Suzuki Arimi

Suzuki Arimi (ڰ) is a very cheerful, persistent, determined, and sometimes sneaky high school girl. She goes to Sakaki Gakuen.

Arimi's blood type is O, and her sign is Leo.

Arimi went out with Yuu for three months while they were in junior high. Since it was a three month deal, they broke up right afterwards. But Arimi couldn't forget about Yuu and still loved him. Arimi was a very popular girl and had many boys after her, but she only wanted Yuu.

After meeting Yuu again and finding out about Miki, she teamed up with Ginta to try to pull Miki away from Yuu. But it didn't work and Yuu got closer and closer to Miki.

Arimi finally gave up on Yuu, and has begun to show feelings for Suou Ginta.

In the anime, Arimi's voice is done by Hisakawa Aya ().

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