Precious Sounds

Precious Sounds (Imai Asami)

released 2012.11.28
3800 yen

This CD+DVD package contains a solo album by Imai Asami (今井麻美).

The CD tracks are as follows.

  1. Precious Sounds -風が残していった-
  2. Limited Love
  3. The Azure -碧の記憶- -Latin Acoustic version-
  4. COLOR SANCTUARY -Bossa Nova version-
  5. Hasta La Vista
  6. struggle
  7. 僕から君に
  8. 天空の炎 -miragem-
  9. 三日月色
  10. 遠雷 -Piano Ballad version-
  11. ガーベラ -今年の花
  12. クレッシェンド
  13. いっしょ
The DVD contains promo videos of "Precious Sounds", "Hasta La Vista", "Limited Love", and a making of video.

There are three different versions of this CD. In addition to this one, another (SVWC-7902) has a BD (bluray disc) instead of the DVD. The other one (SVWC-7906) has a special CD containing music from Asami's live tour.

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