Parade (Chihara Minori)

released 2008.11.26
3800 yen

LACA-5829 (3000 yen)

This is a solo album by Chihara Minori (茅原実里).

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Toumei Park nite (透明パークにて)
  2. Voyager train
  3. Prism in the name of hope
  4. Fairy Tune
  5. Lush march!!
  6. Sono Toki Boku ha Kamikazari wo Kau (そのとき僕は髪飾りを買う)
  7. Melty tale storage
  8. Aoi Kotou (蒼い孤島)
  9. Hikari (光)
  10. Paradise Lost -at next nest-
  12. Ameagari no Hana yo Sake (雨上がりの花よ咲け)
  13. Hanataba (花束)
  14. everlasting...
The first pressing of this CD comes in a large cardboard box package, and contains a photo booklet.

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