Appale (Mizutani Yuko)

released 1992.12.24
3000 yen

This is a solo album by Mizutani Yuko (水谷優子).

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Tokimeki STEP (と・き・め・きステップ)
  2. Catch Me! (New Version)
  3. Rock Candy (New Version)
  4. Love Song ha Umakunai (ラヴソングはうまくない) (New Version)
  5. Izayoi no Pundariika (十六夜のプンダリーカ)
  6. Hoshi no Yell (星のエール)
  7. Believe Habataite (ビリーヴ 羽ばたいて)
  8. Aozora Artist (青空 アーティスト)
  9. So Much I Love You (ソーマっちアイ・ラヴ・ユー)
  10. Yasu Kekunai! (YASU-けくナイ!) (New Version)
  11. Hitori de Oshikko (ひとりでオシッコ)
  12. Yuuki Puri Puri Mapprima (勇気プリプリまっぷりま)
  13. Hitomi ni Fairy Tale (瞳にフェアリー・テイル) (New Version)
  14. Tasogaredoki no Heart ni ha (黄昏どきのハートには)
  15. Konya ha Heart Breaker (今夜はハート・ブレイカー)
  16. Yume Miru My Boy (夢みるマイ・ボーイ)
The first press of this CD comes in a full color cardboard sleeve. The pictures are different from the CD case pictures.

The lyrics booklet is 24 pages all color, and contains many photos of Yuko taken near Mt. Fuji.

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