Cheer! 〜まっかなキモチ〜 (酒井香奈子)

released 2006.02.10
1260 yen

"Cheer! Makka na kimochi" is the OP to the TV anime REC.

The CD contains the following tracks.

  1. Cheer! 〜まっかなキモチ〜
  2. 何の木? -Full version-
  3. Cheer! 〜まっかなキモチ〜 (Original Karaoke)
  4. 何の木? -Full version- (Original Karaoke)
Songs by SEIYUUULIST=, Sakai Kanako. Kanako does the voice of the main heroine Onda Aka (恩田赤).

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