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  • Voice

    Voice (ҷ)

    Nippon Columbia COCC-11987
    2000 yen
    released 1994.11.21

    This is a solo CD by Tomizawa Michie (ҷ).

    The songs are as follows.

    1. Introduction To "Voice"
    2. Hello
    3. Voice
    4. Zutto Anata To Merry Christmas
    5. Lovin' You
    6. Naughty Boy
    7. Just Love, One Love, World Love
    This is a really nice CD with a lot of different syle songs on it. There are jazzy sounding songs as well as slow ballads and fast pop songs on here. My favorite songs have to be Voice and Just Love One Love World Love which is just a wonderful, spirit-lifting song.

    The CD package is rather snazzy too! The binding of the CD is clear and has many small pictures of Michie on it. The booklet is very colorful and filled with lots of great pictures of Michie wearing different syles of clothes and hair. Some of the pictures are so good, I can't stop staring at them while I listen to the already great music. This CD even comes with two CD sized pinups of Tomizawa Michie! If you are a fan of Tomizawa Michie, and you should be, you can't miss the opportunity to own this CD.

    [information by Howie Voigt]

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