Suou Ginta

Suou Ginta (ܲ) is a cool high school student, who is on the tennis team. He is very simple minded, but tries very hard at whatever he does.

Ginta's blood type is O, and his sign is Aries. His birthday is April 10.

When Ginta read Miki's confession letter in junior high school, he was surrounded by his friends. So he had no choice but to say that he didn't care about Miki. But he really loved Miki.

He teamed up with Suzuki Arimi to try to pull Miki and Yuu apart, but it didn't work. Ginta realized that Miki really liked Yuu.

Ginta started to like Arimi, as he had given up on Miki.

In the anime, Ginta's voice is done by Kanemaru Junichi (ݽ߰).

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