released 2002.07.22
2520 yen

This CD contains talk and songs by the seiyuu group Coopee, based on the radio show Voice Crew.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Opening Talk
  2. Koi wo Shiyou So Shiyou [Coopee]
  3. Talk sono 1
  4. Beach Sandal no Oujisama [Saitou Chiwa]
  5. Poetry Reading
  6. A Little [Kuwatani Natsuko]
  7. Talk sono 2
  8. Koi wo Shiyou So Shiyou [off vocal version]
  9. Talk sono 3
  10. Kimi no Senaka [off vocal version]
  11. Talk sono 4
  12. A Little [off vocal version]
  13. Talk sono 5
  14. Beach Sandal no Oujisama [off vocal version]
  15. Talk sono 6
  16. Kimi no Senaka [Coopee]
Kuwatani Natsuko (ëƻ) and Saitou Chiwa (ƣ) created the group Coopee, and this is their first CD.

The CD comes with a color photo card of Natsuko and Chiwa.

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