For You

For You (Ochiai Yurika)

BWCA-1137 (CD)
released 2008.07.30
1890 yen
BWBA-1139 (DVD)
single side, single layer
region 2, 4:3

This CD+DVD package contains two songs and a video by Ochiai Yurika (ʹΤ).

This is Yurika's third CD in a series of 12 monthly releases.

The CD tracks are as follows.

  1. For You
  2. Again
  3. For You (inst.)
  4. Again (inst.)
The DVD (BWBA-1139) contains a 28 minute video called "Ai wo Sagashite Yokohama" which has Yurika walking around various parts of Yokohama taking photos.

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