Hime-chan no Ribbon episode 60

Episode Title
Daichi ga dai suki
[I love you, Daichi, so much]
Air Date
Egao no Genki (SMAP)
Kimi ha Kimi dayo (SMAP)
Erika's exam, Daichi's moving to Kirigaoka
Main Characters
Hime-chan, Daichi, Pokota, Aiko, Erika
  • Summary version 1.0 by Pascal Janin, 1994.05.27
  • Editing by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.07.18
At school, the upper crust of Daichi's Fan Club is surrounding Daichi's best friend Tetsu to ask him if the rumor is true. In fact, yes, Daichi will be moving on Sunday (in just 2 days) to Kirigaoka. According to their map, from Kazetachi it would take at least 2 hours by train with many connections, and even more by bus since there's no direct one. Hikaru says they won't give up though, their love will be strong enough.

On the playground, Daichi plays a tennis match, while Hime-chan keeps gazing blindly at him from behind the fence. Then Manami and Icchan come by, and Manami asks Hime-chan if it's ok with her to let Daichi go. Hime-chan replies there's nothing she can do, besides that it's his father who's moving, and more, Daichi isn't that young not to be able to keep up with this moving. Manami seems satisfied with her reply, but Icchan, who has noticed that Hime-chan was forcing herself to smile, takes Manami away, saying they are her friends and should let her alone a bit.

As they leave, Hime-chan resumes gazing at Daichi, "Daichi.. Daichi.. I don't want you to leave.. I'd really like to tell you not to leave me.. but.." Daichi wins the game, and spotting Hime-chan, makes the V sign to her. Hime-chan has a brief smile. But then it starts raining, and they both keep staring at each other under the rain.

In the Land of Magic, Erika's report is now finished, and Ren has taken her to give it to her father the King. But before handing her report to him, Erika wants to know what will happen to Hime-chan's magical items, and to Hime-chan herself. The King replies that of course these items will be returned, and Hime-chan's memories of the Land of Magic will be erased. She won't even remember of Erika. Erika, while crying, says that if that's true, she won't give the report to him. She doesn't want to give Hime-chan up just because of it.

At home, Pokota can't cheer her up, and Hime-chan asks if he feels sad too. "Of course", he replies, then Aiko knocks at the door and comes in, bringing some watermelon to her. But Aiko sees that her sister is in a bad mood. As she's about to leave, Hime-chan asks her a question, catching her off guard.

Himeko said, "Aren't you sad because of not being able to meet Hasekura? Of course you're sad, aren't you?"
Aiko replied, "Of course I am, but being separated, there's one thing I have understood for the first time. It cured me of gazing at him, and I've realized how important he has become to me."
Himeko, rising to her feet, said, "But then, if for whatever reason you can't meet him again?"
Aiko said, "Well.. many days have passed since then, I've felt sad and lonely.. But I don't mourn over him anyway you know. Having met him, studying with him, going on a date with him, and just being with him have given me such unforgettable happy memories."

As she speaks, we can see Pokota dropping tears, and Hime-chan remembering her and Daichi, her, Pokota and Erika, being together.

Himeko said, "But then if you can't?.."
Aiko said, "Even if, it doesn't matter nor even scare me. I'm happy just because I have met him."

Then, slightly making fun of Hime-chan's way of speaking, Aiko leaves. She's relieved to see that Hime-chan is smiling a bit now. Pokota says that what Aiko said was true. Then while holding Pokota, Hime-chan says that he, Daichi, and Erika have become very important to her. Whatever happened between them was just great. When Pokota will become a normal stuffed animal again, he swears he'll look over Hime-chan as he did before, and in turn asks her to talk to him some time to time too. But he also asks her to confess her true feelings to Daichi, or his mind won't be at peace. Hime-chan thinks, "That's right. I have to confess him. That I love him so much."

The next day is Daichi's last day at school. When the lesson is over, Hime-chan gathers her wits and intends to go and talk to Daichi. But Tetsu takes him away to play a game of basketball before she can do anything.

As she is about to follow them, Hikaru and two friends pop out from behind, scolding her for taking over what should be Daichi's Fan Club's last task, supporting Daichi as long as he's still there. Hikaru's friends ask Hikaru what this last is supposed to mean, and she replies that since Daichi will change to another school, the Fan Club will break up. But SHE will follow him.

Hikaru keeps teasing Hime-chan, telling her not to interfere, after all it's her, Hikaru, who got along with Daichi, not Hime-chan. But Hime-chan seems to be at last honest to herself, and instead of taking umbrage at what Hikaru says, turns back to face her with a big smile and says, "What if I got along with him?? I have an announcement to make!" The three girls are astounded.

