Matsuura Yuu

Matsuura Yuu (ͷ) is a very secretive high school student who moved into the same house as Miki, when their parents swapped spouses.

Yuu's blood type is B, and his sign is Gemini. His birthday is June 3.

Yuu was on the tennis team in junior high, but he didn't join any club when he transferred to Touryou high school.

Yuu has a part-time job working at Junk Jungle.

Yuu always teased Miki. But he didn't make his true feelings known to anybody.

Yuu was very popular with the girls, but he never had a steady girl friend in junior high. However he went out with Suzuki Arimi for three months, as she was very persistent and they made a deal.

When Yuu was 12 years old, he discovered that his father was not his real father. He did some investigation and found out that Miwa Yoshimitsu, the famous architect, was his real father. But when Yuu confronted him, Yoshimitsu denied it. So Yuu doesn't know who his real father is.

In the anime, Yuu's voice is done by Okiayu Ryoutarou (ְζϺ).

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