, and even if she said it was a mistake, he thought she might be a pervert, for sneaking into men's restrooms like that. Then Daichi called her hentai, but he quickly said that it was a joke, making Hime-chan slip on the floor. But Pokota said to Hime-chan that it was all her fault, for not being careful enough when she left the men's restroom [where she had transformed back to herself].

[end of flashback]

Hime-chan thinks to herself that Daichi is such a nuisance, but then remembers that her ribbon got torn soon afterwards.

[flashback to the end of episode 4 then episode 5]

Daichi ran up the stairs, so he can read a manga he brought at his secret place at the top of the school staircase. But he found Hime-chan there. He started to tease her for being such a kid to carry her stuffed animal, but he noticed that she was sleeping. He was moved by her cute sleeping face, and decided to leave quietly to let her sleep. But on the way down, he ran into Gori-sensei, who got very mad at him for having brought a manga to school.

Then Gori wondered what else Daichi was hiding upstairs, so he tried to go up the stairs. But Daichi tried to hold him back, saying that he didn't have anything else upstairs. Then the noise woke up Hime-chan and Pokota. She went down the stairs and ran into Gori, who was very surprised. Then Daichi rushed at Hime-chan, grabbed her hand, and pulled her to run away from Gori.

As they reached the edge of the playground, they came to a fence and had to climb over it. As she was jumping over the fence, Hime-chan got her ribbon caught in a branch and tore the ribbon. When she landed on the ground, she tried to talk to Pokota, but the magic didn't work any more. Daichi thought it was strange that Hime-chan was trying to make the stuffed animal talk.

[end of flashback]

Remembering this, Hime-chan is playing with the world map key ring that Daichi gave her for her birthday.

[CM break]


The next day at school, Manami rushed up to Hime-chan, and said that there was big trouble. In the classroom, someone had written stuff on the chalk board. It said that Kobayashi-kun and Hime-chan were going out. There was a part that even said, "Is Kobayashi a homo!?" [since Hime-chan rather looks like a boy than a girl] [VERY funny!].

Then Hibino Hikaru, numero uno member of the Kobayashi Daichi fan club, came asking for Hime-chan. Hime-chan said that she wasn't in the fan club. Hikaru said that she wouldn't take her because Hime-chan was such a tomboy, not cute, not feminine, violent, etc. She also added that she was the prettiest girl in the school. They got mad at each other, and Hime-chan yelled out that she didn't care about Daichi, and that all of this talk was giving her problems. After they argued some more, Hime-chan said that they should ask Daichi.

They found out from Daichi's friend Tetsu that Daichi was absent. Tetsu said that Daichi sometimes took days off although he wasn't sick.

Since then, the rumor spread quickly. Manami even asked Hime-chan if she had kissed Daichi. Then Hime-chan got very mad.

At home Hime-chan was very upset, saying that it was the fault of that bakayarou [stupid] Daichi. Then she discovered that the ribbon had become fixed. Hime-chan decided to turn into Daichi and tell Hikaru the truth. She wrote a letter to get Hikaru to meet her at 6:00 AM the next day.

The next day, when Daichi (actually was Hime-chan transformed as Daichi) met Hikaru, Hikaru asked, "What's the important thing that you wanted to talk to me about?"
Daichi said, "I'm not going out with Nonohara."

Hikaru quickly said that she hadn't believed it in the first place, and asked why he told her in private. When Daichi was trying to come up with a reason, Hikaru hugged Daichi. She thought that Daichi liked her and asked, "How do you feel about me?"

Hime-chan/Daichi couldn't stand being hugged by Hikaru, thus she used the lines she had memorized. "I'm a dangerous man. If you fall in love with me, you will get hurt. Please find someone else." Then Daichi went off. Hikaru, with heart-shaped eyes, thought that Daichi was very cool, because of those words.

Later Hime-chan tried to return to herself. But the magic didn't work because the ribbon hadn't fully recovered.

[end of flashback]

Hime-chan thinks it was a really big problem. Then as she plays with the key ring, throwing it in the air, she misses it and it falls into a hole in the floor. So she decides to use the heart baton to make herself small enough to slip into the hole. She uses one of her shoelaces to climb down, but soon we hear her scream with fear.

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