Hime-chan no Ribbon episode 59

Episode Title
Sayonara ga ippai
[lots of good-byes]
Air Date
Egao no Genki (SMAP)
Kimi ha Kimi dayo (SMAP)
parting, Erika's exam
Main Characters
Hime-chan, Daichi, Sei, Daichi's father, Yumeko, Shintaro
  • Summary version 1.0 by Pascal Janin, 1994.05.26
  • Editing by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.06.12
  • [Spoilers: have your handkerchiefs handy ;_;]
When school begins, Gori-sensei has bad news to tell everyone. Arisaka Sei has to change to another school unexpectedly. Sei thanks all of his classmates for the nice time he has had there.

When the lesson is over, Sei comes to Hime-chan to tell her that he will go back to the Land of Magic for real. He's been forgiven, so Hime-chan says that's great. But Hikaru has caught the word disinherited and asks Sei how this happened. Hime-chan has to find an excuse, and Sei, very happy that Hime-chan has backed him up, takes Hime-chan's hands in his with joy. Hikaru, seeing that, says that Hime-chan can stay with Sei as long as she wants. That way, Daichi will be all hers. Then Sei murmurs to Hime-chan that he'd like to be all alone with her to bid farewell. Daichi retorts from afar that just saying bye bye would be nice enough.

At Sei's house, Sei, Daichi, and Hime-chan have some drinks and cookies for the last time together. Sei complains about Daichi being here between Hime-chan and him, but Hime-chan says that's a meeting gathering the only people on earth who know about the Land of Magic. Then Sei repeats that he'll keep loving her forever, and even proposes her to come with him to the Land of Magic. Hime-chan, startled, looks sideways to Daichi, to see what he'll say, but Daichi wonders out loud that it might be another of Sei and Camille's stupid betting over ramen. Sei, surprised, asks him how come he has guessed right, so Hime-chan knocks his face with a powerful Himeko Kick.

When the night comes, they say good bye to each other, then Sei, his crow Kantaro, and his black cat vanish, soon followed by Sei's house. Now only the old wasted ground remains at its place. Hime-chan says that somehow she feels sad that Sei has gone back home. Then she sneezes so Daichi gives her his scarf. Daichi also remarks, sternly, that if people keep parting away like Sei did, they might even disappear from their memories. When Daichi leaves, Pokota and Hime-chan say that Daichi didn't behave as usual that day.

In the Land of Magic, Erika just realizes that the hentai Sei Array should be back there by now. Then Ren comes by and tells her that her father the King would like to see her.

Back at home, Hime-chan's mother Hanako and older sister Aiko rush at her with worried faces. Hime-chan's younger sister Yumeko has left behind a message saying that she has run away from home with Shintaro [Daichi's younger brother]. Aiko asks Hime-chan if she is aware of something, but the only thing she has noticed is that Yumeko wasn't in a good mood for the last few days. (A few days ago, Hime-chan was about to leave home to go to school, but in the entrance hall she met Yumeko, who was looking sad. But Yumeko told her there was nothing wrong.) So Hime-chan rushes outside to look for them, soon followed by Aiko.

As they are running in the streets, they almost bump into Daichi, riding his bike and looking for his brother. Shintaro has left a similar message behind. But when Hime-chan asks Daichi if he might know why they did that, Daichi dodges and doesn't answer. They decide to split up: Daichi will go to the nearby park, Aiko to the station, and Hime-chan in the neighborhood.

Pokota suggests to Hime-chan to ask for Himeko-chan [Hime-copy]'s help. She uses her palette and makes Hime-copy appear.

All four of them keep looking for quite a while, but they can't find them.

When Daichi, Hime-chan, and Hime-copy meet in front of Daichi's building, Hime-chan asks Daichi if he remembers a place where Shintaro used to go when, for example, they quarreled or his father scolded him. Daichi says yes, in the large pipes at the park. But then they hear somebody sneezing from inside the small climbing hill in the playground. Daichi removes the cover that Yumeko and Shintaro had put over the entrance, and finds them asleep inside, side by side.

Since they are about to wake up, Hime-chan makes her copy disappear. Soon Shintaro and Yumeko, seeing them, start crying and apologizing at the same time to their respective older brother and sister. When Hime-chan asks Yumeko why she did such thing, Yumeko starts to say, "But Shin-chan's father will.." But she is quickly interrupted by Shin-chan, who has probably made her swear to tell nothing. Hime-chan has heard what Yumeko was trying to say and asks Daichi if anything is wrong with their father. Daichi dodges again and brings Shintaro back home, saying their families are certainly longing to see them back in good health.

