Mahou Tsukai Tai TV episode 2

Nanaka to, Cake to, Kiken na Yoru
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[title screen: Nanaka to, Cake to, Kiken na Yoru]

It was the end of school, and Nanaka wanted to go to a dessert store with Sae. But Sae wanted to go visit the magic club room, even though they didn't have a club meeting that day.

Then the teacher came and told Nanaka that she still hadn't told him when her mother will come for the teacher parent meeting.

On the way home, Sae and Nanaka were walking together. Sae said that her parents will come from Hokkaidou for the teacher parent meeting. Nanaka was very surprised.

When Nanaka got home she asked her mother when she would go to school. Her mother said that she was too busy to go, as she was going out to the farm with her friends. Nanaka got very upset, and decided to run away from home. When she was leaving, her mother gave her some vegetables..

Nanaka went over to Sae's house. Sae said it wasn't good to run away, but Nanaka started unpacking her things. Sae's older sister came by, and told Nanaka to use the extra room.

Sae was feeling uncomfortable. Nanaka said that Sae's family was nice. Sae said she liked Nanaka's family, but Nanaka said that she hated them.

Then Akane came over to Sae's house, carrying a box of cake. Akane saw that Nanaka was staying over. Sae then invited Akane to sleep over too.

Sae and Akane then cooked dinner. Nanaka was surprised that Akane could cook. Nanaka just watched.

When they were about finished cooking, Akane asked Nanaka to set the table.

[eye catch]

The three girls then ate dinner. There was a LOT of food.

They finally finished. Nanaka and Akane crashed as they were very full and couldn't move. Then Sae suggested that they clean up and eat the cake that Akane had brought. Nanaka couldn't believe that Sae wanted to eat some more. But she wanted to eat the cake too.

When they opened that box, they found three pieces of cake. Nanaka said that they should save one for Sae's sister. Sae said that she would just give half of hers. But then Akane said that they should use their magic and increase the number of cakes. Sae said that they couldn't use their magic for their own greed. But Akane said that it was for Sae's sister.

Meanwhile Aburatsubo was over at Takeo's house. They were in Takeo's room, and Takeo was moaning..

Then Takako (Takeo's younger sister) opened the door, and handed Takeo the phone. It was Sae. Sae was stuttering and not making much sense.

Takeo: Sawanoguchi-kun?
Sae: Yes. It's for my sister. Not for ourselves. Is it ok? Oh, I'm asking because Nanaka and Akane are over at my house, and they are going to sleep over. It's fun.
Takeo: Three girls, fun..
Sae: Yes, and now we were about to do something naughty, so I decided to call. It is bad to use magic for something like this? My sister is out now, but she likes it too. We can't just enjoy it ourselves. So we thought about using magic..

Takeo then went crazy imagining what the three girls were doing. But then Sae said that it was about cake. Takeo said that they can just consider it training, and it was all right to increase the number of cakes.

Then Takeo went back to doing situps, with Aburatsubo holding his legs.

Sae got dressed in her magician outfit. They made the magic circle around one of the cakes, and started to use the magic. But then Sae said that they should increase the cakes to four, so they can give the cake to Nanaka's mother and brother. But Nanaka said that they didn't have to give any to them. They started arguing.

Sae finally gave in and said that they will increase the cake from one to two. The used the magic. But instead of increasing from one cake to two, the cake grew bigger and bigger. It kept growing and growing.

Nanaka thought that Sae must have messed up (by thinking something other than what she was supposed to be thinking of). The cake grew as big as the room, and was smashing the girls. Then Nanaka thought to herself that it was her fault. She really wanted to..

Then the magic stick lit up, and the cake exploded, causing lots and lots of little individual cakes to come out.

[BGM - Over The Rainbow by Mahou Tsukai Tai]

The girls cleaned up the room. Sae was putting the hot water in the bath. Then Nanaka came and pushed Sae into the tub. Nanaka jumped in after Sae. Akane came and saw Sae and Nanaka playing. Akane tried to splash water on them. Then Nanaka pulled Akane into the tub.

The next morning Nanaka left very early with the cakes. She was going to give it to her mother and brother. Sae walked with her to the park.

As Sae was going back home, she saw the mysterious person behind a tree. The person ran off.

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