Hime-chan no Ribbon musical

There was a musical stage show for Hime-chan no Ribbon. This was also video taped and aired after the Hime-chan no Ribbon TV series ended.

The Christmas broadcast of the musical was divided into 3 parts. The actual episodes were excerpts from the musical, so we got a lot of scene wipes and partial scenes. Pokota narrated. The normal anime credits and eye catches were still there:

Part 1

Hime-chan was chasing after Hasekura without much success. An encounter with a soccer ball brings Daichi together with her. His "Oh, you're a GIRL" comment sends the steaming Hime-chan off.. after *nailing* the soccer ball..

Erika appears in a mirror and magically gives her the ribbon. She changes into Aiko and meets with Hasekura who confesses his love for her (Aiko). The depressed Hime-chan is also accosted by Hibino Hikaru and the Daichi Fan Club.

Part 2

Hime-chan and the Theatre Club prepare for a play. Hasekura gets injured and Hime-chan changes into Gori-sensei to gain a week so Hasekura can recover. Daichi catches her before she can do anything and wonders what's going on. Confronting her, Daichi gets Hime-chan to confess to her magical powers. Erika's father allows himself to be persuaded by Erika's pleading and Hime-chan gets to keep her memory.. for now. The play is a success and Hime-chan manipulates things so that Aiko and Hasekura get together. As they walk off the stage, Hime-chan breaks down in tears..

Hikaru-chan has also noticed something strange and ropes a photo- grapher in (who desperately wants a scoop). Trying to get the pressure off, Hime-chan changes into Hikaru and goes to meet the photographer. Having just left Hikaru in the bathroom, the photo- grapher is amazed to see Hikaru coming toward him. The trapped Hime-chan is helpless against the camera flashing again and again. Time stops and Erika appears. The pendant starts flashing, but Hime-chan is unable to change back. The time expires, and Erika's father pronounces judgement: Erika has lost her powers and is exiled to Earth..

[Pokota says: Stay tuned for the climax next week! Ike Ike Go Go Jump!]

Part 3

Hikaru/Hime-chan and Erika are at the old house. Erika is despondent at letting her friend down, but Hime-chan tries to cheer her up. Hime-chan realizes that she can't go home and wonders what to do. Erika cuts her hair off (a quick wig change offstage!) and takes Hime-chan's place. Later, Daichi and Erika decide to take Hime-chan on a ski trip to cheer her up. Most of this part were songs by Erika and Hikaru/Himeko. The songs were very sad and effective.

At the ski lodge, Hime-chan is having a great time. She follows Daichi down a run and tumbles. Daichi calls her name to ask if she's all right, but Hime-chan doesn't want to hear that name. She's NOT Himeko Nonohara any more. Daichi emphatically says that it doesn't matter WHAT she looks like.. in her heart, she is still Hime-chan. Erika looks on sadly from the top of the hill (she hasn't taken the run yet). She screams to her father and begs him to help Himeko. This only starts an avalanche which buries everyone. Daichi digs himself out, then digs Hime-chan out. Daichi is confused, because the girl LOOKS like Himeko. It turns out (not too clear here.. Erika was talking too fast) that Erika has gone home, and the ribbon and Pokota have gone with her. Hime-chan is an ordinary girl again.. but she now has Daichi..

[Insert commercial for a new series here: "Akazukin Chacha"]

[Closing credits. Animation is different here.. scenes from the various episodes covered in the musical are shown here]

Alan Takahashi's Commentary

Many musical numbers. Erika and Himeko scenes were handled when Himeko was transformed into someone else, so they could both be present on stage at the same time.

The actress who plays Hime-chan is amazing. She caught the energy of the character perfectly. It was almost scary. Also, many of the cast played Hime-chan too and they did a pretty good job.

Pokota was a stuffed animal on puppet mounts. It sounds like they got the anime actor to do the voice. Also, Pokota did the voice- overs for the TV broadcast to cover the scenes skipped.

What *did* Hikaru-chan do to her hair?? It made her look like the bride of Frankenstein... :-)

Everyone (except for 'Daichi') could SING! :-)

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