Hime-chan thinks to herself for the second time of the day that Daichi really behaves strangely.

[CM break]

In the Land of Magic, the King has called out for his daughter Erika to tell her that her training period, about the magical ribbon, comes to an end, and that she has successfully passed the exam. Ren and Chappy congratulate her. The King adds that she has yet to write a full report, at which time it will be all over. But Erika also worries about Hime-chan, as does her mother the Queen, who has a sad look on her face too.

Back on earth, the Nonohara family is having breakfast, and Hime-chan is about to ask Yumeko about the previous day's runaway, but Aiko makes the first move. Yumeko says she cannot tell them, and with tears in her eyes, says she has made a promise to Shintaro. Her mother comes by, and says that's ok not to tell, as long as Yumeko doesn't run away again as she promised to her mother.

The day's lesson is about the French revolution [ureshii ^_^], and Hime-chan notices that despite Sei's departure nothing seems to have changed. Then Gori-sensei spots Daichi not listening to his lecture and asks him a tricky question, in order to entrap him, about who was in power at that time. But much to his dismay, Daichi gives the correct answer [which was Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette]. Hime-chan has noticed Daichi's sad look though, and thinks there IS something strange with him.

When the school finished, Hime-chan remembers what happened the previous day, about Yumeko saying "But Shin-chan's father will..", and Daichi's sad look that day. Then she sees a traffic policeman booking somebody, and remembers that Daichi's father is a policeman himself. So all she has to do is to go to the police station and get some information there.

The policeman on guard at the entrance door doesn't seem easy to handle, so Hime-chan decides to transform herself into the police woman she just met before, and goes in. But Hime-chan is very worried, as if she gets detected she'll end up in jail. When one of her coworkers comes to ask her if anything special happened while she was on patrol, she shyly asks him where Kobayashi's office is.

When she gets in front of his office door, she doesn't know what to do. Soon she spots the ladies restroom, and jumps at the chance to turn back into her normal self. Then she uses the heart baton to make herself smaller. She sneaks in, and hides behind Kobayashi's desk. She hears him saying to one of his colleagues that he has kept thinking about it all night and has eventually made up his mind. His friend replies that they will all feel sad when Kobayashi will have left, startling Hime-chan. Kobayashi replies that sometimes it's part of a policeman's duty to have to move to another place.

Instantly, Daichi's image forms into Hime-chan's mind. She can only think about him, leaving her. Sadly looking down, shocked, she leaves the office without even trying to hide herself. Outside, she hides her face in her hands, crying, asking to herself why Daichi didn't tell her.

At his hideout, Daichi is busy packing his stuff, looking at the door as if he expects Hime-chan to enter. Then she slams the door open, out of breath, with a very worried face.

Daichi said, "Nonohara.."
Himeko, clenching her fists, asked, "Why.. why didn't you tell me??"
Daichi, looking down, said, "Is that so.. now you know.."
Himeko with a much sadder look said, "So.. that's for real?"
Daichi said, "I like this place, Kazetachi, a lot, and don't want to move. Until now I didn't really know what would happen, that's why I didn't tell you anything. But Father has made his decision, and even Shintaro has understood."
A surprised Himeko asked, "So that's why he ran away yesterday?"
Daichi said, "Yes, and I'm sorry that Yumeko got involved in this."
Himeko said, "Then.."
A surprised Daichi said, "Hmm?"
Himeko, looking right into his eyes, said, "Then why didn't you tell me?"
Daichi said, "But I already explained to you why!"
Himeko yelled, "That's a poor excuse!!" Then Himeko was on the verge of tears. She said, "You only worried about yourself. How painful.. Such.. Such a..!"

Then Hime-chan slaps his face, and Daichi keeps looking sideways, embarrassed, until she leaves.

While running away, Himeko said, "Why didn't you tell me? Daichi you idiot!" Then when he was in the streets, she said to herself, "Idiot! Idiot!" Himeko had tears coming out of her eyes, and said, "Forever.. forever.. I thought we would stay together forever.. Idiot!"

Back at home, Hime-chan is about to confess to Pokota when her diary bursts open. Erika writes to Hime-chan that she has successfully passed her exam, but soon it will come to an end, and she and Hime-chan will have to part.

Hime-chan and Pokota can't believe what they read, but Pokota reminds her that was part of the agreement to return the ribbon. Then Pokota will become a normal stuffed animal, and Hime-chan will have all her memories of the Land of Magic erased. They hug each other, crying and yelling that they don't want to forget each other.

At night, Hime-chan can't sleep. She can only think that soon all of her best friends will part: first Erika, then Pokota.. and even Daichi.

[tsu zu ku..]

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