With a resolute look, Hime-chan rushes to meet Daichi on the playground. But once she's ready to talk to him, she can only blush and mutter a pitiful excuse (she has forgotten to give his scarf back to him) [see previous episode 59]. Then she runs away, saying to herself, "Idiot! Why didn't I tell him? I love him so much though!"

But when the game resumes, it's now Tetsu who teases Daichi, "Don't you think she is the kind of girl who runs away just because she can't tell you something.."

[CM break]

The next day is Sunday, Daichi's moving day. Yumeko leaves to meet Shintarou but Hime-chan is still sleeping. So Pokota wakes her up. Considering how late she is, she makes herself and Pokota smaller and they both take a ride on the flying pen.

On the playground in front of Daichi's mansion, Shintarou and Yumeko swear to each other to write many letters and have a Christmas party together. Daichi was loading a large truck with several boxes, and worried because Hime-chan is nowhere to be seen.

In fact, she and Pokota are hiding being the slide not too far away from Daichi. Hime-chan can't make up her mind to go and meet him, and would rather go back home. But Pokota says she has sworn to do so, and can't back down now. He cheers her up, so with a little smile she decides to go, but she hears the truck, now loaded, leaving.

The only five people remaining there are Daichi's father and mother, who aim at their own car to follow the truck, followed by Shintarou and Yumeko. Only Daichi stays still, because Hime-chan has eventually come into sight.

Hime-chan doesn't know what to tell, and clumsily hands Daichi's scarf back to him. But he says that would be nice if she could keep it. His answer makes both of them blush a bit [probably the first time Daichi is blushing in front of Hime-chan]. Then they start speaking at the same time, and look down with embarrassment.

Daichi's father sounds his car horn and Shintarou calls for his brother to come. Finally, Daichi looks at Hime-chan into her eyes, and tells her, "Your ribbon fits you really well. Bye bye.." and rushes to the car. Hime-chan is so surprised that she can't say a word as the car leaves.

Yumeko yells, "Bye bye!" to Shintarou who was looking at her out of the rear window. Daichi eventually does this too, and spots Hime-chan's tears. When the car stops at a stop sign to make a right turn, Hime-chan suddenly runs after it and yells, "Daichi! Daichi, I.. LOVE YOU!!!", but Daichi is already too far away to hear what she has said. Hime-chan stays still in the middle of the road, crying silently, as the wind blows and takes her tears away.

Back at home, Hime-chan complains that she hasn't been able to confess her love to Daichi after all, but Pokota is sure that one way or another he has heard or understood her feelings. Then in a burst of light, Erika and Chappy appear before their eyes.

Erika and Hime-chan are very happy to meet again, but Hime-chan thinks she has come to take the magical items and her memories away, since her exam has ended. Chappy says that was so, until the King made another decision. In agreement with his wife the Queen, he has agreed not to erase Hime-chan's memories and let her meet Erika again. Ren, Erika, and Chappy were very happy.

Therefore Hime-chan will have to return the magical items and won't be able to use magic any more, but Pokota will also keep living and speaking. Then Erika sets free the two espers Masshi and Hosshi from the palette and the pen where they had been entrapped [see episode 39].

Erika has one last thing to ask Hime-chan. She would like to do the ike ike with her! So all four of them do the ike ike go go, yuri yuri go go, jump!.

The next day at school, Hime-chan is still sad because of Daichi's departure, but that year with him has been very enjoyable, and it seems to her that she can still hear his lively voice. Looking at Daichi's now vacant desk, she says to herself with a smile, "I will meet you again Daichi, right?" Then Gori-sensei, who was taking roll, calls out his name and sadly remembers that he has moved to another school.. But all of a sudden he hears Daichi yelling out, "Present!" and rushing in the classroom, much to everybody's surprise. Daichi says that he has made a 40 minutes ride by bike to be here on time, instead of taking bus and train, and will keep doing this everyday for training. Even Gori-sensei is moved by Daichi's efforts to stay among them.

Daichi goes back to his own desk, and smiles at Hime-chan who's looking at him with a big smile. "Nonohara, you see, I'm back. Because I like this place, Kazetachi, so much.. and because you're here.."

Later Hime-chan writes to Erika, "Erika, are you doing fine? After all, Daichi is back. It's like a normal school year has started again."

[shots of Daichi skating inside the school building, waving at Hime-chan, scolded by Gori-sensei, cheered by Hikaru and the Daichi Fan Club]

"I have not confessed again my true feelings to Daichi yet.."

[shots of Daichi and Hime-chan, Pokota on her shoulder, going back home and eating nikuman side by side]

[then quarreling]

"But one day.. without fail, one day I'll tell him.."

[then Hime-chan, all smiling, running after him]

"That I love him.. That I love you so much!"

[close-up on her very happy face]


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