Neptune Duet Sisters Song Vol.1

Neptune Duet Sisters Song Series Vol.1

released 2012.05.23
1575 yen

This CD contains character songs for the PS3 game Choujigen Game Neptune.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Smile - Spiral [Tanaka Rie, Horie Yui]
  2. Lady Cool -Purple Heart [Tanaka Rie]
  3. M.P.B.L -MOST PURE BRAVE LADY [Horie Yui]
  4. SmileSpiral (off Vocal)
  5. Lady Cool -Purple Heart (off Vocal)
  6. M.P.B.L -MOST PURE BRAVE LADY (off Vocal)
  7. Cast Comment Tanaka Rie
  8. Cast Comment Horie Yui
Songs by Tanaka Rie () and Horie Yui (ٹͳ).

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