Hime-chan no Ribbon episode 57

Episode Title
Chotto dake koi no yokan
[a presentiment of love, just a bit but..]
Air Date
Egao no Genki (SMAP)
Kimi ha Kimi dayo (SMAP)
flashback from episodes 6, 12, 18, 19, 26, 27
Main Characters
Hime-chan, key holder, Daichi, Yuka
  • Summary version 1.0 by Pascal Janin, 1994.05.24
  • [YAFE !! (Yet Another Flashback Episode) I think the English I wrote is really weird some time to time..]
  • Editing by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.05.28
[continued from the previous episode 56]

As Hime-chan plays with her world globe key holder, throwing it in the air, she misses it and it falls into a hole in the floor. So she decides to use the heart baton to make herself small enough to slip into the hole. She uses one of her shoelaces to climb down, but soon we hear her scream with fear.

She is screaming because she has fallen right onto a cobweb, and the spider [gigantic compared to Hime-chan] is getting closer. She hurries to tie the lace around the key and climbs up. Then she transforms back to her normal size and gets the key back.

[flashback to episode 6, continued from episode 5]

After meeting Hikaru, Hime-chan was in the form of Daichi. But since the magic ribbon hadn't fully recovered yet, she could not return to her normal self. School was about to begin, and a lot of the students started arriving in school. So Hime-chan tried to escape from school.

Hime-chan went to the park. When she was feeling very hungry, Hime-chan went to drink some water. Then some truant officer came and asked what he (Daichi) was doing. Hime-chan just ran away.

During school, one of his friends went up to Daichi and told him that a girl was waiting for him. When Daichi went out, he discovered that it was Hikaru. After Hikaru told him about meeting in the morning, Daichi became suspicious and asked, "What did I say to you this morning? Just tell me!" Then Hikaru repeated the line that Hime-chan (as Daichi) said. Daichi was shocked. When Daichi asked why they had met in the morning, Hikaru showed him the letter that Hime-chan had written. Daichi noticed that it wasn't his writing.

Daichi thought that there was another Daichi somewhere, so he left school early to investigate.

Night came, and Hime-chan still couldn't turn back into her own self. She now just wanted to find some place to sleep. She couldn't go home, and she couldn't also go to her friends' house. So she decided to go to the empty house that Daichi usually went to (Daichi's hideout).

Daichi had been looking for the other Daichi. But he couldn't find him. So he decided to return to his hideout.

Hime-chan found Daichi's hideout. When she was looking for a way inside, Hime-chan ran into Daichi! Hime-chan tried to escape right away, but Daichi caught her and said, "Wait! Who are you ?"
Hime-chan thought about it and said, "I'm Kobayashi Daichi." Then they argued for a while about who the real Daichi was.

[end of flashback]

Looking at the key holder, Hime-chan then remembers what Daichi did after he eventually found out what had happened.

[flashback to episode 12, right after Sei went back home]

It started to snow and Hime-chan and Daichi sat down on a park bench. Hime-chan asked Daichi to hit her, and she insisted so much that Daichi pretended to hit her. But Daichi gave Hime-chan a key. It was a key to their secret hideout.

[end of flashback]

Grabbing the key holder, Hime-chan remembers whom she got it from, and when.

[flashback to episode 18]

Hime-chan was stuck into Hikaru's body because she hadn't been able to turn back into her own self in time, and was hiding at Daichi's hideout. When Erika and Daichi came to see her, Daichi gave her a key chain, with a small world globe.

[end of flashback]

Hime-chan says to herself that Daichi is surely nice. Then Valentine Day came..

[CM break]

[flashback to episode 19]

After school, Daichi rode roller skates through school to escape from all of the girls trying to give him chocolate. Then Gori caught him and told him that roller skates were forbidden in school. But all of the girls ran to them, and when Gori spotted the chocolates and told them that it wasn't allowed in school, Daichi escaped.

Icchan met Hime-chan and Manami after school. Then Daichi skated by them, followed by a lot of girls. Hime-chan was determined not to give the chocolate to Daichi.

[end of flashback]

Later at their hideout..

[flashback to episode 19]

Hime-chan went there and found Daichi. Then she emptied the bag of chocolates on the table. Daichi said, "Are you trying to open a candy store? Oh, this is the chocolate that you received."
Hime-chan got very mad, but she tried to control herself. "This is for you." Then Hime-chan told Daichi that she had transformed herself into him.

Daichi said, "If I eat all of these, I'll get cavities." Then he picked up one chocolate. It was Hime-chan's. Hime-chan and Pokota noticed too. Daichi remembered that it was the one that Hime-chan was holding earlier. Then Daichi asked, "Is is one for me too?"
Hime-chan said, "From me."
Daichi said, "I have to eat at least one. It's Valentine's Day." Then Daichi took one of Hime-chan's chocolates and ate it. Daichi offered one to Hime-chan too. Daichi and Hime-chan sat down by the fire and ate the chocolates together.

Hime-chan thought, "It's very good. It's probably the best chocolate that I have ever had."

[end of flashback]

Then when Yuka came out..

