Upotte!! Character Song and Drama Sono 1

Upotte!! Character Song & Drama Sono 1

released 2012.09.19
2800 yen

This CD contains audio drama, character songs, and some BGM for the anime Upotte!

The tracks are as follows.

  1. I.N.G. (TV size) [Sweet ARMS]
  2. BGM PART1
  3. GIRLSSHIP [Sadohara Kaori]
  4. BGM PART2
  5. パラシュート [Misato]
  6. BGM PART3
  7. I.N.G. (Remix) [Sweet ARMS featuring Iori Nomizu, Misuzu Togashi]
  8. BGM PART4
  9. オリジナル・ドラマ「青錆学園放送部(前篇)」
  10. BGM PART5
  11. いっぽずつ [Sweet ARMS]
Songs by the seiyuu group Sweet ARMS, Sadohara Kaori, Misato.

Sweet ARMS is made up of Nomizu Iori (野水伊織), Togashi Misuzu, Sadohara Kaori, and Misato.

The cast of the drama is as follows.

Funko (FNC)Nomizu Iori
Ichiroku (M16A4)Togashi Misuzu
Shigu (SG550)Sadohara Kaori
Eru (L85A1)Misato
Fal (FAL L1A1)Mina
Ichiyon (M14)Zougou Saeko
Jiisuri (G3A3)Kosuge Mami
GenkokuKondou Takayuki

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