Pokemon Baseball

[Card_Game] Pokemon Baseball is a baseball simulation game that I created by using the Pocket Monsters trading card game cards, and two dice (normal 6 sided dice). The baseball skills, power, and speed of the players (monsters) are based on the various numbers (level, HP, AP, etc..) on the Pokemon cards. As far as I can tell, the Japanese Pokemon cards and the English Pokemon cards have identical numbers, so either or both (mixing) cards can be used. [English_Card_Game]

[Game] The rules of Pokemon Baseball were designed to simulate realistic baseball play and strategies. Normal baseball rules apply. However, the game rules and options were kept simple enough for kids (primary school kids) to play. [Himeguma]

Rules for Pokemon baseball

[Zenigame] This is NOT a game for Pokemon fans. Of course Pokemon fans can play. But this is a game for baseball fans, who also happen to like Pokemon. It may be a little hard for those who do not know how to keep score (of a baseball game).

The numbers used throughout the rules correspond to the standard fielding positions.


Pokemon cards

I made a simple database of some of my Pokemon cards, with the numbers and pictures.
(over 1280 cards now)
I also have some of the trainer cards and stadium (gym) cards too.

The Pokemon level is given on the top line in the Japanese Pokemon cards, and in the bottom box in the English Pokemon cards. It's a number between 1 and 100.

Some cards from 2001 to 2006 and 2009 to 2010 don't have a level. These cards will be assigned level 100.

The Pokemon HP is given on the top line in both the Japanese and English Pokemon cards. It's a number between 10 and 200, or so.

The Pokemon attack points is given below the picture in both the Japanese and English Pokemon cards. Many Pokemon have two attack points. For this game, use the higher value. Some Pokemon do not have any numbers. In this case, the value is zero. Usually the attack points is a number between 0 and 200 or so.

The Pokemon retreat value is given in the lower half in both the Japanese and English Pokemon cards. It's designated by balls, usually between 0 and 5.

Hints, Strategies, etc

The rules are set up so that the Pokemon with higher HP and AP values can hit and pitch better. However, the fielding abilities are defined so that the lower level Pokemon field better (make fewer errors, catch fly balls, turn double plays, etc). The retreat values are used for the Pokemon's running ability (stealing bases).

So if you want to make a team of power hitters, but can't play defense all that well, gather up a lot of Pokemon with high HP values. If you want to make a defensive team, gather up a lot of Pokemon with low level values. But this team may not score many runs.

Any comments or questions can be sent to doi@usagi.org.

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