[flashback to episode 26]

Gori introduced a transfer student, Hijiri Yuka. She was the cute girl that Hime-chan had saved earlier. Yuka had lived in that neighborhood until she was 6 years old, and just moved back. Then Gori heard Daichi snoring. Gori got mad, yelled at Daichi, and threw an eraser at him. But Daichi got up and caught the eraser. The other students all clapped. Then Yuka recognized Daichi and called him "Dai-chan". Yuka said that she had lived next door to Daichi. Then Daichi finally recognized Yuka and called her "Yuka".

Since Yuka knew Daichi, Gori let her sit next to him. Hime-chan was surprised that Daichi called Yuka by her first name. Hikaru got upset. Daichi told Yuka to quit calling him Dai-chan. Yuka said that she always wanted to meet Daichi again.

[end of flashback]

[flashback to episode 27]

Yuka was being interviewed in front of Daichi's apartment building. Yuka said, "I went to the bath every day with Dai-chan." Hime-chan and Manami were shocked. But Icchan calmly said that she even went in when she was a child.

Daichi was trying to sneak away but Yuka spotted him. But Daichi kept going on his bicycle. Then Yuka stepped toward Daichi and fainted. Daichi quickly got off of the bike and ran to her. Daichi held Yuka. Then Yuka popped open her eyes. Yuka said that she had always tricked Daichi like that. Daichi got mad and walked back to his bike. Yuka said that she had played with Daichi every day in the park, and also that that was where she had her first kiss with Daichi.

Hime-chan was very shocked. Manami was shocked too. But Icchan calmly said that they were just kids. Then Yuka said, "Dai-chan, please kiss me again." Daichi was surprised. Yuka continued, "When I was moving away, you ran after the truck and said that you would kiss me again when I came back." Daichi yelled at Yuka and said that he didn't know what she was talking about. Hime-chan was worried about Daichi.

Yuka waited for Daichi's kiss. The reporter told Daichi to cooperate with Yuka. Daichi faced Yuka and stood there. Then Shintaro came running and shouted, "No." He said that Daichi's only girl friend was Hime-chan. Then Yuka ran away.

The next day, Yuka had been chosen for Peter Pan's role instead of Hime-chan. Daichi was sitting by himself in his hideout staircase. Then he heard someone come, and thought it was Hime-chan. But it was Yuka. Then Hime-chan came and saw Daichi with Yuka. Hime-chan became sad and ran away. Daichi quickly got up and went after her. Daichi said, "Wait!" and grabbed Hime-chan.
Hime-chan said, "Let me go!"
Daichi said, "Why are you running away?"
Hime-chan thought to herself, "My important place. My important things are slipping away from me."
Hime-chan said to Daichi, "It doesn't matter to you what I do! Why don't you just talk with Hijiri-san!" Then Daichi and Hime-chan kept arguing. Hime-chan turned around and said, "Leave me alone. It's got nothing to do with you." Then Daichi got mad and ran away. Hime-chan said, "Stupid Daichi, I hate you." Yuka ran after Daichi, then Hime-chan started crying.

[end of flashback]

[flashback to episode 29]

Hime-chan, passing in front of the principal's room, heard him saying that he was very sad that "somebody" will leave the school in just one week. As she wondered who that might be, Yuka opened the door and ran into Hime-chan. Both were startled, and Hime-chan couldn't believe that the principal was talking about Yuka.

At the park, sitting on a bench, Hime-chan asked Yuka if she could tell her what the promise was about. Yuka said that was ok, and told her that it was to climb to the top of the big tree just in front of them.

Daichi and she had made that promise just before her 7th birthday, when she was about to move to another city. She was afraid of moving to another place, with no friends there, so Daichi had met Yuka under that tree and told her to climb to the top of the tree. From there, the gods would listen to her wish [making lots of friends] and fulfill it as a birthday present. Since she couldn't climb by herself, Daichi promised to climb together.

But the moving day came sooner than her father expected, and Yuka had to leave the city before her birthday. From inside the car, Yuka, leaning over the door, heard Daichi promising that he would climb the tree with her when she returned.

Yuka was feeling just like before, when she left the town on that day. At that time she was afraid of moving to another city, but now she was afraid of the entertainment world she will have to face. So she thought that if she could climb to the top of the tree, she might feel relieved and get some strength back.

With a determined look, Hime-chan got up [she probably wanted to transform into Daichi and take his place] and told Yuka that she would meet Daichi and make him remember. But Yuka stopped her and asked her if she would like to climb the tree with her. Now she wanted to be with Hime-chan. She would like to become as full of energy as her. Hime-chan agreed, so they started to climb together.

Soon Daichi arrived at the park, and stopped as he heard their voices coming from the top of the tree. They had climbed halfway up, and were already very tired. They laughed together [they had said "I'm tired" at the same time] and decided to stop there. They had a very nice view of the city, and Yuka swore that whatever her future might turn to be, she would never forget that view.

Then Hime-chan spotted Daichi, looking at them from the ground. They were both very happy that Daichi had remembered the promise, and had come. Yuka had tears in eyes. Daichi asked them if they had already asked the gods to fulfill their wish. They said they had almost forgotten, so they quickly shouted their respective wishes to the sky.

Yuka said it the best thing about coming back to this city was to have met Hime-chan. Now Hime-chan called Yuka Yuka [instead of Hijiri-san, a sign that they had become very good friends].

[end of flashback]

Hime-chan then says to herself that Daichi hasn't become her boy friend yet, but he has become very important to her. She gripped the key holder even harder, and did the ike ike go go jump! with a very big smile.

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