Date A Live

Date A Live (Sweet Arms)

released 2013.05.08
1890 yen

This CD+DVD package contains the opening song to the TV anime Date A Live, and the opening song to the PS3 game Date A Live Rinne Utopia.

The CD tracks are as follows.

  1. Date A Live (デート・ア・ライブ)
  2. Date In Utopia (デート・イン・ユートピア)
  3. Date A Live (Bossa Nova Arrange)
  4. Date A Live (original karaoke)
  5. Date In Utopia (original karaoke)
  6. Date A Live (Bossa Nova Arrange original karaoke)
Songs by the seiyuu group Sweet ARMS, made up of Nomizu Iori (野水伊織), Togashi Misuzu, Sadohara Kaori, Misato.

The DVD contains around 15 minutes of video. There is a promo video of "Date A Live" and a making of video.

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