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    Asano Masumi events (2002)

    Some of the events that Masumi has appeared in during the year 2002 are as follows.

    2002.01.20[13:00] Seiyuu Wave in Zamza Asagaya
    2002.01.26[12:00] Yomikouteki Goraku Komu Hall event
    2002.02.152003 Taipei Book Fair
    2002.02.15[17:00] Signing session in Animate [Taiwan]
    2002.02.16Doki Doki Happy Theater 4
    2002.02.24Muryou and Nadesico event in Ishimaru Soft One
    2002.03.09Doki Doki Happy Theater vol 5
    2002.03.30[14:10] Character Entertainment Convention main stage
    2002.04.06[14:00] Doki Doki Happy Theater vol 6
    2002.04.28[16:00] Seiyuu Wave vol 8
    2002.05.19[14:00] hack//EVENT in Kudan Kaikan
    2002.05.26Seiyuu Wave Mystery Bust Tour
    2002.06.18Seiyuu Wave in Zamza Asagaya
    2002.08.25C3 (Cultural Convention of Characters) Gundam World 2002
    2002.09.07-2002.09.08I'm Enterprise Fan Club event
    2002.09.22[12:00] Tokyo Game Show 2002 Atlus Booth
    2002.09.22[15:00] Tokyo Game Show 2002 PCCW Japan booth
    2002.11.16[15:00] .hack//Radio Sumi Sumi Night public recording
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