Hime-chan no Ribbon episode 58

Episode Title
Watashi wo mirai ni tsurete-tte
[Please take me to the future]
Air Date
Egao no Genki (SMAP)
Kimi ha Kimi dayo (SMAP)
Time-traveling clock, future
Main Characters
Hime-chan, Daichi, Sei
  • Summary version 1.0 by Pascal Janin, 1994.05.25
  • Editing by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.06.10
  • [Just plain wonderful. One of the best Hime-chan's episodes so far. Is it doing the same as with Ranma 1/2, getting better and better as it gets closer to the end ?..]
Icchan and Manami are waiting for Hime-chan in front of the 2-C classroom, but Manami is giggling and blushing because she's also expecting to meet Takada Tetsu. Hime-chan and Tetsu eventually come out the classroom at the same time, so Manami, blushing even more, asks Tetsu if they could go back together. Hime-chan cheers her up and Manami leaves her friends, smiling.

While leaving the school, Hime-chan asks Icchan about her future. Icchan would like to travel a lot, then possibly meet a prince and end up marrying him and being a princess. She then asks Hime-chan in turn, but no answer comes to Hime-chan's mind, except an image of Daichi, thus she kicks herself.

Then Daichi calls out for Hime-chan, since he was playing soccer and the ball rolled away from him in her direction. Icchan jumps at the chance and leaves, saying she'd better think about building her own future with him, making Hime-chan blush.

She keeps staring at the ball blindly, until Daichi yells, "Hey, hurry up, shounen!". This makes Hime-chan kick the ball as strong as she can, hitting Daichi in the stomach.

Very upset, Hime-chan leaves, but runs into Arisaka Sei, who tells her he has heard everything about her future, and would like her to build it with him. She pushes him away, but Sei quickly takes her hand, saying that they will build a very bright future if they stay together. But Sei can't continue much because Hime-chan lands her Himeko kick into his face. On his fours, Sei says that was Hime-chan's own proof of love to him. That makes her even more upset.

Later, all alone in the park, Hime-chan is still questioning herself about her future, when Sei comes by. He says that it's not possible to foresee one's future in the human world, but, in the Land of Magic.. He hasn't tried himself to do so, but knows that it's possible.

Then Sei's crow Kantarou comes by, bringing the time-traveling clock. Sei will go back to the Land of Magic soon, but before then he would really like to know what his future will be. Since Hime-chan would also like to know her own, he lends the clock to her for one day. Hime-chan is very happy and runs back home, holding the clock, before Sei can put his arm around her shoulders.

At home, Hime-chan and Pokota are very enthusiastic about the clock, and want to try it right away. But Aiko knocks on the door to ask for the dictionary Hime-chan borrowed from her. Soon Yumeko follows, as she was looking for her crayons, but Hime-chan quickly pushes her out of her room.

Pokota, wondering how the clock works, pats it. Suddenly the clock's bells, two eyes and a mouth pop out and the clock starts to speak. Hime-chan says she would like to go three years forward in the future, and the clock asks her to wind itself up. Then with a burst of light, Hime-chan and the clock vanish in mid air before Pokota's eyes.

When Hime-chan pops out of the time spiral, she accidentally lets the clock go, and falls into nearby bushes. She then hears her younger sister Yumeko talking to some kids in the street. Hime-chan notices that Yumeko has grown old, and has become a grade school student, thus she has really stepped three years forward in time. But she also notices that Shintaro isn't with her, as Yumeko stops briefly and takes a quick but sad glance at the building nearby.

Then she goes mad because she has lost the clock. Luckily, it got caught in the tree right above her head. To avoid losing it again, Hime-chan puts the clock's chain around her neck.

Now Hime-chan realizes that her sister Yumeko was staring sadly at the mansion where Shintaro used to live. She thinks that Yumeko might have quarreled with him.

[CM break]

Hime-chan wonders what might have happened between her and Daichi during these three years. All she has to do to find out would be to meet her own self and hear everything from her. So she rushes to her school.

