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  • Sekai to Issho ni Mawarouyo

    Sekai to Issho ni Mawarouyo

    released 2011.01.26
    1890 yen

    This CD+DVD package contains the opening song to the TV anime Rio Rainbow Gate.

    The CD tracks are as follows.

    1. Sekai to Issho ni Mawarouyo! (世界と一緒にまわろうよ!)
      [Inoue Marina, Taketatsu Ayana, Takahashi Chiaki, Hikasa Youko]
    2. Sekai to Issho ni Mawarouyo! (TV size)
    3. Futari no Roulette (ふたりのルーレット) [Inoue Marina]
    4. Sekai to Issho ni Mawarouyo! (Instrumental)
    5. Futari no Roulette (Instrumental)
    Songs by Inoue Marina (井上麻里奈), Taketatsu Ayana (竹達彩奈), Takahashi Chiaki (たかはし智秋), Hikasa Youko (日笠陽子).

    The "Rio Super Carnival -extra- DVD" contains video of an audio drama, which was performed at a live event. The seiyuu appear on a stage with stand mikes, and read the drama while looking at the scripts. Each seiyuu has their own mikes.

    There is 32 minutes of video, broken up into two audio dramas.

    The cast of the drama is as follows.

    RioInoue Marina
    MintTaketatsu Ayana
    RinaTakahashi Chiaki
    LindaHikasa Youko
    LisaInoue Kikuko
    RosaShimizu Kaori
    AnyaFukui Yukari

    Washizaki Takeshi appeared in the DVD as the emcee of the event.

    Washizaki Takeshi
    Washizaki Takeshi
    Inoue Marina
    Inoue Marina
    Takahashi Chiaki
    Takahashi Chiaki
    Taketatsu Ayana
    Taketatsu Ayana

    Hikasa Youko
    Hikasa Youko
    Shimizu Kaori
    Shimizu Kaori
    Fukui Yukari
    Fukui Yukari
    Inoue Kikuko
    Inoue Kikuko

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