Hime-chan no Ribbon episode 61

Episode Title
Mahou no kuni ha dai soudou
[lots of confusion in the Land of Magic]
Air Date
Egao no Genki (SMAP)
Kimi ha Kimi dayo (SMAP)
Party, Land of Magic, fountain, jar, wedding
Main Characters
Hime-chan, Daichi, Hikaru, Erika
  • Summary version 1.0 by Pascal Janin, 1994.05.28
  • Editing by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.07.19
  • [Spoilers: have your handkerchiefs handy ;_;]
Hime-chan's mother Hanako calls out for Hime-chan because she has got a letter today. Mother thinks that it's kinda strange though, since there's no sender address on the back of it. But Hime-chan has already guessed who this letter comes from.. Erika!

Back in her room, Hime-chan opens the letter, from which some smoke appears, and Erika's image forms in the smoke. Erika tells them that she has very good news. Her father the King will hold a celebration party because Erika passed her magical exam with success, and she would really like to invite Pokota, Hime-chan, and Daichi to this party. Hime-chan is overwhelmed with joy, and says they are up to anything Erika asks to meet her again. A rendez-vous is set for the next night at 5 PM inside the Kazetachi School gymnasium, where a taxi will come to take them. Pokota reminds Hime-chan not to forget to tell her parents about the party though, so she goes to tell them right away.

Her parents wonder who Erika is though. Hime-chan replies, "Don't you remember? She was at my birthday party!"

(of course, this is a good joke, because Erika was actually playing Hime-chan's role, while Hime-chan was stuck into Hikaru's body) [see episodes 17 and 18].

When her father asks her with whom she will go, she replies, while blushing a bit, "Daichi will come with me." Then her mother says that's ok.

Then Hime-chan gives a phone call to Daichi. He is very enthusiastic as well. But Yumeko comes by and says she'd like to go with her big sister too. Hime-chan is forced to say no, but Aiko takes Yumeko in her arms, saying that if Yumeko remains as good as gold, she will take her and Shintaro to the amusement park tomorrow (while Hime-chan and Daichi will go to the birthday party). Hime-chan tells this to Daichi who in turns tells this to his younger brother Shintaro who becomes very happy [in fact, virtually everybody is very happy by now ^_^].

The next day, Hime-chan is the first one to get to the gymnasium. She is wearing a nice pink dress with a white collar, and Pokota has put on a bow tie too. Pokota is very happy because he'll meet Pink-chan again.

Daichi is on his way, but riding a bike when one's wearing a suit doesn't make it easier.

A car stops at the traffic lights, carrying Hikaru to her father's party. But she spots Daichi riding his bike into the Kazetachi playground going toward the gymnasium, and she wonders what he is doing there on a Sunday night. Therefore she decides to follow him, and tells the car driver to wait for her.

In the gymnasium, Hime-chan hears Daichi coming. They tease each other for a while for wearing such unusual clothing (Hime-chan got hers from the theater club while Daichi got his from his father). But from the door, Hikaru is spying on them, wondering why they have come there together. "Of course that can't be a date!?"

Then in a burst of light, a beautiful coach drawn by winged white horses appears. Sei is the coachman. He's very happy to meet Hime-chan again, but falls head first when he tries to jump down the coach.

Seeing Sei wearing a strange costume too, Hikaru wonders if it's a dream and pinches herself, but she isn't dreaming. Hime-chan and Daichi get into the coach, and Sei whips the horses to leave. So Hikaru rushes at the coach and grabs on its back, before it takes off and vanishes in mid air. She had closed her eyes for the takeoff but when she opens them again, she realizes they are flying in the night sky above the city. Being scared to death, she faints.

Soon they land on the Land of Magic, and Ren welcomes them. Unknown to them, Hikaru wakes up all of a sudden and wonders where she is. She decides to find out by herself.

In turn, Erika thanks Hime-chan and Daichi for coming. Erika is wearing a beautiful white dress with a pink neckline [the perfect opposite to Hime-chan's dress]. Daichi teases Hime-chan for being Erika's perfect copy but the difference is that Erika is a distinguished person. Then the King asks Erika to open party.

Soon the guests start to dance, and Pokota leaves to look for Pink-chan. Erika asks Hime-chan if it's ok to borrow Daichi for a dance. Then while they are dancing, Hime-chan goes for the buffet but bumps into Camille, who wants to take her for a dance. But Sei pulls him back, saying that Hime-chan is his and Camille has Robelia already (who caught a cold and couldn't come). By the time Sei wants to invite Hime-chan for a dance, she has left.

There are many delicious dishes at the buffet. Hime-chan picks up a giant red lobster and manages to gulp it down, but she chokes when a feminine yet well-known voice calls her from behind. It is Icchan's copy, all giggling. Then Manami's copy comes by too, apologizing for Icchan's copy's behavior in a very polite voice. [in fact, Icchan's copy behaves like the real Manami on Earth, and vice versa]

Still dancing, Erika congratulates Daichi on his dancing. Hikaru, hidden behind a pillar, spies on them. She thinks, "Even though Daichi's partner looks like Hime-chan, that couldn't be her." Then from behind, Camille hugs her, obviously mistaking her for Robelia. When Camille introduces himself, Hikaru, realizing everybody has a double here, introduces herself too, and tells him it's ok to call her Robelia from now on. Camille is shocked to see that somebody else from Earth has come there, and knows that the King would become very mad if he found out. Thus Camille decides to treat Hikaru as Robelia, and takes her for a dance.