Hiding herself behind a tree in the Kazetachi High School playground, Hime-chan spots Manami and Icchan, wearing more "mature" uniforms, leaving the school together. She'd really die to see herself in such clothing, but the older Hime-chan never shows up. She thinks she might be staying at the theater club, and plans to go and meet her there, but instead bumps into Hibino Hikaru.

Hime-chan runs away to dodge Hikaru's questions, but Hikaru chases her. Now since Hikaru is three years older, she runs as fast as Hime-chan. Hime-chan thinks that there is only one way to get rid of Hikaru, by stopping time with her palette. But she realizes in fear that she has left it on her desk, three years ago.

Then she uses the well-known trick, yelling, "Hey! Look! Isn't that a UFO there?" pointing her finger at the sky. As expected, Hikaru is taken in, and it gives Hime-chan enough time to use the heart baton to make herself smaller and hide herself behind a leaf.

Then Hime-chan thinks there should be an easier way to meet her older self.. by going home. She climbs the tree and sneaks into her room, thanks to the window that was left open. But Hime-chan's room is a real mess, stuff stacked just everywhere. Then she spots a note on her desk lamp. On Tuesday, 12 November 1996 (exactly 3 years in the future) at 4 PM, she's got some appointment at the park.

Then she hears her sister Aiko knocking at the door, about to come in. Hime-chan tells her not to come in, and rushes outside through the window to see what is supposed to happen at 4 PM at the park, since today is November 12.

Aiko, surprised to hear no sound, comes into Hime-chan's room. A very cute and pretty older Aiko shows up. She has got her hair cut rather short, with a hair lock waving on the left side of her forehead. She has small ear rings, and is wearing a white shirt with a purple/blue scarf tied around her shoulders just like a sailor suit [VERY cute ^_^;]. Noticing the window left open, Aiko says that Hime-chan must have left through the window, as usual, so that after many years she is still behaving like a tomboy.

Hiding in the garden, Hime-chan has seen her older sister, and really finds her very cute. She thinks that Aiko has changed to her best, but considering the mess in her own room, it might mean that she, Hime-chan, might have not changed that much and might still look like a tomboy. She would rather like to go back to her own present time, but says she must meet her own self by all means before leaving.

At the park, Hime-chan is really looking forward to meeting her own self, but is a bit scared though. She hopes Sei went back to the Land of Magic, then thinks that she might have done well with Daichi, and blushes. The clock makes her stop daydreaming as 4 PM rings. Then a few seconds later, Daichi pats her shoulder from behind.

Daichi has grown taller, and stands now one head above Hime-chan. Daichi pats her on her head, saying she was kind of cute after all when she was a junior high student. He also adds that many things have happened to them since then, but Hime-chan barely listens to him, and just keeps staring at her older adult Daichi, blushing a bit, her heart beating.

After she introduces him to the talking clock, Hime-chan hears her own voice from behind, apologizing for being late. She slowly turns back, and her older self hugs her with joy. Hime-chan can't say a word, she can't believe it's her. Hime-chan, in three years, has grown a bit taller (by about half a head), has long hair and a cute girlish face, and wears the same outfit that she saw Icchan and Manami wearing earlier.

Hime-chan, overwhelmed with joy, asks older Hime-chan lots of questions, about getting on well with somebody, to which older Hime-chan replies, "No comment." Both she and older Daichi tell Hime-chan that unveiling what her future would be would make it lose all of its spice. They say life is worth living only when you DON'T know what's going to happen. Older Hime-chan adds that she, when she made the time trip three years ago, didn't want to know either [urk, such intricate temporal paradoxes.. reminds me of KOR :)]

Hime-chan is a bit disappointed though, but soon the clock rings the time limit. It's time to go back to the present time. With a last look at older Daichi and Hime-chan, she winds up the clock and goes backward in time.

At home, Pokota is very tired for having been waiting for Hime-chan for a long time. Hime-chan tells him she won't say a word about her future, for the same reasons older Daichi and Hime-chan told her.

In the Land of Magic, Chappy asks Erika whether she'd like to see her future too, when her diary pops open as Hime-chan starts to write. Hime-chan says that her future is a matter of her own, and she'll build her own one, with all her might. Also she can't forget to put a memo note on her desk lamp, nor to keep her hair short, so that her future will be as she saw it.

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