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  • Prism Music Collection DX

    Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream
    Prism Music Collection DX

    released 2012.03.16
    3780 yen

    This 2CD+DVD set contains songs and BGM for the TV anime Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream.

    The vocal tracks are as follows.

    1. You May Dream [LISP]
    2. Mera Mera Heart ga Atsukunaru [MARs]
    3. Happy Go Lucky [Super Girls]
    4. Dream Goes On [Harune Aira]
    5. Kokoro Juuden [Amamiya Rhythm]
    6. Switch On My Heart [Takamine Mion]
    7. 1/1000 Eien no Bigaku [Callings]
    8. We Will Win! [Tokyo Joshiryuu]
    9. Hop! Step! Jump! [MARs]
    10. Never Let Me Down [Serenon]
    11. Itoshi no Tinker Bell [Callings]
    12. 1000% Kyun Kyun Saseteyo [Pretty Rhythm All Stars]
    13. Pretty Rhythm de Go! [MARs]
    14. Shall We Go? [Kurisu Kaname]
    15. Don't Give Up [Toudou Kanon]
    16. Wonderful World [Jounouchi Serena]
    17. Everybody's Gonna Be Happy -TV Size- [Prizmmy]
    Songs by the following seiyuu and seiyuu groups: LISP ( Asumi Kana (), Kataoka Azusa, Hara Sayuri), MARs (Asumi Kana, Hara Sayuri, Kataoka Azusa), Harune Aira (Asumi Kana), Amamiya Rhythm (Hara Sayuri), Takamine Mion (Kataoka Azusa), Callings (Kondou Takashi, KENN, Okamoto Nobuhiko), Serenon (Yonezawa Madoka, Akesaka Satomi () ), Pretty Rhythm All Stars (Asumi Kana, Hara Sayuri, Kataoka Azusa, Akesaka Satomi), Kurisu Kaname ( Itou Kanae (ƣʷ) ), Toudou Kanon (Akesaka Satomi), Jounouchi Serena (Yonezawa Madoka).

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