Date A Music Second Half

Date A Music Second Half

released 2013.06.26
2800 yen

This CD contains some vocals and many tracks of BGM for the TV anime Date A Live.

The vocal tracks are as follows.

  1. Date A Live (TV Size) [Sweet ARMS]
  2. 16bit ガール (TV Size) [Sanada Asami]
  3. 恋のEveryDay☆HappyDay (TV Size) [Taketatsu Ayana]
  4. 16bit ガール (Full Ver.) [Sanada Asami]
  5. 恋のEveryDay☆HappyDay (Full Size) [Taketatsu Ayana]
  6. きっと ずっと (Full Size) [Sweet ARMS]
Songs by the seiyuu group Sweet ARMS, Sanada Asami (真田アサミ), Taketatsu Ayana (竹達彩奈).

Sweet ARMS is a seiyuu group made up of Nomizu Iori (野水伊織), Togashi Misuzu, Sadohara Kaori, Misato.

"Date A Live" is the opening song.
"16bit Girl" is an insert song in episode 8.
"Koi no EveryDay HappyDay" is an insert song in episode 11.
"Kitto Zutto" is the ending song to the PS3 game Date A Live Rinne Utopia.

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