Niji Iro Amazing Smile

[Asuka] [Rimoko]
Niji Iro Amazing Smile ver 3
Mugcup (Itou Asuka, Wakabayashi Yuki, Kariya Rimoko)

released 2008.03.09
525 yen

This is a CDR CD containing the theme song (third version) to the Animelo shinjin audition Internet broadcast program. There were only 150 copies of this CD made, and it was sold at an event on March 9, 2008.

The song is sung by the three girls who passed the first audition, Itou Asuka (伊藤あすか), Wakabayashi Yuki (若林裕希), and Kariya Rimoko (仮屋梨萌子). Their group name is called Mugcup (まぐかっぷ).

The CDs have a hand written label, with each girl writing the labels of 50 CDs. But the title of the song (with a color rainbow) was preprinted onto the CDR. The CDs were sold in colored (but transparent) slim plastic cases. Asuka's case was blue, Yuki's green, and Rimiko's yellow.

This CD has only one track.

  1. にじ色アメイジングスマイル (Niji Iro Amazing Smile)

This is the third version of this song, and the first version went on sale January 14, 2008, and the second version went on sale February 17, 2008.

The first version of this song was sung completely by all three girls. This version has certain parts sung by just one of the girls. These solo parts make this song sound a lot better.

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