Pokota eventually spots Pink-chan in the crowd, and they start dancing too.

When the dance is over, Ren says that the time has come for the prayers ceremony. Hikaru asks Camille what this is about. He tells her that there is a fountain where to return the magical items, and this fountain has the power to grant you any wish you ask it. Camille thinks he has said too much to her, but thinks it's ok since her memories will be erased soon after. [BTW the dark haired girl behind Camille's is Aiko's perfect copy ! ;)]

[CM break]

Everybody gathers in front of the fountain, and Ren holds the ribbon to Erika to let her return it to the fountain. It's Erika's own ribbon she had made, and the second one Hime-chan is wearing has no magical powers any more.

In the crowd, Daichi has spotted Camille and Hikaru by his side, but Hime-chan says that's not Hikaru but Robelia. She also adds that she is Hikaru's perfect copy in appearance, but not in character.

Then Erika, holding the ribbon, goes down the stairs to the fountain. Hikaru asks Camille if it's when you return the magical item that you get your wish granted. Camille says yes, thus Hikaru rushes at Erika, steals the ribbon from her hands, and throws it into the fountain. Everybody is in shock. Then as the ribbon is swallowed by the fountain, Hikaru yells out her wish, "I'd like to marry Daichi!"

Erika yells, "What are you doing, Robelia!?" but Hikaru replies she's not Robelia but Hibino Hikaru. They don't have time to do anything else because the fountain rises high and spreads itself over the audience, to fulfill Hikaru's wish. The only people not spread over by the fountain are Hikaru, Daichi, Pokota, and Hime-chan.

After a while, Erika turns back to Hikaru and says, "Congratulations, Hikaru, for marrying Daichi!" The other people congratulate Hikaru too, and the King even says it's time to set up the wedding ceremony. It's as if all the people of the Land of Magic had been contaminated by the side-effects of Hikaru's wish.

Hime-chan and Daichi can't believe their eyes, and Sei comes to congratulate Daichi too (and adds that he'd better leave Hime-chan to him!). Soon Daichi and Hikaru are taken away to get ready for the wedding.

To return things back to normal, Hime-chan rushes at the fountain to make a second wish, but there's no water any more. Hime-chan doesn't know what else to try, and starts crying, when a strange old man comes by and asks her what has happened during the prayers ceremony (he couldn't make it in time).

Chappy arrives and introduces him to Hime-chan and Pokota. He's the Great Magician of the Land of Magic, and Erika's grandfather. Then Hime-chan tells them what happened. The Great Magician asks her if she'd like to cancel Hikaru's wish, she says, "Of course I do!" Then she asks him in turn if he knows a way to do this. The Great Magician says that if you have two more magical items to return to the fountain, then you'll be able to have another wish granted [Hime-chan still has the heart baton]. The Great Magician teleports them where the second item, a jar, is.

They appear in a very strange, dark place. The small jar is put on a rocky overhang, standing over a very deep crevasse. Hime-chan and Pokota are scared to go there so they cheer up each other and have a run for the jar. As they grab it and hold it to the Great Magician, they see that a large rock is falling down just above the Great Magician. So Hime-chan uses the heart baton to shrink the rock. The Great Magician is safe, but Hime-chan has dropped the jar, and now it's broken and spilled.

Hime-chan thinks that there is no way out now. But the Great Magician said that he will try to reverse the spell because she was nice enough to consider his safety over anything else. But he asks Hime-chan to tell him her true feelings about what happened. Pokota says she should trust the Great Magician, so she tells him that Hikaru is going to marry Daichi and she doesn't want this to happen because she loves Daichi. Smiling, the Great Magician then manages to break the spell.

In a burst of light, he teleports Hime-chan, Pokota, Daichi, and Hikaru back to the Earth, just before the wedding ceremony starts.

Daichi is the first one to wake up, and says they returned just in time, but wonders what Hime-chan did to do so, making her blush. [because she had to confess her true love to the Great Magician.. at LAST she did it, but not to Daichi though] Then Sei appears, and tells them that the Great Magician has successfully broken the spell before the wedding could take place. He also says that Hikaru will wake up and think all of this was just a dream.

Hime-chan has also something to ask him: to bring the ribbon and the heart baton back to Erika. Quickly putting the ribbon on his head, Sei tries to turn himself into Hime-chan, but in vain, since he hasn't the bracelet [VERY funny]. Then Sei hands out a letter from Pink-chan to Pokota, and vanishes.

At the end, Daichi asks Hime-chan if it's ok to continue the party, that is, to dance with her. While Hikaru is still asleep, he takes her hand and they start dancing, smiling to each other.

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